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Advice on team for pve

By SsetRira - MEMBER - June 13, 2018, 04:48:44

Feca: tank
Eni: heal
Panda: mobility
Sadida?: debuff (-res) 
DD (?)
DD (?)

Lacking damage? 

Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks.


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If you would get Sadi just to low res then Use enu. Still I think sadi has good support to positioning too so i think you can play one more DD instead of panda. OR swap Sadi for Enu. And then I'd say Foggernaut as DD

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Get Enu instead of Sadi to, take resist better, then take as DD Fogger and his stasis would decrease fire ress, and take something like Iop and kill everything with Super Iop Punch.

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Thanks for the answers.
If I wanted to keep Sadi (res and support in general), should I forget the panda?
Or would panda be considered more essential and should I change sadi for an enu or some other dd?

Edit: Feca, Eni, Sadi, Enu, Fogg, DD. Would work?

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should work fine. But in my opinion there are some situations where panda is essential and you won't regret making one i think.
since sadi & eni are both healers i would recommend choosing one and drop the other.

as a last DD spot i'd recommend elio since it's also an essential character in some UBs.

But if you are not thinking about lategame and stuff tbh any teamcomposition should work fine.
Also you can do any normal dungeon on low stasis with your suggested team i think. Wakfu dungeons are mostly open to alot of teamcompositions. Just UBs are different.

GL finding your comp

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