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End Game PvE class tier list (updated 7/19/18)

By HateSpawn#4606 - MEMBER - June 10, 2018, 18:54:05

Hi all!

Some time ago, a thread was posted about classes relative to themselves, rated basically on a scale from 1-5, in categories that, in my opinion, mostly didn't actually matter.

It did, however, inspire me to create a tier list for PvE at the 200's. I also wanted to give my stance on a given class, why I feel it's ratings were where they are at, etc.

From the start, let me explain a few things about the tier list:

Classes are rated from 1-17 (Rogue is currently excluded due to the current rogue being on its way out), in 4 different categories, Damage, Survivability, Support, and Positioning. Each rating can only be given once per category (I.E, Iop is 17 for damage, which makes Sacrier 16, since 17 is already taken). This allows me to compare the abilities of different classes, relative to all the other classes in the game. As for what the categories mean...

Damage: This is based on the class's personal damage in most situations. It does not count any other damage it can provide for the team, by buffing, debuffing, or positioning. ST and AoE are equal, since one is better than the other in certain situations.

Survivability: This is how sturdy, robust, and resilient the class is. It also counts for ability to heal itself and armor itself. Basically it's relative safety, even in dangerous positions.

Support: I decided this is where things like buffs, debuffs, heals/armor for allies, etc would go. I also counted rails, portals, and sacrifice here.

Mobility: The ratings for this one are based on how accessibly mobile you can be, and how effective you can be while being mobile. Meaning spending 7 AP not contributing to anything OTHER than mobility isn't valued as highly as cheap mobility, or movement spells that also help you or the team.

Positioning: Ratings here are a little ambiguous. This only counts what your spells can do to put someone somewhere, so I didn't count the rails/portals here.

Total: I just wanted to have a point total column. I knew if it were me, I would add them together immediately. And, to be clear, The total number has almost nothing to do with the rank of the class!!! It mostly shows how well-rounded the class is.

And now, without further delay, enjoy my PvE tier list.

Again, I really can't justify giving Rogue a serious ranking right now, so it's not really bottom tier, that's just a note. I'm also going to do a small write up giving some reason for their position and ratings in certain areas.

#1 Feca - Well, there's a reason most end game clears feature this monster of a class. Feca's kit is incredibly overloaded, featuring 4 ways to increase the damage of his teammates and 3 ways to decrease the damage of his enemies. Not to mention a huge resist passive and armor generation. Feca is able to deal damage through everyone else, while protecting everyone. Not to mention excellent mobility and positioning in Bubble and Teleport.

#2 Sacrier - Damage, tanking, mobility, support, all wrapped up into one terrifying package. Dealing excellent damage while being able to mitigate a large amount of incoming damage, and do that across up to 5 people. Coupled with teleports, a pull, and lightspeed. Very potent and effective class overall, Bloodthirsty Punishment makes a huge advantage over others.

#3 Eniripsa - Eni has always been kind of a gray area, since it has no actual damage output or very significant buff kit, or mobility for that matter. What it does have are very unique and different ways to heal her team. Sadist, Traid, Here, and Refund all make for excellent variation in healing. With the addition of new Enutrof, Eniripsa has seen a lot of love due to outclassing Sadida and Ecaflip.

#4 Enutrof - The meme, the myth, the legend. Enutrof has had a tough time, going from being a cra with drops, to being an ouginak with drops, to being an ouginak without drops, and now he's like, an ecaflip with drops? I'm with it, so whatever. Low personal damage, but gets supplemented by the fact that it can apply negative two hundred resistance to more than one target, every single turn. Couple that with 200% life steal and having an average damage rating (9 is literally the halfway point), and the wonderful blessing of around eighteen MP. It also has easy access to Inflexibility.... Did I mention Pouches?

#5 Iop - It's not hard to see why Iop's damage is rated at a 17. Dealing excellent damage almost without condition on every turn, enough to knock multiple mobs with just a little bit of support, Iop takes the cake as far as ST damage dealing. No armor and no heals aside, he does have ways to bolster his resistance, and barely subpar mobility. Not very well-rounded, as his total implies, but when it comes to beating the ever living snot out of something, he is the obvious choice. Slight support in Focus and Standard as well!

#6 Eliotrope - Another well-rounded fighter like Sacrier, Elitrope comes with an excellent kit. Basically any debuff you could need, Elio carries to some extent. That mixed with Clash+Rage makes for a brutal AoE, and Transitory+Flood for ST nukes. He carries a swap, excellent push, ally TP, and PORTALS! Healing himself, allies, and removing enemy resist... All in all, an excellent class.

#7 Ecaflip - Jack of all trades, as they say. Healing allies, dropping enemy resists, pulling, pushing, leaping, and giving himself extra resist and damage, giving his allies extra crit, damage, and MP... He also deals really great damage, and carries one of the best revives around. Well-rounded, and would be much higher had it not been for Enutrof stealing the slot of best resist debuffer.

#8 Pandawa - Panda's only real draw back is low damage output, which it makes up for with the best positioning in the game, Karchamrak, (which doubles as a way to protect her allies), a great amount of sustain, and of course constant stabilization uptime and resist debuffs. Really, though, Panda's biggest advantage in a team scenario is definitely throwing her allies around where they need to be. 

#9 Foggernaut - Packing the 3rd largest punch in the game, comes Foggernaut, He's the premier DPS for the entire sub-category of distance DD's, easily topping their damage. Rails make for a great way to augment the melee's above him on the list, allowing them to easily enter and exit the fray. He also includes -100 resistance in the enemy's weakest element. Which stacks with Enutrof's -200. Love that -300 element, good stuff. It mostly ends up being Fire, but that's great too, since most classes carry Fire as an element.

#10 Xelor - Right under Foggernaut, almost exclusively due to the lowered damage-output from the monster that Foggernaut is. Xelor deals solid damage, while supporting his allies directly with AP buffs and positioning, and indirectly with AP drops on enemies. Mostly another well rounded class thanks to mobility and the likes, Xelor basically has the worst survivability in the game. It's alright though due to the fact that his mobility is ranked 4th. Still waiting for -Initiative to do anything.

#11 Sram - Another well rounded class. Great damage output, but held back by the lack of support. Sram's presence isn't very noticeable in fights, because he doesn't help anyone. Scram, yeah, but that's about it. He can shove things around with double and deal damage. That's his role. I'd like to see more done with this class in the future really, since it has so much potential.

#12 Sadida - Sadida is really just an Eniripsa mixed with an Enutrof, losing out on aspects of either class. -100 resist is definitely significant, but with the resist debuff cap in place, he ends up just being a lesser Eniripsa. Very overloaded kit otherwise, though. Sadida contributes more in terms of damage compared to our favorite fairy, but in a team composition with Enutrof, he's held back due to not being able to heal as effectively. Harmless toxin is still an amazing passive, though. +50 resist to anyone you spit on for 2 turns? Hell yeah.

#13 Masqueraider - The air branch deals damage, but you slide across the map. The fire branch deals damage, but it's all in weak AoEs. A neat passive would give +500 fire mastery and +500 AoE mastery so that there's actually a reason to use them. The water branch heals, but all your allies aren't really going to be in a good place for you to heal them since you need to basically spit on them with a melee character. Revival is cool, I guess.

#14 Osamodas - Would've been top tier if not for the severe nerfs on the summons. I think the nerfs are all a little bit overkill at this point. That being said, Osa is another "jack of all trades" type. Dealing damage through Symbiosa and Badgeroxxor, Healing with Wabbit Shawpshootew, and positioning with Animal Synergy and Feather Tornado. He's really held back by not being able to keep up with Xelor and Fogger on support or mobility.

#15 Huppermage - Don't get me wrong, Stabilizing from a range is great, but like Huppermage isn't good at anything. It just kind of, bland, I guess. Which is hilarious to say about a class with an extra elemental branch. The wall is great, I guess. For like, one ultimate boss. It can deal damage and swap things, I guess.

#16 Cra - How the mighty have fallen. She used to be the best damage dealer due to always being able to inflict her full turn of damage no matter what. Now she's the butt of jokes about wheelchairs. Hugely nerfed mobility, average positioning, and abysmal survivability. Takes away crit resist, and shoots from far away. Those are about the only good things I can say about the class now. Explosive would be cool if I could still double-down on it.

#17 Ouginak - Wow, what a bad class. Excellent, EXCELLENT damage potential. Until it inevitably runs out of WP and needs to regen it all, then has to kind of figure out a means of getting a new dogdog out. Ouginak's mostly held back by having some of the worst support, mobility, and positioning in the game. If he had, say, Masq's ability to go from point A to point B, I dont think it'd be unfair to say Ouginak would be at least in the top 10 on account of damage. Since he has less than the class who we make wheelchair jokes about, I think we get why I put him in the dog house.

#18 Rogue - Jeeeeeeeeez, he had Piercing Shot going for him but you killed that. So now, what Rogue boils down to, is simply, lay out as many bombs as you can, while building combo onto those bombs, and keeping them away from anything that might accidentally kill them, and hopefully having a panda to set things up for you to nuke into the next dimension. You can deal theoretically infinite damage, limited only by your control, but that doesn't really matter because you need to wait several turns in order to deal that damage. The current meta is shifting towards DD's like Ouginak, Sacrier, and Iop, who have the instant gratification of dealing all of their damage in the first turns.


Obviously, this is my opinion, things are also subject to change if i can justify it, and once class changes come (Looking forward to rip new Rogue a new one).

uhh, that's about it I guess. 

Update, I've been having to think long and hard about this pvp tier list, especially with where this weird Rogue fits in. Should be coming soon.
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First Ankama intervention

Replying to Jaed


If the OP plan's to update the list, I would suggest to please create a new thread. Thanks!


See message in context
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Nice work.

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Score : 1251

Masq with 8/18 mobility really? Is coward mask not a thing? And the long arse modifiable range non-LoS water swap spell yet have only half scarier mobility?

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Score : 140

Agreed. Masqs mobility should be at least 12

The damage output is also weird, their damage are way more consistent than many classes and they can nuke hard with fluctuation combo.

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Score : 214

Interesting list. I can't really comment on most of it since I basically only know how to play fogs. Your relative rankings between its qualities seem ok I'm only a bit perplexed how Ecas have higher mobility than fogs. I don't think that small jump they have can really compare to criss-crossing all about the place in Motherfogger (but then again I would say that wouldn't I ? biggrin ). Of course unless I'm missing some Ecaflip mobility goldmine.
Wasn't actually gonna comment but the last line made me laugh and rather counter productively give a thumbs up biggrin

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Score : 205

Actually I'm glad this is one of those things that were pointed out. I was pretty torn on that one, but I think I'm okay with Ecaflip's mobility being 11, due to not being constricted. Fogger can be cut off if a single thing is on his rail, and he can't really do anything about it. He also needs enough Control or his rail will not be very amazing.

Meanwhile, Ecaflip moves, deals damage, builds resist, and builds armor, all in 1 neat little package. I suppose it's hard to compare the EFFECTS during the movement...

But yeah, that's my justification of 10 and 11 on mobility. If enough people disagree and I can feel compelled enough I can always change it, it's not like a spread sheet cant be changed around.

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I'm a new player and I was reading everywhere that Cra was a must for all parties, but now looking at more recent posts I'm reading Cra is not good anymore? If so what class would you replace it with for a distance damage dealer? Currently I have feca, iop, and eni in my party. Also no idea what to choose for the other two spots left, suggestions well aprreciated.

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Score : 7910

If I can give you a good meant advice, play classes you like while trying to maintain a good diversity in roles (positioning, tanking, healing, damage,...). If you like the gameplay of cra, use it, even if it is a bit underperforming. Changing a class only because it is underperforming at the moment is not reasonable, because you don't get really good in a class you don't like and something like current situation of classes is changing with each patch. Most classes aren't in the same spots for a long time.

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Score : 541

Disagree with Osa mobility being ranked so low, Feather Tornado and Animal Synergy are all you need to fly across entire maps. As a ranged class with non-linear spells and a decent no-LoS toolkit, hitting something isn't exactly hard in the first place. WP has never been an issue for me either, as Osa's WP regen mechanic is one of the better ones.

I would rank Osa above Sram and Sadi easily. Eca probably deserves to be higher than Elio as well.

2 -1
Score : 205

For the Osa mobility, the WP cost is the only thing that really kept me from moving it up, but yeah a range mod TP is basically GG, I'm with you on that. But it costs 2 WP on the class that eats massive amounts of WP every turn and doesn't regen fast enough to upkeep. 

Ecaflip took a hit because no one really wants it around now that Enutrof is the premier -resist infliction choice, and other classes hit harder. If I had made a tier list before Enu changes, Eca would be higher.

I dont think it's rank should go any higher. The nerfs to it's damage output and just overall low capabilities hold it back. 

Elio is far and away one of the best classes in the game, with a kit full of ways to help the team and hinder the enemy. 

Sram has excellent damage and ability to deal that damage, it's a DD who needs no supports.

Sadi still has Harmless toxin, -4 MP, and other wonderful support skills.

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Score : 624

Interesting list again seems pretty solid over all. some questionable things like cra supporting less than iop unless its purely based on potential support and not practical support since cra has a much easier time supporting from range. iop can in theory give the whole team ap so depends on how you judged it i suppose. cra can stab from much farther away. mobility category isnt defined so its hard to tell what you based it on. feca being 13 when all they have is teleport that gives 2mp. 9 times out of 10 my sram can get farther than my feca in pve scenarios yet sram is 9. 

side note ive never played elio or played with a good elio, do they really have more ability to survive than iops and if so this class seems way over tuned for the class that has the portal ability.

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Hi! You're actually the first person to try to make the point that Cra's stats are too low in anything other than damage. This is the first comment that actually may have me change my spreadsheet and update the thread.

Some things I want you to consider though;

It's mostly based on practical support. All of this is meant to be in terms of practicality. Sure, Sacrier can get +155% damage dealt punishments off with enough effort, but that's not very common without excessive support. So, I didn't place it over Iop despite having a higher ceiling in the world of technicality.

Iop is regularly capable of at least buffing 1 ally with AP each turn, maybe 2 if it's a more melee-heavy encounter or composition, like Badgewitch or sac iop eca feca etc. 

The one of the bigger things was the differences in Stabilizations though.

Biting Blow - 
2-6 range, modifiable
Stabilizes, applies 3 turns of destab
-30% heals recieved
grants the Cra 40 Willpower
Reduces the cost of the Cra's Air spells by 1 for the next 3 OR
Can consume biting stacks for -1 MP Each with raining arrows

Focus -
1-1 range, or 1-3 linear with FC passive.
Stabilizes, applies 3 turns of destab
-50% heals recieved
Grants the Iop Punch
-100 elemental resistance to attacks from the front and side

That -resist is huge, not to mention the 66% increase in the heal cut. Though I won't lie, the -MP capable with Biting is important to an extent as well.

Iop also has the Standard, which can give resists and can do a lot of the grunt work that Beacons do.


Feca also has bubble, negating lock, can teleport through things using bubble. But yeah I see your point. Originally the Mobility tier had counted positioning as well, and I just hadn't done much tweaking when I added the positioning category. Not gonna lie here, I might have to change Feca's mobility rating. It just SEEMED right, you know? Didn't really reconsider once Positioning was added. I'll think about where it belongs today n tomorrow and decide on something. Thanks for pointing this out.

Yeah haha, Elio... It's a busted class, dude. You can check out the (so far) 4 videos I posted in my back and forth with Heartyyace. It deals excellent damage, can obviously go anywhere it wants with excellent precision, Can teleport you anywhere it wants, has a swap and a no line of sight version of beacon + homing arrow combo that Cra has to push things around. While also giving players the portals to move through, which gives them crit chance and a % HP based heal, a life steal, a self heal, and can give allies 2 AP for 3 AP while healing itself under specific conditions. It also has Barrier, a 7 AP spell that
1 - Creates a glyph for 1 turn that reduces the damage recieved of allies inside the aoe by 20%
2 - Grants the Eliotrope an armor value equal to Orb
3 - Teleports the eliotrope to the center of it on the following turn and deals an amazing 294 non critical base damage to all enemies inside the glyph

Did I mention excellent damage? Because I'd really love to reiterate that this class can put down some stupid numbers. I encourage you to check out the videos of Uni's Eliotrope, Esketit.

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Just one more downvote and I have to do even more work! come on guys!!

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Score : 11982

I wanted to log onto alt to downwote but somebody already did it for me

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What do you mean by "weakness", since feks im looking at sacriers weakness and it says berserk/melee, how is this a weakness?

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Score : 17645

Berserker, meaning, it can't deal full damage at full health, which is an obvious disadvantage.

Melee, meaning, it can't deal full damage unless in melee range, which is again, an obvious disadvantage.

As opposed to say a Fogger who can deal his damage basically anywhere from like 3-10 cells away.

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Score : 3993

hatespawn secretly think pre-devamp rogue have 18 on everything in fact  cool

a healthy classment, although,i highly believe you should divide the damage score in order to make half of it depend on a class's performance on a short fight,and the other half depend on a class's performance on an extended fight (then add the two and divide per 2 to have a not too high value), i propose this because some classes's damage score taste innacurate to me,for example while iop have the highest score,that matters for the several first turns,while  as soon as they run out of wps for their combos,they see their damage potential nearly reduced by 40% and i sure never heard of a iop being able to regen 2 wps every single turn for their uppercut combos while being always able to have the mobility to reach their targets
even if the only extended fights are just s21+ bossfights/nogords/grogrest,they still are the endgamiest content you can get in wakfu

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Score : 17645

Even in those contents Iop's damage levels out pretty fine due to kills generating 40% of a WP.

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Score : 9636
. . .
Huppermage has some de-buffs, and a potential healer if you build for melee (and position obnoxiously) but i dont know of any buffs to support its allies, in fact huppermages de-buffs are rather selfish
The only supportive ability i can think of its ability to remove mastery or lower damage % if you do nothing but spam water
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Score : 2412

There's the wall, that sort of counts, right?
Well-Rounded support sounds like the thing you say when there's nothing good to say

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Score : 331

Trash list. I cannot fathom how you managed to place masqueraider so low when they can outposition the best of them. Maybe the only class better is panda but anything else? No way. 

2 -6
Score : 17645
Masq Main: My class isn't #1? This list is trash.

Come on, even Cogs admitted that Xelor isn't objectively the best class. It's low on the PvE list because the best things about it are 
  1. Dealing damage in melee while being outclassed by other, equally viable, melee damage dealers
  2. Healing allies while only being able to do so with very tight constrictions such as needing to almost be next to the ally for the heal
  3. Inflicting -resist which doesn't stack with that of Enutrof, an obvious first pick.
  4. Being able to clumsily and quite sloppily slide things across the map.
It's fair to say Eliotrope is a better positioner, with flood and Time Breach 
And xelor, with temporal twist and the under-distort combo
And lastly panda, who literally has karchamrak.

Are you saying that it overall is in the wrong spot? Because I really don't see why I'd want to use a masq more than say, an Osa, as far as dealing damage, positioning, and healing goes. Just doesn't add up.

Or is your problem the positioning aspects? Because like I said those classes at 15 16 and 17 earned their spot over Masq.

Or; are you still stuck on that metagame where you and your guildies would just 6v1 people with masqueraiders? Because that's no longer relevant mantine
4 -2
Score : 3993

May i inquire about why osamodas are classed so high in positioning (even above feca and sacrier), they haardly have tools to move an ennemy efficently,require a lot of setup (if not the whole turn) to move an ennemy/ ally on large distances,the only thing they can positiion with ease is their summon,which is a part of themself hence probably must be considered in the mobility category,while even if foggernaut doesn't really have direct tool to position allies, the railway can indirectly contribute greatly in allied unit's movment,it should definitely be way above in positioning classes
as well as sram being classed last in supporting area, they actually have their 2mp spell with 2 cell cast range in line that also make allies UNLOCKABLE for a turn,it's a huge feathure for many classes,it should probably at least be classed above ouginak

i know it sounds really annoying if i ever convinced you of the innacruacy of some placements for you to review your classment,but i'd love to contribute to this thread with my own points distribution if you allow it

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Score : 17645

Moving an ally large distance literally costs 6 AP and a WP. I agree, moving enemies is clunky, but a summon can exact TP with an enemy 5 cells away. I really don't think Osa's positioning rating should be any lower for the fact that it has a range-modifiable exact teleport that's basically an upgrade from Feca's as it's not very limited at all and doesn't require the osa to be anywhere in particular. The only limitation is that you can't really teleport next to an enemy, but that really isn't important. To call that worse than Sacrier's positioning abilities after all the changes to the class is definitely not fair to say.

Rails don't count as positioning, those are support, based on the fact that they don't help until the ally's turn to move. I don't count it at all for the positioning, same with Elio's portals. They simply don't position you, they allow you to position yourself, that's definitely more of a support thing, just like Sram's +MP spell.

As far as the +MP spell goes, it's basically like, what, one of 2 MP boosts in the game? But like, ultimately not so useful. You'd be better off just pushing the damn thing locking your friend, or pushing your friend. The WP cost is hefty, and requires a passive to not cost AP. Kind of inconvenient for the sram, especially since most srams will want -1 Range from their gear....

Idk happy with Sram, Ouginak can take mp more efficiently, buff people and apply some -resist. Really just much better support overall. I mean if the argument was "Sram can make you invisible" that might even be a better case despite how expensive and useless it tends to be.


2 -1
Score : 647

@HateSpawn can you create 2nd list for PvP
Cause most of ppl post speak about 'clas'vs'clas' output
and in PvP we have some shiny stars like Ougi or Mask, which are low rated on PvE

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Score : 11982

Hehe u watched our games yeasterday if u mention Ougi, right? tongue

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Score : 1122

Can't agree that ougis role is just damage, it can do way more than just that.
Survivability - deserves higher place due to all heal/armoring spells it has
Support - here aswell, ouginak itself can remove up to 50 resist on single enemy / place canine glyph that removes up to 3 mp / has 2 spells that inflict incurable (not so usefull in pve tho) / air debuffs with are meh but still worth to mention.
Also ougis summon can buff 20 dmg inflicted every turn and 2range every 3turns to allies. Class with toolkit like this should be placed higher.
Mobility - i agree, for both pve and pvp big map is ougis greatest nightmare (among all dregg dung runs i did, my ougi didn't done dmg to boss even single time :/)
Positioning -  agreed again with this, all ougi can do is attract allies closer or itself closer to enemy.
And yea, after seeing iop as 1st place in pve list i decided to just skiped damage..ijust...can't.

just cashing all wp in fits surely feels nice but thats not only thing ougi can do in pve (but for pvp, just smack that fits button b4 it's nerfedfire )

Also waiting for your 1v1 pvp tier list, hopefully ougi isn't on bottom in that one.

2 -2
Score : 9636

Just stating its traits wont help, try to justify why it is better than the classes placed above it in its stated areas.
Ougi's life steal is certainly not better than Huppermages due to the way hupper's light sword works
Ougi's strongest Life steal is Weigh down, costing a minimum of 2ap for 42 base damage per ap, but it is locked behind a wakfu point, something that is needed for damage, and damage is the role ougi will be providing in PvE
Your second strongest lifesteal is rupture, but that is behind a cast limit, which leaves you with two other lifesteals that have lower base damage and higher ap cost, and your nuke, which is locked behind a rage requirement, thus ouginak has the worst life steal out of all the other classes.
Ouginaks "support" is terrible, removing 50 res on a single enemy is the lowest total res removal of any class, and again, that spell is ALSO costing you a wp, further lowering your damage.
Why would you ever take canine glyph when you can have a Feca, Enu or even Cra do your job far better
Doing damage may not be the only thing Ouginak can do, but its the only thing Ouginak can do better than some other classes

7 0
Score : 865

i would just put hupper mage up in the list, being a well rounded class is the best thing possible for a SOLO player, on group play is nice to have a jack-of-all-trades but not necessary,  i must say that for UB a huppermage is way more efficient them any iop, enutruf or sacrier will ever be, ranged damage dealers are always better, and the ability to move people around and stabilize  can make or break some fights, at least for me, Cra is a shame, i remember back when cra was the king of Moon island, 
also ougi is just a well balanced class, shame that the true potential of the class is locked behind 7 keys of Top tier End gear, A  well geared Ouginak  probly has the biggest one turn/two turn burst in the game, wich is something you should look for in PVP, what kills ougi is longer fights, meaning it was made for pvp , like sram wich is truly good on pvp but not so good for pve gameplay
Osamodas might not be a better healer them a Eni or a Sadida, but oh god until true late game, osamodas is the best support you wil ever wante

0 0
Score : 2412

When you do dungeons or UB's you could plan a little ahead. If you thought you needed range dmg, be honest, you wouldn't take hupper (well maybe you would) it's not the best of the bunch. There's usually someone else who can stab too. Perhaps, if they didnt put 4 utility things under 1 spell and give it 2 turn cd, hupper could be called a support

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Score : 2114
1 -1
Score : 541

Well, that's like, your opinion man.

2 -3
Score : 2412

How is the pvp list progressing?

0 0
Score : 17645

Figured I'll wait a week on it, get some data on new rogue, and rank that too. I'll also be updating this and moving Masq up a couple steps.

1 -1
Score : 865


HateSpawn|2018-06-21 02:43:55
It's so hard to respond to this without sounding like an elitist jackass, but basically so much of your post is wrong.

"Good for SOLO" 

No, good for solo would be, something desired by groups, so that people invite you along, like a support or high level damage, or, good for grinding quickly, so that you can still get what you need without others, like a Sacrier, or Iop.

"For ub, hupper good!"

What UB's are you fighting?

Excarnus - Iops will be the best pick for this, as we deal the most burst damage and that's all that matters in that fight.
Milkar - See Excarnus
Black Crow - See Excarnus, but add a sadida so the Iops can hurt the boss, since it's basically bullying.
Magmog - Since fire is excluded, see Excarnus. For the most part, anyways. Sram is great too.
Dragon Pig See Excarnus.
Steel Beak - See Excarnus, add Cra as required to compensate for bad iops.
Sham Moon - You actually got me, but I still would never take a Huppermage here.
Nogord See Steel Beak. Maybe your wall is cute here, too, though. Congrats
Ogrest - See Excarnus.

Like, what game are you even playing if you're of the belief that someone should take a HUPPERMAGE over a MELEE dd?

Ranged damage dealers are simply not always better anymore. They're frequently worse, due to less output and less survivability, both of which become a problem in all nine UBs. Your wall is pretty nifty in Nogord, that's the only merit Huppermage really has.

Sram isn't good for long or short fights, Sram has tools to be used in any situation, that's why it's such a good PvPer.

Osa's support is hugely limited. 

well, that's your point, on my years of wakfu, and playing all the content, I
  never experienced  any need to change a ranged for a  melee class yet  when I did play a good chunk of melee class their whore always those times when a ranged damage dealer would fit better or make a great contribution to the fight,
also, PVP in this game is just a joke IMO> any game where tank classes are the meta thinks  are not doing good, when I used to play cancer sadida played a 3 fucking hour fight against a FECA
sram have always been good for pvp but things always come down to this, can your survive sram burst ? yes, you win, not? you lose, and trapper sram is just so fucking boring to play against that it should really be taken out of the game, what is the fucking fun in chasing an invisible guy putting traps?
Ankama will never make a good balance in this game, I already accepted that but tank meta is not healthy to the game,  a burst meta or a 5~15 turn battle is what most people would find funny and entertaining just look on games like LOL, WoW, Final Fantasy,
Long fights are meant for PVE, PVP people want to drop in a fight win or lose and try again, not fucking 3 hours on one guy, and only Winning because they got TIRED of Playing
Also is just a bullshit when you have  the best gear possible  and you cant burst down the tank, but he can just scratch you and you are dead, or he lives through  all your damage and laugh at you  
and don't even dare to say is gear problem or runes problem, I'm sure I have the best possible setup for my classes(Also PS is not a problem either, there are some bullshit classes in this game, that only lose if the player behind it doesn't know what he is doing, assuming both experienced they are unbeatable 
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It's not really fair to compare Wakfu with "LOL, WoW, Final Fantasy (I assume you mean XIV)", since none of them share the tactic gameplay that Wakfu offers.

It's virtually impossible trying to balance all the classes for pvp 1v1 without heavily influencing pve, which is STILL the focus of the game.
Even if pvp was the focus, I find it very hard to make a balanced 1v1 without making all classes being carbon copies of each other, the best you could realistically do is balance 3v3 pvp so you can still have some diversity on roles.

Show me another online tactic mmorpg that plays just like Wakfu and is balanced for 1v1 and I'll grant your point, otherwise it's just baseless whining and dreaming of an utopia.

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