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CANCELLED !!! since there are no teams registered for this event it won't happen. HF in BFs

By mipotan - MEMBER - June 08, 2018, 20:38:05

If you are not yet lvl.200 and thought there's nothing for you to participate??

Then you're wrong here is the lvl.80 version of the Event.

The rules are the same as Here

The only additional rule here is that you need to adjust to lvl.80.

It will take place on the 17.June 
13:00 pm server time at Ecaflip arena.

To participate please leave a comment with the names of the characters.

Prize money will be a bit lower since it's a lower lvl event

1st place 
300,000 kamas + 3 boss drops of your choice

2nd place
200,000 kamas

3rd place
100,000 kamas

4th place 
60,000 kamas

I hope i could pick up the people who are interested in pvp but did not reach 200 or didn't have full gear with this event. 
good luck and have fun


i thought there were people who're interested in low lvl pvp but the page views + 0 participating teams makes me a bit worried.
I talked to people in lvl.80 BFs and some say that they're BF players. They aren't interested in pvp. it's weird to me

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I saw you in battlefield XD; well ill be participating with my guild hopefully we can be 9 of us XD we'll see. Will keep you updated

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nice i'll look forward to it.

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its 3pplx3ppl or you can go 3 hero from 1 acc as team ?

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yes you can!!!
I'd appreciate any team that's joining.
Since it's lower lvl i also think the competition isn't too harsh.

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Can we ban Osa's and their Ratroxxors for lv80

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they can't revive and have low hp. If you kill 1 they're gone. i don't think it's that strong

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