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Selling after disconnect?

By buffermail - MEMBER - May 22, 2018, 20:28:11


As far as I knew if you disconnect while in your haven bag it would stay in the world and other players would be able to buy from it.

But a couple of times after logging in I noticed my character was in a position amidst other haven bags, where he couldn't enter his, due to proximity issues.

So I decided to test it. A couple of days ago I had two of my characters from two different accounts disconnect, while in their haven bags. Today after logging in with one the haven bag of the other wasn't there.

So, what gives? How long does your "shop" stay in world after you disconnect?

Thank you!

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You need to be selling something so your bag stays when you log out. You can put up some junk for ridiculous prices, if you want it to stay for harvesting-purposes. The items put into the default window will be displayed on hovering the bag when outside, those put into different windows only on closer inspection.
It will also be removed when you log in a different character on the same account.

The bag stays for a couple of days (~3-ish).

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Ah, I see, it only stays for a couple of days.

That seems like a hassle, having to relog every 3-ish days just to keep selling stuff.

What do you mean by "harvesting-purposes", though?

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