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New Player looking for some general advice

By Crxssroad#3675 - MEMBER - May 21, 2018, 23:54:15

So I've been mostly playing solo(with two sidekicks) as an Eliotrope and I've managed OK so far. I haven't done much co-operative play because dungeons go by so much slower with other people but I assume, eventually, I'll have to group up. At what levels should I expect to have to do dungeons with other people?

Also, I'm a little confused as to Questing and Gearing up. The first five or six quests seemed pretty streamlined but I haven't done another quest in a long time because I'm not entirely sure what the "main quest" is anymore and what can be ignored as a sidequest... of course, assuming that Wakfu has such things and isn't just a bunch of random questlines.

For gear, I'm not sure if I should be farming for gear from dungeons or if I should be crafting my own. So far I've been leveling all of my professions(except for chef) and they're around level 25-30 for the equipment ones but this has gotten extremely tedious because of all the mining, farming, fishing and lumberjacking that's required to level each profession. I know that this is because one person isn't meant to do it all but are these professions necessary to get end game gear or are the gears dropped from dungeons the same/better?

Eventually, I do want to level all the professions but if I can get by on dropped gear for most of the game, I'd rather level up my character first and worry less about the profession grind.

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Just dont care about professions yet, they are slowing you down. 
As for your priority- level as much as possible, you will get the gears by tokens of each dungeons and by drops too. Yes you wont have the best gear for your lvl, but you dont need the best gear because one day you will be throwing it away. So keep on lvling and gear will come to you eventually
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For the main Questline, when you open your quest page window, on the right side there are multiple panels.
Open the Ogrest panel (the one with the gray ogre like monster icon) and there you can find your main questline.

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I disagree with the statement of ignoring professions, because you WILL regret it later
After hitting lv200 i had to rely on the kindness of others while gearing because upgrading gear was mandatory at endgame
Its better to do it now because as you reach high level you access new areas which will grant you the ability to level professions smoothly
However i only advise you level the GATHERING professions
these are professions marked Green when you open the profession tab, things such as Mining, Herbalist, Lumberjack, Farmer, Trapper
The only Non-gathering professions i recommend you level is Chef and Baker but these just make your life easier
Farmer resources can be used to level the Farmer profession by crafting Flour, or you can use it to craft Bread, something that will make grinding much smoother
Herbalist resources are good for Rarer Baker resources too, or levelling the Herbalist profession
Lumberjack will be needed later on, once again, level it faster with the resources you collect
Mining will give you some pocket money, as you can mint the ore for kamas and exp
Trapper will allow you to fix the ecosystem while grinding.

Once you max all gathering professions you get an item called the seal of companionship, a ring that gives 50% extra to gathering resources, which will make leveling later professions MUCH easier

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Wow, thanks for the breakdown! I'll be sure to work on gathering as I level, then.

When you say max level, is that 120 or 200 for professions?

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw in the achievements that I need to be level 100 for each. smile

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