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NOX Summer PVP Tournament: Strengthstorm 2018 — VOD on Twitch TV | Winners: Valoriss

By Tulish - MEMBER - May 20, 2018, 08:35:50
Event Details
  • Qualifiers: Saturday, May 26
  • Finals: Saturday, June 2
  • Time: 4pm – 9pm EST
  • Where: Ecaflipus
  • Twitch:

Tournament Results — Visit Twitch for the full VOD of the Finals.
  • 1st Place: Valoriss
  • 2nd Place: Rarehunters
  • 3rd Place: Forsaken
  • 4th Place: The Borg

Finals Round Match-Up (Saturday June 2 =, 4pm-9pm EST)
  • Valoriss vs Rarehunters
  • The Borg vs Forsaken

Qualifying Matches Results

Match 1: Sufokation vs Valoriss [Winner]
                 M1 Replay:
                 M2 Replay:
Match 2: Absolute Ruin vs Rarehunters [Winner]
                 M1 Replay:
                 M2 Replay:
Match 3: The Borg vs Forsaken [Winner]
                 M1 Replay:
                 M2 Replay:
                 M2 Replay:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Summer is here and it calls for a summer event: Strengthstorm 2018
Are you seeking revenge? Are you wanting to pounds some baddies to the dust? Or maybe you are a badass and want to take on everyone?
Then this event is for you! Tulish and Barinade proudly present a summer PvP Tournament. Let's make Wakfu great again!!

Sign-Up Process
  • Comment below to sign-up (Preferred). Or PM Tulish or Barinade via Ankabox/In-Game.
  • List Team Captain name. (Required)
  • Include: Guild Name, Members, Class and Level.

Team Rules & Compositions
  • Level Requirements: Lv200 (Team can compose of lv190 members.)**
    • We plan to utilize the ALS system in future tournaments to include a wider population.
  • Team Captain must be listed, preferably Guild Leader.
    • Team Captain is considered part of the team.
  • Maximum Teams for this tournament is 8.
    • In the event of last minute additions or fallout's, we will adjust the rules.
  • Minimum 4 members per team, maximum of 5. (3 for matches, 2/1 substitutes.)
    • Substitutes are necessary in the event of a tie-breakers.
    • Heroes and multi accounts are allowed as part of the team composition.
    • No class duplicates in team.**
  • Consumable items are allowed.

Pre-Match Rules
  • Each team must show up within 5 minutes of their match with at least 3 players or else they are automatically disqualified.
  • Prior to match start there will be a draft session. The team captain decides who is drafted.
  • During draft selection, each team will have 40 seconds to select their player each selection turn. A team is penalized for going past the 40 second limit. 3 penalties lead to disqualification.
         Coin flip between teams
  1. Team A picks their first player. (40 Seconds)
  2. Team B picks two players for their team. (40 Seconds)
  3. Team A picks their next 2 players. (40 Seconds)
  4. Team B picks their final player. (40 Seconds)

Match Rules
  • Match Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Match Win Conditions: Best of 3.
  • Single Match Win: Team with most players alive or team defeat.

Match Ranking Point System
If the time limit is hit and both teams have the same number of remaining players, the victor will be decided using the following list:
           Point Calculation
  • Each remaining player class point, per team, is added up.
  • Team with most points wins.
Exception: If at the end of the time limit a team has more players in their team, said team automatically wins. Or if team wins battle prior to time limit.

Map Order
Each match will be played on the next map. The map order will be as follows: (repeats)
Prizes & Rewards

          1st Prize:
  • A Brand New Surprise God Costume!
  • A Gold Trophy (Haven Bag Deco)
  • A Unique Title

           2nd Prize:
  • 12 Million Kamas (Spread Evenly Among the players!)
  • A Silver Trophy (Haven Bag Deco)
  • A Unique Title

          3rd Prize:
  • 8 Million Kamas (Spread Evenly Among the players!)
  • A Bronze Trophy (Haven Bag Deco)
  • A Unique Title

Owlie, Flatops, and Ankama are the best! wub

Competing Guilds
  1. The Borg
  2. Sufokation
  3. Rarehunters
  4. Absolute Ruin
  5. Valoriss
  6. Forsaken
  7. __________
  8. __________

We look forward to seeing you there. Bring friends, bring CMs, bring Devs, bring Wakfu Love.
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Ankama intervention 2

Replying to [Flatops]

Hi Sir Percy,

I wanted to confirm if I understood the rules correctly. happy

See message in context
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Score : 1312

how does that point system work. is it calculated based on the classes that are easiest to kill to classes that are hardest to kill? is it based on classes that do the most damage to classes that do the least? I'm assuming its the 1st but if that's the case I would move Huppermage from its slot for the reason for low QB tank Huppers do amazingly well life stealing and tanking damage using solar strong hold. That just my opinion

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Score : 1555

Hey Solemace. The point system is based on each classes ability to protect not only themselves, but also their allies. Solar Stronghold is a potent way of protecting yourself, but in a group PvP setting, it is very easily removed. Life stealing is considered on the low end of self-protection, since it requires that you deal a lot of damage first for it to actually have a strong influence on the fight.

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Score : 1312

Ah, okay thank you for the carification

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Score : 415

So if nobody dies on either team, the one with the team comp that has the most points will win one of three. If the other team doesn't have subs that can put them over in points, A team could win the whole match by having the right stalls and heals to just win with their initial team comp. 

This points system seems to clash with a 30 min timer, or a timer at all. Why not make a tie force the teams to add subs to make a different fight for the tie breaker, or have some rules on stalling/infinite heals. Or hell just some class bans. Are the points balanced enough to prevent the situation above?

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Score : 1555

The point system is designed to disadvantage players for attempting to build a stalling team. If a team capable of mass healing, tanking, and running is picked for that exact purpose, they will likely lose out to the other team unless the other team is attempting the exact same strategy. Keep in mind that by building a stall team you are putting yourself at a disadvantage because of the point system. Players are incentivized to go for a player killing strategy, especially considering they will win if the time limit is reached after taking the player lead.

That being said, most matches will not even reach 30 minutes and I'm expecting a lot of them to end within 15.

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Hello Tul and Bari,

Thank you for hosting, just a few questions before me and Owlie discuss how we can support your tournament:

1. It is a 3v3 tournament?
2. The format is single elimination, best of 3?
3. The max number of teams is 8?
4. Any level requirement to join?
5. You are allowing class duplicates in a team?
6. What are your prizes? ;p
You can send me an Ankabox or Discord PM for your reply, thanks again!

Score : 11865

Flatops dude some of anwsers are in main text tongue

1. Yea ist 3v3 but teams can have max 5 players as reserve
2. "Match Win Conditions: Best of 3"
3. Yea 8 teams, they have even a 8slot list below
4. Good question there is not a single word about that, but looking at taking part players I would guess that they hit for max lvl pvp content
5. 2nd good question.
6. It's seems like they ask Ankama for sponsorship of prizes tongue


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Score : -38

Sounds like a good time, I'll watch.

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Score : 3311

Awesome. Thanks for the support. happy

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Score : 4110

time to aim for second place teams!

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Score : 3311

Anything can happen, so the unlikely team might win. Be sure to join in to spectate if you can. happy

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Score : 180

Really? The class ur playing determines ur point total? Thats diddlydoo, come up with something else.

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Score : 3311

Hello Derppaderpa, Be sure to read up on the other responses given in the comments which indicate how the system works. Any feedback is welcome if you have any. happy

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Score : 1333

Teams will do buffing, healing, summoning and positioning which is all part of a tactical turn based game. That doesn't make for good sport tho, the crowd wants to see action. So why not reward it? 

I would think teams could score points in a fight by taking actions to reduce hp of enemies. Like boxing...which fighter with most punches thrown vs landed etc. just watch and judge the fights, which ever team is the aggressor and does the most damage scores the points. "He who dares wins" smile Let the games begin!

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Score : 3311

Updated with Replays. See above for link.

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Score : 65

Thank you for organizing this! I'm really excited to watch. smile

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Score : 3311

Thanks Gandalf. I hope you were able to spectate. Keep an eye out for future events.

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Score : 3311

Updated with tournament results. biggrin

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Score : 11865

I watched stream was really exciting. Matches was really good. Sadly the HP bar bug in spectator mode was kinda problematic for me and trolled me a few times. Also a lil anoying is shop button covering turn counter xD But these are game problems, tournament was great!

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