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The state of mining

By SilBlaze - MEMBER - May 09, 2018, 19:21:29

I was wondering what you guys think of the state of mining right now...

I mean, there's plenty of people always fighting for spots that it becomes unpleasant and we surely can't just make the ores to be individual or there would be a HUGE inflation in the market, however, what worries me is the thought of having this "server merge"...  I mean it's already a hardship having to deal with 3 people over in the same mining spot so I can't imagine what it will be to have to deal with 10 of them or even 20..

What I thought at first was "make the ore nodes individual"... but as I mentioned above the market prices would just sky rocket.

There's also the chance they could increase the spawn rate of ores but... that's not going to cut it when the servers get merged.

Do you guys know if Ankama has had an opinion on the matter and what do you think of it right now?

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Nation revamp might improve the mineral situation a tad, but I would not hope for it...

The biggest problem is still, that, in reference to crafting, they basically treat all professions the same...
Components needs 2 x 5 mats, no matter if it is ores, herbs, crops or fishs and that is just wrong...
And don't get me started on the amount of rare ores you need for late game crafts (which are mandatory, because you drop mostly WHITE (!) equipment from mobs...). It is utter ridiculous...

And there are still no further improvements, which they hinted to, after the amount of flak they got after the crafting revamp, but time flew by and everyone just (had to) accept what they presented...

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Before Hazy Lead was one of the best ores for Kamas, so at least they put extra Hazy Lead in the Stasis and Wakfu Sources and also in a the Rock Montains (In the island that you need to swim to).
That was the main motivation to open the paths in the Sources in the path, but no more with the change of the Kamas recipes.

It would be great it they would replace the Hazy Lead in the Wakfu/Stasis Sources and in the Rocky Mountains Island with Royal Bauxite.   That would motivate people to open the Sources paths again, and will alleviate the "hunger games" effect at least for the kama recipe. happy

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