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Mount Zinit - Chapter 2 - So we meet again

By Jakeosta - MEMBER - April 23, 2018, 01:18:17

I have just gotten the Hourglass so i can continue the zinit story, and i go to the speak to Ullu who says for me to help him or whatever, so i go into the past, and the game wants me to find and "Examine the Exit Door(past)". I have gone everywhere, and can't find this door, i notice that there are levers to be pulled at some point but can't interact with them yet.

Can anybody help me with this quest as i am losing my mind trying to find the door.

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It's one of the big circlular doors near ullu

I remember lookin for that one for a while too, maybe it's in that room with a garden and broken test tubes? 

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In/near the Screen room, with Ullu in it? i can't see any that i can interact with.

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The door is in the cryo-ecosystem room, where u wanted to pass in the present

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