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Zinit will never be free

By wandererAGw#2950 - MEMBER - April 18, 2018, 17:36:03

For people who don't know
most booster feature description "access to new area" has changed to "access to mount Zinit"
In gamakana
they said they are planning to create area for all level in nation revamp

all this info basically means Zinit is always intended to be booster exclusive
maybe there will be new free area for lv 186+, Zinit still wont be free

I hope this clear things up and people don't fall for false hope

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Well that's a bummer man

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That was to be expected. Ankama does not sell item improvements like other f2p games (weapon +10) with some protection scrolls that prevent failures so they need to make people want to pay for something else. In fact i am surprised runes are not being sold in the shop - that would bring Ankama SO much money because its a LOT of time saved for players to just buy rune rather then bother to drop items, crush items, make runes from them get more powder, improve runes, etc just to get mere +1 more resist. Seriously rune system is painful and not rewarding enough from a single rune to be enjoyable.

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I remember the rune system being the second worst part of end game besides profession. 

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Soon (TM)
... hopefully

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If you're level 194 and you haven't boostered yet, why. Give Ankama the shekels.


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... They better fix all those progression holes and move those zinnit exculsive materials out of zinnit then. Thats what made me quit.

But im gonna expect nothing. 

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You said quit but you still check the forum LOL

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OK, then time to make an alternative list of cheapskate equipment without stuff from Zinit. But having the main storyline being unable to "complete" unless you buy boosters is a bit... no idea what word to use. Glad that the game has other stuff to do that is not main-storyline related. But locking that part will likely cause lose of interest. Whatever, alternative ways will always be out there.

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The main problem i see here is that people who are currently f2p are either playing with friends or on multiple accounts or when guild mates log in. Now if they were to sub to access zinit content, they won't be really able to fully benefit from it because:

  • their friends would need to sub as well, but you can't force others to pay to play with you
  • they won't have leveled alts to play in zinit dungeons content with heroes, both leveling and gearing alts would take up time, so before they sub they need to level up alts (and that is slow without booster, but why buy booster if you won't be able to access top content that booster unlocks? You don't want to waste money like that)
  • if they had alts on other accounts, they would need to sub for few accounts at once, wich cost way too much comparing to using account with heroes.

What people can do is either play all the time with sub and heroes (and alienate themself from other people) or never sub and accept that they won't ever get access to zinit. However 2nd solution will make people quit playing sooner or later. This is very unhealthy for the game to keep running. Ankama basically doesn't want f2p people in their servers to get what subscibers get. And that is terrible decision on their side for an mmo with f2p playerbase. They should have either stick to pay to play or review how other, long lasting f2p games make money. This is why i said they should rather sell people "time saving items" such as runes. Of course the runes must be still obtainable in-game just like now aside from that. I have no idea why people disliked this idea. It doesn't hurt anyone, just makes people with money get their end-gear fully runed earlier on.
Granted they will also need to give people some activities to do in game, other then tedious grind for rune powders. A good activity for that were Rushu-rush dungeons (or Arenas) with waves of monsters and people competing in them to get higher and higher score. Those really need to return to the game ASAP.
As for zinit... they really need to rethink their decision, because if you know you won't "complete the game"***, then you just don't play that game or you just play it until you reach the limit in content you can access and then you quit in search of another game to enjoy.

***I mean accessing all parts of the game and defeating every boss the game have.
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I just feel like if you've played a game long enough to actually get to Zinit material doesn't the game at least deserve a LITTLE support? Compared to the hours upon hours I've put into this game it has given me a LOT more entertainment value than most $60+ Triple A games. subbing for a month to get your fill of Zinit content isn't too bad in that respect. I can understand that some people may not have the disposable income for a game and that's okay. But Wakfu already supplies so much for free players that I think it's fair that they get some support from really dedicated players. They are also going to add alternative end game for free to play players so it's not like they're ignoring them completely past a certain point. It's fair that they prioritized their supporters first and released the paywall content first.

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I completely agree =D people don't realize the amount of thought and value thats put in for people who just advocate to not give them any money or credit :c. A little depressing if you ask me but I'm also glad for Ankama for pulling through to actually improve the game despite all the negativity on nox. 

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In my opinion, any game and I quote any game that has locked content like this. Should have their premium sellable on market. 

Matter a fact, I doubt I'd ever quit if I could buy my  booster and stuff off market from players who bought it on cash shop. I wish that was requested or asked on that super useless ankamalive. It was so pointless, all those questions were common sense. Why was that eliotrope question even asked? Light damage question(come on guys, you could ask a player and they'll tell you that). 

We need a streamer like Mango to ask the hard questions again.

Edit: I meant people buying Booster with physical(IRL) funds and selling it on the market, The worst thing I can see happening is duping (That happens about once a year) But that's what rollbacks are for. You can't be afraid to do that either btw, sure you may have to give some compensation but every successful game does(It cost resources but a minimal amount). Point is I think in the long run, you guys would make far more money from a item sold on cash shop and provides heroes/Booster then just selling something only a few may use.

This whole locked to account thing, you've been doing to the cash shop needs to be re-examined

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i think it is healthier the way wakfu is right now. Beeing able to make tons of kamas just by having real money makes wakfu pay to win easily and that's what i hate about MMOs the most.

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I've put thousands of euros in wakfu... but it just isnt worth it anymore.. why pay for a mmo that has no healthy playerbase to play with..

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You've been complaining about the game for years, and yet you're still here. 

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I think the Zinit is going to be open for everyone, just not this year. And after all we have sometimes short times when everyone can access the Zinit, for a week-end... and even without that the open world is so huge, if you did everything and it's not enough, then you must appreciate the game, so why don't you pay a little?

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While I do think the idea of Booster players gaining access to new areas first is a nice marketing punchline, the issue stated by Kikuihimonji is a big one.

I'm disappointed if the area stays as a "Premium" area only because even though Zinit is a fun content It'd be a lot cooler if it's packed with people to play with. And that goes for both premium and non-premium players.

I think premium players have a very good bonus already. We don't need exclusive areas. In the end those areas are super abandoned because again, as stated you can only party with other booster players.

It would be nice to support the game because you like the game not because they force your hand into doing it.

A healthy player base is thousand fold a better deal than accessing some exclusive area to play alone.
I'm still waiting for a big international server merge. This game should have AT BEST 3 servers. Spreading a niche population across several servers is really bad in my humble mortal opinion.

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it's still better than other MMORPG that are only accessible if you pay... and these games have people to play it...
I personally think Wakfu's way of doing it is cool because you can totally have moments when you'll want to play more, so you'll take a booster, but other moments when you just want to hang out with your guild and slowly, at your pace, progress in the game...

Subscribe games aren't as cool, because it makes you pay every month if you want to hang out with your friends there... even if it's not to do big things.

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buy boster for zinit not problem but if you solo player you can stuk with mai quest whea you need do all stuf at moon to open lokation at zinit... so i am lose all motivation for buying boster cos it not posbl for me kill all stuf at  moon so thea diferent problem with zinit area

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you can reach all the zinit content at lvl 194 through zaps doing moon quests only makes it so you reach zinit content faster

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I think ankama is very generous about playing without a booster. I mean shoot I can do most stuff on wakfu without boosters, yes no zinit but hell there's more things I can do and earn that $3 later on for a booster. Look at other mmos, they're all about money money money while wakfu is a fair experience. If it was totally free where will they gain money to keep wakfu going? You're basically saying why can't I live free without any bills, and why can't I just eat for free.

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I was farming and chopping and fishing and .. and .. lol .. Most anyone trying to build their collection skills as I have been must have run into this strange retardation of leveling. I find that in order to keep pace and level evenly I must acquire something that is only on Mt Zinit... I tried to go of course.. and that failed. I couldnt start the quest. Someone online told me that it used to be free and everyone could enjoy the nation storyline as it progressed, etc. I thought it was me doing something wrong for awhile now. Then I saw this thread and just knew that I had to chip in to say that as a newer player, this is really kind of a bummer. I guess I should understand there is money to be made, but .. couldn't it be kewler costumes and haven expansions .. and the continued booster potions for level hungry players .. ? Just wanted to add my little sad two cents .. sad

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You can level professions in "tiers" of 10 levels. No need to change to the next 5-tiers resource, you can keep exploiting the previous one until you hit the next 10th. Past that, the EXP gain is reduced, but as long as it is between the 10-levels range you get maxed EXP.

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I find interesting the fact that nobody from Ankama responded to this yet...  it's kinda like silently acknowledging. 

We wont be getting a new area this year, since there are nation revamps... but if Zinit is really the last area (paid or free) why are we lvl200 still playing...

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I belive they will add new areas. After class revamps, politic, nation and something else. Don't know if u remember how long we waited for Zinit as a new content. Moon update was like neverending story.

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I may ask, how much do you spend with entertaiment per month(cinema, hangouts, pubs etc), it's not like a booster pack is expensive at all, anyone who did enjoy the game to the point of gettin to like 190+ could support it with a little cash right?

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This depend on each person. I'm not even going to theater more than 3 times a year cause I'm poor. So per month... 0$  (tho I did buy a full year of booster + heroes on 2 acc)
Just a reminder that not everyone is rich...  Many players come from poor countries too...  I know some Phili selling candies so they can continue to play wakfu..  just saying.

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o well,that's just sad,that's why the server look ghost,i should have guess,is a shame,it was a good game until now =/

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Zinit 1 got free like a week ago, it was unexpected that they will ever open it, but well, they did. Anf the other parts will follow probably.

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Enceladon|2018-10-04 22:19:17
Zinit 1 got free like a week ago, it was unexpected that they will ever open it, but well, they did. Anf the other parts will follow probably.

Agree, a surprise after more than a year is heartwarming~ Can't wait another years to next Zinit part too~
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Right? We finally can play the dungeons they decided to remove from the f2p world a while ago, shoving them behind the Zinit part 1 paywall for more than 1 year...aren't they the kindest company?

Who knows when/if we're gonna ever have part 2 surely didn't come with surely won't come with yet another nation revamp...gotta keep those paying users happy about their "privileges" and easy money, by selling equips and mats from Zinit that others cannot get/farm...solid strategy, Ankama.

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