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Score : 174

Rikiki Wand Quest impossible

By Lordgokseldono - MEMBER - April 16, 2018, 04:47:41

Cannot find people to do it with tried discord or ask guilds but nobody is willing to do it

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Score : -1

I'm allways ready to help you :3

Score : 682

Hello Zehirm
My name is Rikki's Shadow in game
You can PM me or if you find any Clan Riktus guildies we are willing to help you any time.
Feel free to pm us and we will help you !
We are really active so whenever you will PM me, I will bring 3 more guildies and we will join you

Score : 423

I could use some help to do that dungeon with 5 more characters please. <3 Gotta get tiny with all of them!! Mwahahaha!

Score : 682

Im not in mood to help you with all of your chars, but i can help you with just 1

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