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Vampyro pets mystery box question

By Zuranthus - MEMBER - April 13, 2018, 07:36:18

Hello everyone!
Considering Vampyro pets mystery box, I was wondering about the tiers, do you get one pet at random from a random tier, or do you get all pets from a single tier at random?
For an example, if I open the box and get the uncommon tier, do I get all three pets (Dragoone, Friendrake and Ghast), or one of those at random? Because it makes no sense to me that if I win a rare tier that there is a chance just to win a growth kibble :/

Thanks in advance!

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Random single item from the box, or a small chance of jackpot to get all items.

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Hi Abricalypse,

Just a random single item from the box. This mystery box does not have the jackpot chance to get all items.

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