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So guys Classe Change for 1vs1 Pvp...

By KazyK - MEMBER - April 12, 2018, 11:12:42
So first of all good morning guys. Now the topic xD i have a Feca, Osa, Oug, Elio, Hupper and a Masquer....

Everything in here will be mainly for 1vs1 or general Pvp as a DD with survivaly in mind...

So i Want class change the masquer dont really like him ...O_o"... and i Want to pick something PVP orientaded, I love sacriers !!!! Really they are so freaking cool I like eca and iop´s too but is like bah will be nice....  So i wanted to do a sacrier but i saw lot of bad reputation now they nerfed they suck... i played a fire/earth and i like it a long time a go when the cage spell had the teleportion part amazaing and was the "only" "class" that i manage to kill the freaking osa but not now so... What you guys think are the sacriers reaaly that broken in pvp 1vs1... Should i go to Eca or a iop????
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Sacrier is a solid choice, it gives you access to lots of hp, dmg and armor, classes that cant hit under armor will struggle a bit vs sacrier in 1v1 scenarios.
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And the ecas??? im seeing a lot of them kicking ass in pvp 1vs 1
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eca or iop are good choices, but you should play with the class you like the most
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all the classes are a ton of fun. But if you're willing I'd recommend revisiting masq. There is a quest in the Huppermage quest line that gives you a extra passive ability that works really well with masq's ideal stats and increases the class' damage output and burst rate buy an obscene amount
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isn't sadida still the best?
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You mean the worst?
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