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Let's talk about the 1.59 update.

By TestAccountDONOTKILL - MEMBER - April 03, 2018, 18:08:41

Firstly I've noticed the game running better. It still gets laggier and less responsive the longer you play or if you're running multiple clients but it seems better in general and I haven't had any crash/DC issues so far, when before they happened to me all the time. I haven't tested this robustly though so maybe I've just had good luck and performance hasn't really changed that much.

Next I think the Ruel quest is kinda nice. Short yeah, but nice enough. The archmonster hunting followup is also nice buuuuuut it kinda interacts poorly with server shutdowns, because I think that results in all the archmonsters despawning making it harder to hunt them down.

I think the change to daily quests is pretty fair and encourages players to group up. Yes it's less convenient and farmable, but the old system meant people could run Bow Meow + Whisper Crisper ALS in one minute and convert that into endgame items. Which is just dumb. And kinda led to tokens and tokenable items being massively devalued in comparison to drop only items. And this token devaluation also makes high stasis less and less rewarding, because bonus boss drops aren't meaningful if you could just token a hundred of them. Flax/torm XP nerf is also pretty necessary, having a quick easy daily XP quest is fine but some people were levelling to 200 almost entirely from flax/torm (do flax/torm then immediately log off after, repeat for weeks/months until you hit level cap).  They may have overnerfed the XP a bit though. Zinit env quests got a big XP bump which might help a bit, but that option is only available to booster players whilst flax/torm was available to everyone.

That said
- Why did they remove the ability to share Boss hunt quests? I thought this ability was really useful and convenient, and I see no advantage to removing it.
Edit : Quest share button is back after the downtime, fortunately.
- I also think they're being kinda misleading in their patch notes. "There are now 4 modulox quests instead of 3, and they give 2 tokens instead of 1!". Well they only give 2 tokens with booster and they silently removed the Scoreboard 10 Bosses weekly quest. I mean it's an overall nerf to modulox token income, and that's fine (or good even!) but it seems silly to pretend that it isn't.

"Unearthed Agony and Crystal-Heart Agony have been added to the list of Bosses the player must battle to complete the "Bosses Hunt" quests in their respective level groups. "

I'm fine with running mineral tower, but I see a potential issue here if someone completes mineral tower then goes to get their boss hunt daily and finds out that it asks them to complete mineral tower. After they've already used their daily ticket.

"A new option allows the player to configure their preferred display mode for the following area of effect types: Auras, the Enutrof's Mines, and the Xelor's Hour Cells. The two modes available are "left-click to show" and "hover over to show." "

Where's the setting for "change it back to how it worked before" ?

"When the Sacrier is at 100 Angrrr (less than 20% of its max HP) after taking a hit, he gains a fixed amount of Armor, 2 AP, 20% Damage inflicted and loses 1 MP for a turn. This effect can only occur once per fight. "

Sacrier was really strong before, and cling nukes could be abused heavily and I'm fine with the changes to sacrier's mobility. But what is the point in this reworked cling? (at least until you hit the level 200 upgraded version for the flame return heals and bonus res?)

Once per fight, for one turn, whilst almost dead, you can get +2 ap +20% FD at a cost of -1mp. Or you can take carnage for +15% fd every turn, with no berserk requirement. Or one of sacrier's other great passives.

New enu being able to remove 200 res is really broken too. -200 res is +50% damage recieved, so in a team with 3 dds 1 tank 1 healer adding an undergeared gear enu would be more efficient than adding another maxed out damage dealer (+50% damage output vs +33% damage output) even if the enu did literally nothing else than res reduce. I mean I realize the res chip has some restrictions to it so it won't always be viable, but in any scenario where it is viable then enu is going to almost be mandatory. Is anybody really going to be surprised if they have to nerf that a month down the line lol.


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First Ankama intervention

Replying to Geschrieben

Hi Geschrieben,

Here's the fix.

See message in context
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Well, I just think that the Enu's -200 will be very useful during Stasis 50 runs particularly at late game. Where most monsters have some pretty silly res already. 

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I hope more class revamps include -resists. Clearly support effects should exists for all classes, and the tag of support role should be removed: keeping only dps, tank, healer.

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My only issue is not being able to locate this Abrius. I did notice some issues with the skeletal rat training hunt not awarding the token or not working outright. Minor things, I guess.

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well i happy for enutrof revamp i tought i t would be another bad rework but it suprised me being a good one, i still think the drop mechanics are a bit lost altought the -200 resistence feel good and to who thing it makes enu op well just thing again, all monsters got resitence buff also having an enutrof thant want to drop an meanwhile low resistence is double profit and even afther all all party benefict from the resistence enus low from mob/boss.

The new mine quest's are nice its good to keep something to do when u dont want just stick to farm xp or drops, i think theres should be implemented more quests like that, it realy improves game experience and makes map exploring a bit more fun and profitable, but about token i agree token should be nerf with token been rewarded in quest's theres almost no point to farm dungeon also quest are way easier than farm S20 dungeons, and there isn't much diference in drops bettwen S1 and S20 +1 boss resource plus some white green gear, there should be able to drop legendary in S20 with low chance ofc to make it "worth the effort", again about tokens they realy need be nerfed because its so damn easy today to farm 1 relic with quest and couple dungeon farm wich keep lowering gear and relic price wich is bad because was the best way to farm kamas, now everything is expensive when we buy and everything worths air when we sell, surely economy need be balanced otherwise markets keept bankrupt.

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Yeah, update seems solid as far as coding and performance, no issues there.  But really?  You had to go nerf the Enutrof's ability to crank prospecting?  Yeah, turned that toon into baggage, now I have to roll something else to replace him, cuz he can't do his job anymore:  Crank prospecting, get more loot.  Can't do that anymore, not in a timely fashion... 2 turns to get one prospecting boost?  He never was a good damage dealer, can't heal, can't buff team members, and now he can't even crank prospecting, what is the point of the Enutrof at this stage?  Most of my team has debuff resist attacks, I didn't need more of that.  Stupid.  Roll again.  Anyone got a suggestion for what to replace my Enutrof with?

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I don't mean to derail this thread about character classes but another thing added in this patch was the new battle field mode "free-for-all" maybe this is just the case in the Nox server but if people don't want to lose their territory they might not even show up. I think this is probably one of the concerns that the developers might have had. So far all I've seen is people on attack show up and people on defense refuse to show up. This leads to the issue of people griefing territory by using alt accounts or changing nations to specifically benefit the attackers while significantly undermining the defenders. Maybe that's a reason that people should show up to defend but I see this new mode have some serious issues. Maybe we should be a little more careful what we wish for.

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I don't know who told Dy7 letting 1 nation control other nation's territory was a good idea. Who asked for that? It's just 100% honestly and pure, logically, and factually bad design and structure.

Islands ok...but when the entire server realizes all areas can be taken away no one will want to take any risk in pvp. Ankama needs to learn what the word balance and fun mean.

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wai ankama wai :tear:
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literally unplayable 

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Am I the only one getting the Java 8 error? It came with the update for me. If not, how can I fix it?

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Hi Geschrieben,

Here's the fix.

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new relic is disappointing

lvl >=186 requirement made me think that it will be new endgame (lvl200) relic...
but apparently it's Ougaat, lvl185 relic hat.

lets say with 3chars+booster you will do 3 (new) modulox quests every day
6tokens per character * 3 = 18 modulox tokens daily; 
300/18 = 17 days needed to get 100 fragments.
And on top of that you need to kill 35 arches to get blueprint for craft (with was interesting to do untill i got *Kill Freonctuous the Gaspacho* quest...)

 for endgame players its worthless (300 modulox tokens = 1500 eternal tokens, with = any tokenable zinit relic)
 for ~186 players it offers nice stats but when you finish all those quests you will be somewhere on lvl190+  and with kit skill you can just wear zinit helmets.

or maybe those fragments are for something else ( but i doubt they are :U )
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I think there r few relic blueprints in that quest maybe this relic is a lower lvl reward fo the quest and the last relic is still lvl 200. Im hoping at least and we got to wait few more days to see

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Something about this seems a bit... off.
(I was kind of sad there wasn't any special text for talking to him as an Elio, either from you or from him. But oh well. Still a funny screenshot.)
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You are my father.

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I think the idea of 200 resist removal on it's own isn't a bad idea(It has a cap which is a huge constraint since multiple characters may help hit it as a part of their combo). 

Cling nerf wasn't well placed, Cling itself is balanced. Sacriers approach to getting to it was broken. I'll come back when Rogue is revamped though.

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