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Rework: Rogue and?

By Melonnissise - MEMBER - April 01, 2018, 22:11:35

They said the next class they're reworking is Rogue but what about the second class? Which class do you think or want to see along with Rogue?

Also, do you think they can afford to rework only 1 class at a time again? With how dismal Wakfu is doing? I realize the next update is good, but one good deed doesn't clear 100 bad deeds.

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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

We can only confirm Rogue for now. We have updates in mind but we cannot share info about them yet. Though we'll be having an eye on your guesses. happy

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I mean 2 reworks at once mean twice as much feedback from the comunity, so we don't get another enutrof rework fail.

My guess would be Osamodas or Xelor, because xelor has the most outdated kit but osamoda could use a lot of simplification

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Hi guys,

We can only confirm Rogue for now. We have updates in mind but we cannot share info about them yet. Though we'll be having an eye on your guesses. happy

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Osamodas isn't happening til they rework the key feature of the class... and gobgob... honestly dragon form was a bad idea from the beginning. Kralove form ala octopodas would only make more sense... imagine using all 8 tentacles as whips... whoa... gutter mind activated in my head... nevermind, dragon form is pg... just wish it wasn't so polarizing... and uggo.

if any class needs a rework along with rogue, it'll be a simple class that doesn't "summon". osa and sadida would take some doing on their own to tackle... 

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My theory considering how close rogue and cra have been in the past in terms of design elements is that cra will get a sacrier esque treatment alongside the rogue full rework.

When I say this I don't expect anything huge at all what i'm more so thinking is them taking a look at explosive arrow and adjusting it to be usable but not a problem like before. Adjusting Roly-Poly's cost versus benefit and that's really about it.

I can see rework rogue getting some form of escape active and Dy7 having a lightbulb go off and be like "what if we borrowed some of this for cra's roly poly" and making some small changes to fix it.

Outside of that I really don't know it could be anything from class FX fixes (dragon osa in particular) like they did with sadida FX down to a full mini rework like with enutrof 

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According to the voting results we had in 2017, Sacrier was number one to be revamped. Second to be revamped was Enutrof and so far the chart was correct. However next should be Rogue and Osamodas, before Huppermages. Huppermages got their rework now and Enutrof got their 2nd round of rework in the meantime too.

Since they moved back to revamp Rogue, next we can expect most likely Osamodas revamp, followed by Sadida revamp next.

I just want to say it is best to revamp 1 class at a time. You should consider Enutrof 2nd round didnt require as much planning in redesigning as its round 1, wich is why Ankama could fix their design mistakes in the same time as they redesigned Huppermages.
Though if you planing to give Osamodas the summoning method of Sadida (summoning captured animals via Gobgob summon who walks on the battlefield like currently Ultrapowerful do), and give Sadida back the direct summoning (not necesarily via seeds, but similar to Sram traps) then you might propably consider revamping them togather. Though that will most likely end up asking for reworks round 2 just like Enutrof did.

If anything, Rogue will get revamp togather with potential Huppermages rework (if people will not be satisfied with new Huppers).

Ah yes and the chart is here:


Edit: Maybe the reason why Ankama skipped to Huppermages was to revamp both Osa and Sadi simultanously? It's a random guess, though, previously when they revamped them both togather we had 2 "teams" doing separate jobs and it ended up terribly, with half baked results i'd say (gobgob being useless, earth osamodas underwhelming; sadida lost adaptability and has impractical summoning and unsummoning, etc).
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Or now hear me out the reason they skipped to huppermage was because the poll isn't a laid out plan by ankama but the communities opinion. They don't have to follow this poll 100% it was just to give them an idea of what to look at and decide from there. 

Community bias and class design do not go hand in hand. For example Iop, Eniripsa, Sram, Eliotrope are all some of the best classes in the game right now without a doubt. While Xelor, Pandawa, Foggernaut need A LOT of work. This poll is not something you should be using as a concrete plan for what ankama's gonna do lol

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Tbh I think all classes need some changes and improvment, many of them have old kit and should be refresh a lil bit.
Mb not a full revamp but i would like to see a earth branch Iop revamp, fire Mask revamp, earth Osa is behind in my opinion and many others.
So i dont wait for any class but i will be glad with any changes.

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Sadida greedy dolls pass their turns randomly, please revamp them. It forces us to have to use the controlling passive, really limiting our options.

Sadida just needs a lot of fixing in general. My level 158 masq does more damage than them, enis heal better than them, feca does better support than them. They need to be good at something instead of bad at everything.

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Great, finally a revamp on a class that is super awkward to use.

as for the 2nd class, may I suggest Cra? lol... your latest nerf just killed this class and made other long range damager more viable despite Cra being the ARCHER class. Yo, if you gotta cripple an archer and make him soooo easy to catch (not to mention it's already so squishy at it is) and you literally remove his non-Los spell making it super freaking hard for an archer to do its job properly with his already very uncompetitive damage output,

would u please at least make him have the most base damage among other long range classes because yo, Cra is supposed to be the ultimate intimidating archery class. But oh wells.. it's a joke now. Why not just remove this class and give the bow to Osa or Xelor or whoever else that is the most hardhitting long range class. 

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i don't really care if you ankama rework chars bcause you only mess up them! you listen only people that doesn't have that chars and you completely destroy them(like sac now useless in pvm) or simply change the already nerfed(like hupper now usable only in line but without the movement to place in it), pls noone suggest ankama to rework any new chars exept what they have in mind i still want to use my osa for some time since i already have 2 dead weight

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Hupper didnt get a nerf, i think the update wasnt so bad. Sac is faaaar from bad, maybe u just play it wrong? Or try to use full zerker build with no safety net. Problem however is that anakma puts a goddamn godly buff for the class(like sac before and now enu -200 by itself) and takes month to realize, "oh that might be too strong" and nerfs it down. Watch enu gettinf nerfed. Whats is extremely bad is the we lack any kind of stability. Now im afraid to play any class because they might be doing something completely different that what my build was intended for! You spend months and week to gear it and oh well might just sell all my shit now ciz i need a different char to do this job and the gear is no ideal on it..

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