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Unofficial - Mirror\Backup of method wakfu guides and posts. [Removed]

By iNTiMiD4T0R#9728 - MEMBER - March 22, 2018, 03:31:52
Hi. Methodwakfu's sudden shutdown have been hard for all of us and from that i have initiated a scraping project to save the guides from the site for users to access them until they post them back to the forums. You can access those here : < Link removed >

Everything posted there  belongs to MethodWakfu, All rights to the original content creators. This here is just a back up version hosted for players to access the required guides and other tools until method comes back up or once they post the guides to the wakfu forums. You can how ever help me by making guides, giving information or just showing your support by joining the forum and engaging in active discussions. Love and support to Method Wakfu and Ainla. smile

-Just trying to help those who need a quick stop.

Update : I have done this without the consent from the original authors(really sorry about that), I have to respect their decision to not have the contents re uploaded any where else, until they gets back stronger than before. I'm more than happy to respect the wishes of the Original Authors of the great guides and to respect their decisions without and second thoughts. All we have to do is wait. smile
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First Ankama intervention
Hi iNTiMiD4T0R,

I know you mean well but the owner of the guide did request not to share them so I would have to remove your link. Let's wait for Ainla. happy
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oooo awesome ! tnx man smile the site closed like 2 days before i restart playng lol i was sad about that ahaha
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Ainla said she doesn't want anything of methodwakfu uploaded someplace else, and that she was going to put the guides on the forums.
The mods have been respecting her wish so far, and are heavily censoring every link to unofficial uploads.

I'd like to have her great guides accessible too, but we might have to wait for her to upload them on her own.
Until then, unless you can sway the mods or the creator, be prepared that your links are being removed from the forums.

Just a heads-up!
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Thank you mate, for the heads-up.
I mean no disrespect to Ainla or the original content creator, I just didn't know about the no upload talk. smile Thank you. I will do what is the right thing and respect the original owner's wishes.
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Hello and thank you for the credits, it's very thoughtful of you. But as Spling said I don't want my content to be used on other websites, please.

I am currently in discussion to bring Method back up (this is why I stopped uploading the guides to the forums for now, because I might have an alternative). So please, be patient in the meantime, I'm trying my best. Thank you very much for your consideration.
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I'm really sorry about this here, i didn't knew that there was a no re upload  clause. smile I'm more than happy to know there there will be a site rejuvenation sooner or later. I will take this consideration and remove the site.
I hope the gap in the krozmos with methodwakfu's dismissal will be solved once the return is made. Really happy to hear this. biggrin
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Hi iNTiMiD4T0R,

I know you mean well but the owner of the guide did request not to share them so I would have to remove your link. Let's wait for Ainla. happy
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