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Incoming changes in 1.59 you MIGHT want to read up on

By Gimonfu - MEMBER - March 13, 2018, 10:16:00

There are some MAJOR changes coming with patch 1.59, beside Enu and Hupper revamp.

I have not seen any the changelog in the english Beta boards so here is the link for the french version
1.59 French

Google translate works pretty well for that, but here are the, in my eyes, biggest, most important changes:

1) Flax/torment quest exp is gonna be reduced and will stop increasing after lvl 170. (if i understood that correctly)
2) Daily "Kill a boss" quests from you Haven Bag's fuzzy rat Modul-creature will ask for a SPECIFIC Boss. Same boss for every person on a day, changing daily. (to get people to work together more on a daily basis)
3) Sacrieurs: BIG NERF
4) KAMA rewards for some repeatable quests, quests lines & other quests.
5) 3 new Battlefield modes: Tthe "sudden death"-mode some people asked for. Iop & Eni field, BUT after dying to an oponnent you cannot re-enter the battlefield.
A not yet dedicated new mode, where there is ONLY actual PvP to gain points from.
6) The original 2 battlefields got changes. Basically: more PvP focus.

As i said, you should read up on it, so you are prepared.

First Ankama intervention

Hello guys,

You can find the English translation here. And as always let us know what you think (constructive as much as possible ^^) about these changes.

See message in context
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I know some people are annoyed at the Flax/Torm and daily quest changes but I think they're pretty fair.

It's just dumb that people could level all the way to 200 from running lvl 110/125 dungeons once a day, so long as they were patient. It's also dumb that people could farm modulox tokens from s1 bow meow and s1 whisper crisper (both of which are soloable) which they could then convert into endgame relics and gears which resulted in tokens being heavily devalued (hence why epics cost twice as much as relics and stele items cost 10x as much as regular boss drops). So I think it's good to encourage people to run different dungeons rather than just encouraging them to run the fastest/easiest ones over and over.

They are upping the XP from the daily/weekly quests which might compensate for the changes to flax torm xp. I think they need to upscale it a lot though, like 4x-10x or so for it to be an efficient source of xp... else farming solo mobs would be better lol.


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it's stated that the flax/torm exp being reduced will be offset by mercenary and environmental quest exp being increased, but i hope that is actually the case.

too often they have taken one part of the game to mix it in with another part of the game, but then a huge chunk has gone missing and we just have to live with the game being made harder right under our noses for the rest of our lives.

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So I assume that they want to do from battlefields an battle royale?
That's interesting but then i'll probably out for this cause is sure hard (not impossible) to defeat classes that can heal themselves like fore 50-60% hp in one turn/spell :'D

But everyone will be happy, that on bf will stay only players really into pvp biggrin

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It seems to me like the only people FOR the flax torm nerfs are those who have already used it to get to 200.

I feel like this is a slippery slope for the devs to take and migrating that xp gain to modulux system sounds great on paper but is only gonna take much longer to get a reward that most likely won’t be worth it.

I can get 20mil xp on x1 every like five seconds or so off crocs. A higher level als dungeon not only is gonna require me buying pages from the ogrines store (lmao of course) to have individual builds for every level tier so I can be ready for my daily quests but is gonna take significantly longer than flax torm runs for more than likely the same rewards

Nobody is going to want to do that you’re literally changing the system to promote page sales and that’s incredibly irritating. I expected flax torm to be nerfed for some time and at this point it’s whatever it’s ankama it’s to be expected but that doesn’t change how scummy this whole thing feels and the hidden motives behind it

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thankyou for nerfing sacrier, time for me to play new game since class change potion so expensive

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I'm mostly pleased with these changes. I'm 100% okay with not feeling pressured to spam torm/flax on s1. Particularly since torm phase changes make it invuln.

I'd really like to see them shift the dungeon quest to an automatic activation. Like daily almanax. I nearly always forget to pick up dungeon quests, so this change will just make things more frustrating for me.

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Does that mean we only get one wholesome modulex boss hunt a day? Or appointed bosses across 4 level range?


Hello guys,

You can find the English translation here. And as always let us know what you think (constructive as much as possible ^^) about these changes.

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Are u sure this patch is comprehensive of Enutrof / Huppermage revamp?
And it will take place on 20/03?


Hi 3111984,

Yes it includes the Enutrof and Huppermage changes. As for when is Update 1.59, we don't have a specific date to share at this time.

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Just great, so the people who used torm/flax dailies to get their level 200 benefited from it, now they lower the exp so the rest of the player base can't use this.

What is wrong with Ankama? They act like they have an excess of players and they can just make those things with the risk of making players abandon the game. They literally ruin the leveling experience for the players who haven't reached the lvl 200 yet in exchange of absolutely nothing.

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