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Ogrest Tears

By RynthZero - MEMBER - March 09, 2018, 03:48:38
I think that the dev's should readjust the required score need for ogrest tears to spawn per server if the merge is not happening. From my experience on Nox there aren't enough people ever trying it to hit 15 mil damage on orgest in 1 month. 

Is this the case for any other of the servers with a low population? It has been over 4 months since we have had the active player base to have this content active. 

An alternative could even be giving some tears as reward for beating Ogrest, to incentivise the players to run it more.
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sounds to me nox lack players who are willing to pay for premium, assuming a team managed to get the minimum 1mil

that's a mil a team, you would only need 15 team to reach the 15mil requirement

let's not forget all the hero users out there
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if you want tears stop being lazy

i opened tears with my guild alone for months, step it up
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so RynthZero report my previous comment resulting a ban warning, just because he's lazy to play the game? Mods, what's up?
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i'm confused. Why tears are even an item...the ocean is literally filled with them...they fall from the sky frequently...I... don't understand. Low level life.
On another note...
Hurry up and release a Dathura costume so we can attack him mentally and emotionally, Ankama! Let us be the monsters we truly are. 
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Well the truth is, when tears are left on the ground, they turn into massive amounts of normal water
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don't listen to this guy, hes complaining but barely goes inside ogrest like most of nox and cant score high either (because they never do it)
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If there is a serious problem, Ankama should take a look server per server to know when in the month the requirements are fulfilled and react, maybe lowering the requirement in some servers, maybe doing something to make more players want to go to "weaker" servers...
and I really said "if". if the difference is minor, then nothing to do.
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Well here in Phaeris, within just 3 days of the month, the 15m requirememt is always fullfilled and remember we are the less populated server yet we reach it quite easily.

It only boils down to how you really invest through prem.
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U mean the whole server is getting carried by few 6boxers.. imagine if they stopped doing it tongue
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