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The truth about heroes

By Melonnissise#2306 - MEMBER - March 04, 2018, 03:01:33

Unless they're removed Wakfu will remain as unpopular as it's been for the last 2 years. Flatops, can you get someone at ankama to understand this simple concept? I'm not just bashing ankama, I'm also giving them a solution, give us a new server without heroes.

So get to it, all you're gonna do is make these huge nations that become a desert where people run from dungeon to dungeon with their heroes.

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the solution isn't to remove heroes, is to promote actually playing with other people
something like bonus Wis+PP per unique IP in the party and a working partyfinder sounds like a good start

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good start but is not only that, people are frustrated when you nerf their favorite class and dont hear feedback, also there is no more free/gratis  monthly playing like before that was a free  commercial for new players and gift for old . everything is a money now like  was do it when cra nerfed and we get 30% discount for scroll change class biggrin cool. finish blow will be to kill hero system or alts what you think how many your closest friends use it and with who will you party when they "boil up"
be real they make party full in this days and for game bring cash on table .

personally i start to play game when was free/gratis time on summer break after i look a cartoon and in that time more then 70% my friends was a same like me, no friends recommendation or internet ads or tv commercial same game hold me to play all this years and friends was there to help it was fun us vs new world now dont see fun newbies are dont have interest to stay game become complicated or to difficult for them.

sorry acidace is not all about your comment start with that but read and respond for a many below .

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Are you kidding? Wakfu was DYING before heroes and finally became fun when they adjusted the hero system to be a part of boosters instead of its own entity. I've been with wakfu since it began and ive seen the ups and downs if you think heroes are the issue thats causing problems you arent looking in the right place

Wakfu needs actual advertising in the north america region, Wakfu needs more resources dedicated to it other than the very small number of devs we have working on it and Wakfu needs Tot to stop trying to recreate dofus success and allow Wakfu to be it's own thing THOSE are the problems with Wakfu not the hero system

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Enough people crossed the revolving door that is Wakfu. They have the numbers, why advertise when no one will stay? This is simple psychology, nothing to do with marketing. People choose the mmo genre to play with other people, full stop.

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I do think heroes was a band-aid solution to the population problem. Sure, it made it such that players could still manage by themselves or with one other person, but in most cases it removed the "Massive" and "Multiplayer" aspects from the game.

Ankama could have done something along the lines of scaled content, where dungeon fights scaled based off of the number of players in the party. This would allow people to complete dungeons without requiring a full group, and it wouldn't have trivialized grouping with other people if there were incentives to do so.

Scaled content is much different than the current Stasis system. While it is true that you can adjust the dungeon difficulty with Stasis, it doesn't change the fact that the fights don't scale based on the number of players in the party. Even if mobs have less hp, it's still a lot of effort for 1-2 character units to get through them all.

Now its too late to remove heroes, or Ankama risks losing even more players who have invested heavily in the heroes system. The only alternative at this point is to make better incentives for parties with unique IP addresses in dungeons/etc.

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Wakfu's battle system and dungeon (boss) mechanics are too dificult to play with other people.
Wakfu is not a MMORPG. It is just a 30-seconds-turn-based tactical simutation MMORPG. Insane.

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I think that the hero system is not the problem. If someone want to only play alone, he could multibox or if that wouldn't exist too, he could play other games, so forbidding it don't help. Yesteray, we were first 3 players and really wanted to run a dungeon, we don't found someone else to do it, so what should we do? Give up (if there are no heroes) or take heroes, if you can fill your group up with it. Later someone else joined our group and I took a hero out. No big deal. It is more a problem of players who think  that they have to maximize their own loot instead of the system is failing. Besides, players can enjoy more classes this way instead of being forced to stick more to one char. And there is a lot of sologrind content, where you don't want to bother others with, hero system reduce that amount dramatically and give the opportunity to have more time for group content.
It is more a question of the players. Encourage players to play with some others, that don't mean you have to fill a group of 6 completly out of players, because if we think serious about it, with the current population, this isn't achieveable.

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People six boxed or 3 boxed before the heroes to my knowledge, just this makes ut opinion invalid. I must agree with mini about the lack of global advertising, i guess we need something to proromote the game on sites like mmorpg . com etc so people would notice the game. However idk how expensive would be advertising on popular mmo sites like this.

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If hereoes were to be a solution to lack of players in team to run the dungeon, then they wouldn't give bonus drops to the hero owners. People dont want to kick their hero they paid for because they will lose the drops. If not for the drops, hero system would be ok in my eyes as there would be simple incentive to kick own hero for an actual player and that would be more drops potential, and eventually you can become friends and trade items to eachother like a friendly community do.


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To everyone saying they need advertising, they do have it over here I've seen wakfu ads on youtube and a few gaming websites the problem is they are hidden to adblock users. advertising this game on like TV or radio and such doesn't really make sense. their best way to advertise would be their TV show. which is really hit or miss for people (i have tried to watch it a few times but get bored). their second best bet would be word of mouth advertising from people who play it. but the games got so many flaws no one wants to recommend the game to friends.

Forcing crafting into every level of the game slows down progress too much along with the epics being an item you cant craft or token even though crafting is shoved down your throat for the rest of your items means you have to grind out dungeons along with grinding out crafting drives out a lot of casual players.

Heros are not the problem since before heros people would just make multiple accounts and play in multiple boxes. IMO the problem is the way wakfu is designed ur just wasting time when you group up with others because of how much time the game already uses up in other areas. this isn't the only reason but a big one in my eyes. there are other smaller reasons like if you fail a dungeon boss the game could just re spawn your group there full health so your group can try again or they can send you to phoenix with no hp and a debuff and force one member to stay in the dungoen so you can run all the way back to the boss and revive them or wait for them. (OR ideally find a nice middle ground). anyhow end wall of text.

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i've seen wakfu ads on webtoons.. it bothered me spiritually since I was so not used to seeing them actually advertise. '3'  So they are doing things!

Heroes are fine. Hopefully a server merge can happen next year. Poor amara...

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Good to see the Wakfu community involved, lot of times people sidestep this problem, including Ankama. Some of the points being made here have made me rethink about what the real problem is, and it most likely isn't heroes and more incentive to play alone. Loot, loot, loot being the biggest incentive, as well as time needed to clear a dungeon with real people instead of alone since you need to explain mechanics, and if you wipe going back to that fight is a drag, some people might go afk for a bit, or things like that. So yeah, I would say though that Wakfu could benefit immensely from a single account server though, it's the funnest thing Dofus did and brought in a lot of new people! That or take developer time away to give incentives to play with other people. Whatever they decide they need to change things in this game, right now it's not an mmorpg. This is what you get paid to do Ankama, to make management decisions, and I rather you make a hard decision now than keep the problem around and avoiding it for another year with empty reworked nations where no one cares if all the content is in the nations again.

That will be the sad reality though, I'd hate to see all these nations being beautifully reworked just to be deserted in a month or two again.

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To be honest i love teaming up with new people and explain them the mechanics. It boost my ego that i helped someone and it makes them start to like to play with me and then they like to log in more often to play togather.

Problem of wakfu started on the day of release: the decision to let people play on more then 1 account from single IP/PC. Normally mmo's are coded in a way that you can't possibly have more then 1 game client run at the same time. You would get an error that the game is currently running. But it was not the case with wakfu. Was it intentional or was it problem in coding?

Seeing how Ankama didn't fix this problem and instead implemented sidekicks "to let people with weaker PC's able to "play with more then 1 character" just like multi accounters do" makes me belive that it was indeed problem with coding it right.

You see, advertisements, better party search functions, global chat, dungeons difficulty that scale with number of players - all that could have helped to make people want to play the game back in the days when Ankama could ban the possibility of playing with more then 1 character at a time. Wakfu could be more social and fun and indeed it would make people want to suggest their friends to play this game.

But Ankama instead put all of their cards into turning Wakfu into pay-to-solo game.
I don't know what was the cause to be honest. Did Ankama designers wanted to make it possible to play with more then 1 character from the beggining? What were they thoughts about how it would affect people who play with 1 character? Wouldn't it be better to just make wakfu a 3-char controling game for everybody from start? But not everybody like to develop more then 1 character within the game. I think there was just not enough brain storming put into the wakfu concept 6 years ago.

Granted the game was fun, social and well designed right before the official release. It was not even a problem to me that it was sub-to-play, with Astrub being the only free content. In fact i subscribed to wakfu in Advance and it was the first time i did that with any online game. That must mean something right? Wakfu was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. But its past tense.

Why it was so great? Well first off people were playing with other players, not with self alone. People were working on making friends and enemies, they were socializing and that made game feel alive. Second, you could play with strangers with little need of preparation before combat - in other words you could rush into combat as you were staying. People need help in dungeon X? You bet i can help. Now people need to go to dungeon Y? Sure thing lets rush to this thing! There was no need to swap spells and prepare "decks" and ask people what spells they bring whatsoever. All you needed to see is classes of people in your team, and you were good to go. I remember how i could rush into dungeon with completly random team composition and despite struggles and the need to explain mechanics on the go, inside combat, we were ending up victorious. I loved to play as sadida because of that, as i could help to keep some monsters away and derail combat to save people or explain some mechanic more so we can win even if someone messed up by not telling us that he was first timer. The adaptability mid-combat is what made me love to play this game as sadida. Another thing that i used to love was cool mechanics such as Totem (Voodoll). Its no where close to the crap we we currently have under that name. Wakfu designers slowly killed what was fun to use to the point where people doesn't want to use certain spells at all. Ever.

Multiaccounting, sidekicks, heroes, bad revamps, nerfs, deck system - to me that are the nails in the coffin of this game. Sure you could also add bugs, but people got used to bugs, as long as they were not fatal errors of losing equipement or being unable to engage in combat. Granted deck system was "solution" to the unfixable bug with previous system that for some reason after certain patch made people lose all levels in their spells after placement phase, but instead of using "deck code" to let us have all spells available like before, they changed it completly, and to me they changed it way too much.

Oh yeah and changing the innowative way of people getting currency from minting only to some quests and chests rewards alongside drops from monsters was also terrible decision, as it made people no longer fight over nodes, it made people farm low level alts for quest/chest rewards and that broke the economy and kama value. People with better pc's who could carry their own alts started to be rich fast. It made casual players unable to reach the market needs. 

Less social interactions within the game, removal of cool spell designs, ruined kama system and lastly making people unable to adapt to the situations that appeared mid-combat due to deck system not giving players all spells - these are wakfu sins. And i am not even mentioning badly designed battlefields or the injustice in making sadida unable to use full potential in the only place where its full potential could be reached (pvp).

Rest in peace wakfu. Make better game next time.
Or make new server that fixes all of the issues i have mentioned above to see this game alive again.

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The Truth About Hero’s:

*insert baseless and entirely fictional complaint here*

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