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The PvP Cataclysm

By #taniaramirez - MEMBER - February 02, 2018, 20:38:55
water Tears of the Feisty and Feasty Eniripsa.
My friends frequently ask: "Wendy, why don't you get a booster pack?".  And there are no several reasons, but only one: I am uncertain about the PvP aspect of the Game. Not enjoying it right now (because it's just nonexistent).

Since more than a decade ago, what really made me love Dofus and now Wakfu was the amazing strategic PvP part of the game. And by "part of the game" I also refer to the hundreds of changes that the PvP aspect of Ankama Games have suffered across the years.

PvM has always been a very strong point of Wakfu and I enjoy a lot, but for my own tastes, has very different level of fulfillment and self enjoyment. There is a good reason why the best sold MMO's in the world are PvP focused, and is that people enjoy the challenge of fighting again their peers, people who can bargain, talk, insult and threaten to return stronger. Are all those MOBAs and FPS online not legendary for their PvP aspect?

And MMORPGs have always suffered the unbalanced sickness. But because Wakfu has so many classes, with so many changes and so many ways to exploit or abuse certain aspects of certain classes, 1vs 1 PvP has always been a nightmare to Ankama games and their community.

The final solution they took was simple: Remove PvP, replace with mini-games like capture the flag. For references about the new systems, please follow this feeds:
Devlog: PvP Battlefields
The Legions of the Crimson Dawn

fire A Brief Record of Screw-ups at the Wakfu Archives.
Wakfu has a very rich diversity of characters, and each character can have several builds and each build can have several spells, combos and ways to play. The combinations are too huge to be able to test all cases in order to balance the outcome of battles on a player versus another player. So counters and exploits are usually discovered by players and can't be really predicted by character designers. This has lead to several huge problems, and I'll mention some of the most relevant ones:
  1. Open World PvP was a nightmare to most, and a delight to some (including me). Being scared to visit the Bonta Boat or the Kelba Market because you are level 80, you like PvP but you are vulnerable by a random moron level 200 that decides to aggro you. (Or even worst, you are neutral and can be aggroed by any random troll).
  2. Wing Grinding was exploitable as taking a candy from a baby Eniripsa. Want merits? just ask a friend with one or more lvl 200 accounts on different nations to PvP you level 1 noob and quit battle; over and over and over. Free merits, huge wings, no effort besides the grinding time. Huge wings were NOT something to let the world know that you are an amazing PvPer but just that you take the time to farm merits and glory orbs by cheating.
  3. Did I just said cheating? How is cheating using game mechanics implemented by Ankama? Because as abusive as it is to aggro some kids low level minding their own business and without wings enabled; being able to transgress them is not the troll's fault, but Ankama's direct fault. They designed the system. They made wing grinding exploitable, they made possible for PvPers to aggro anyone, regardless of their wings, neutrality and level.
  4. Even worst, PvP was a kitchen recipe to just be followed. For all those engaged in PvP, there have been very specific formulas on certain classes that were just impossible to kill for MOST if not for ALL, like the PvP doll-tank sadida that has been abused for years, or the Osamoda exploits on certain summons, or the impossibility to pierce tank class armors (like fecas) or the insane exploits of a water stealing eniripsa (as myself) inspired by the cheap "vampiric word build" of old dofus. Being a successful PvPer became a matter of following well known formulas and making PvP lame and boring for both the one following the formula (there is no challenge when you are a lvl 150 sadida, aggro a lvl 200 iop and know what will be the outcome of the battle) and the one abused by the formula. This lead to people losing interest in PvP and even winged PvPers started to NOT PvP at all with other players but to grind merits and orbs by safer ways.
  5. The eternal fixes. You thought the "eternal harvest" was such an Odyssey? Think again. Because the adjustment to classes to "try to balance" have been ENDLESS. And every time something is revamped or nerfed, there is a LOT of DRAMA. Drama over and over and over and people saying goodbye and people changing classes and so on. And Ankama now knows, that no matter what they did, everyone was pissed at the end and they were never able to provide a balanced and engaging PvP experience.

sad The Final Solution and the Possible Solutions.
Being myself a player that has been banned for PvPing people, being myself killed over and over by non eniripsa killable classes, and being myself in the center of all the turmoil, I'm very surprised by the final decisions made by Ankama Games. And my feelings are divided; on one hand, I appreciate and value the HUGE efforts Ankama game is making to make PvP great again (was never that great but I loved it). On the other hand, I'm so scared about the lack of enjoyment that new mechanics will bring that I won't get a Booster Pack even if that means Making Wakfu a social game and spend 10 hours sitting at Almanax. At least I can help lowbies and guildies in Moon and less dungeons. Possible solutions that I've always thought would improve PvP are:
  • Open World PvP- Make Aggro disabled for neutrals and non winged players. Make aggro only possible if PvP is enabled and target is among your level range (190-200), etc. (This fixes lvl 1 vs lvl 200 exploits and lvl 200 vs low lvl abuses).
  • Avoid same kill-For healthy purposes, limiting the number of kills that a certain player can do to a certain other, prevents abuses. If I kill you once, try tomorrow (instead of being able to kill the same player with the same account over and over).
  • Class specific exploits-I agree that is ridicule to pretend that any class should be able to kill any class, because all classes have specific roles and all classes should have very specific counters. Revivies, limitless heals, no heal resistance on summons, combined summon power to summoner, impenetrable armors and shields, will power abuses, all are very well known factors that make PvP lame for winners and stressing for losers. You have never really promoted group PvP that can be self balancing. What about avoiding gang aggros and promoting group PvP by giving extra merits and rewards on groups of same level and amount of players? Was that hard to implement an arena, Ecaflip like where old Open PvP rules can apply (in the sense of aggroing or being aggroed)? Must fun PvP matches I've witnessed are the tournaments held by players for other players with rewards paid by the very same players? Was this THAT HARD to keep an eye on and encorage it with specific mechanics that replace ecaflip duels with Arena Matches and nice merit and orb rewards?
Solution Taken (to this day): Make a capture the flag-like game disguised as a territory conquest. Disable single old school PvP between players and subject all to rules and minigames. Kill the possibility of 2 foes killing each other good style.

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pretty sure the pvp in this game was tailored for a much larger active population instead of the easy solo fest we got going now. . . . but ankama understands they cant keep people forever so maybe they will figure things out 

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This new "PvP System" is the turning point for Wakfu (in my opinion). I'm also hoping that battlegrounds will be enough to push Wakfu up, or else...

Also I'd like to read more of your texts. We share the same point of view and I loved how you explained it.

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I mean, you said almost EVERYTHING i think and say all the time, but less toxic ways. I'm from Efrim, so, it's harder here with less ppl, with PvP dead and few players playing specially in 200 levels, the game dies in the end, without PvP or ppl enough getting in end game. 

Plus, Efrim is like a small town, years ago, one-two, you could see ppl getting married and fighting for the others girlfriend's, diddlydoo like that, too less ppl too much noise, and pvp was like personal fights. Hacks and anything, guild hate, toxic PKs, yuno, that kind of stuff. Guilds 6x6, years, like, 2-3 years ago, even being personal, they were the forms of PvP we had that made ppl try to be stronger.

Now, it just don't exist anymore and the server keeps dead. We try to do something but, damm it, without players enough it's too hard to get 200, market is dead too, the prices are crazy and controled by few ppl (that destroy him, sometimes).

Anyway, even the low ones miss Open World PvP, there is a lot of solutions, but i don't think that isolate the PvP and make him a small part of the game that doesn't REALLY affect the ones who doesn't make it, i duno, won't save the game in my opinion.


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We still don't know if Battlefields will be an improvement or not, it's not even a live feature yet. 

Do I believe that Open World PVP should be returned with a focus of Nation vs Nation and the No Nations being the opt out choice? Hell yes. I can only predict what will happen when this new PVP goes live and certain individuals will force everyone to become an Outlaw and send them all to jail. 

Wendy, why aren't you in the Wakfu Community Discord? We could have nice chats there with other Wakfu players, come join in. 

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Joined! I appreciate a lot!

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No one likes to lose their fun.

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Battlefields has yet to go live no need to slander it hard just yet. I advocate open world, which can be done through the outlaw system, to beg for merit to be done in Open World as well would require a completely different point system. I think what needs to be done is add cross server kolo's just as Dofus has. This would allow for a much smoother PVP system, along with having Battlefields for enviro/political PVP purposes. 1v1 was never meant to be the format, and open world PVP with this population only opens up 1v1. It's impossible to balance every class to be able to fight equally in 1v1 it would essentially mean no class is unique in order to do so. Instead que'd PVP would be easier and allow for an actualy ESports scenario which Wakfu is capable of creating.

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actual* :wacko:

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Or, a cross server match making system based on Level Range, Ranking, and Combat Performance.

I mean look at Runescape, simply search OSRS PvP on YouTube and you'll get a bunch of results. I hope that this would be something we'll see on Wakfu one day, just like the old Dofus days, where PvP is competitive, fun, adrenaline rush, and a status of end game.

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OSRS pvp is a lot of random number generation with some timing mechanics and real time combat. It's interesting because it feels like gambling with a little bit of skill involved. Wakfu is turn based so it's a different beast.

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Even when the old open world attacks have disappeared as such, another kind of open world PvP remains as the Outlawing system.

The only thing you need is having contact with some governor and protecting all species from non-nation areas. Zinit is becoming a generator of outlaws in all nations due to this. It's impossible to level chars there without hitting the low mark of killable monster species at a given time. Giving all those areas to random nations has been a mistake in my opinion, but it's a minor annoyance for players anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if the government was designed so Booster users could troll everyone else that way.

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That is not a minor annoyance at all.
It kills my will to play everytime i'm on a random place that i'm an outlaw in for doing nothing wrong.

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You say that you were banned for PVPing people, that sounds odd to me. Like, banned from the actual game, and not a guild? Was killing people legitimately the only reason for it?

Players can still fight each other anywhere in friendly duels, or at the Ecaflipus Arena if both of them want to engage in PVP.
So as things currently are, I see them as an improvement from before. Players who want to fight other players can still do so, but players who don't want to aren't forced to. While any sort of increase in PVP encouragement from the Battlefields is nothing but a bonus on top of that.

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You read correctly. Just as a token of retardness about the PvP system, some friends and me Made a Riktus Crazy Guild, and we devoted our time to aggro everything and everyone on sight on Moon (there was no Zinit at that time). There were so many complains, Sabi lectured us and 1 week ban. (We did not insuted, or humiliated players, we were actually making jokes, but killing them all.)

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I wonder if they are going to make the nation bonus equal for every1

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Probably change the name of the thread to avoid it getting closed

but I understand your points.

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The New Outlaw System (villains becoming heroes)

ph34r Yeah, that's correct. From a foe to a hero for us Riktus players. I know is temporal but our situation now is hilarious. Riktus has no government as of now because Riktus governor was not elected but imposed by the "hegemony of the strongest" (or I should say the best merit grinder). So our current base laws are fixed and we CANNOT aggro outlaws in Riktus territories because there are NO outlaws on Riktus territories. 

However, most nations, taking advantage of the fact they can Aggro without being aggroed, are killing lowbies that went Outlaws by (whatever mistake or reason). Ankama Games is imposing the very thing they took from our hands. Make high levels aggro people, even if it's unbalanced.

At Remington right now (I won't say guild or nation or map) but there are government abusers that are hunting down newbies to send them to prison. How "fun" is that for the "offenders", which usually are players that took more trees than allowed or make a trade with an outlaw or simply killed one more mob than allowed? They are marked as outlaws, aggroed and sent to prison. But as much cops as there are, there are no real villains, because the rest of the server can't aggro them, making them become the very evil they seek to destroy.

Calling players criminals over and over and aggroing them over and over to impose environmental rules without the change to fight back is becoming LAME. Every time I get a PM of someone being aggroed, I feel impotent because I can't help them.
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The only thing I feel really needs to change in this respect is that there needs to be a warning before you do an action that will make you a criminal that tells you "Hey assface, you're about to be a criminal, that means other players can attack you, continue?"

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Open world PvP in wakfu was terrible.

1) Wakfu is primarily balanced around PvE and primarily balanced around team fights. Due to low player count PvP was largely 1v1, and the balance for this was atrocious. Some classes had basically free wins against other classes, some DD vs DD fights could be won in 2 turns (more of a moon meta thing than a zinit meta thing), some tank vs tank fights could take like 3 hours (or more).

Optimal PvP builds and PvE builds were often wildy different from each other, so players could lose the moment the fight begun because they didn't have a good PvP build (but the fight itself still might take a long time to play out). Good players could lose to terrible ones just from being specced 'wrong'. And saying "ahah! you should've had a PvP build then!" is a really lame counterargument. If you don't enjoy or care about or see any value in the PvP in this game, then spending time and resources building a set specifically for fights you don't care about is a pure waste of your time.

And even when class balance was okay I still think 1v1 fights show wakfu at its worst. There can be a lot of nuance and strategy in team fights, but 1v1s can come a lot down to 2 turn damage rushes or boring stall strategies or annoying lockdown strategies. Initiative is also a massively busted mechanic when it comes to 1v1s.

2) The merit and glory orb system was terrible. Merit and orbs were hard to obtain legitimately (because it was difficult and tedious to even find opponents), but easy to accumulate with win-trading merit-farming. This kinda meant the PvP rewards couldn't be particularly good (because most people who got them cheated for them) and meant real PvPers were discouraged from caring about rankings and leaderboards (because they were heavily infested with cheaters).

The merit penalties for losing also encouraged some extreme cowardice from players who did care about their leaderboard rankings. Some classes soft-counter or HARD-counter others, so players who did care about rankings would be encouraged to avoid disfavorable matchups as much as possible whilst hunting easy wins as much as possible.

3) Wingless aggroing was a huge problem.

I 100% think wings were supposed to be a PvP flag. That's literally the only purpose they serve. "Yes I am interested and actively seeking PvP". "No I am not interested in PvP"

However it was possible to attack wingless players, presumably due to ecosystem reasons. The design here is "you can attack anyone, but there's no rewards or incentive to attack wingless players so you probably won't do it. right?". Except the problem is the PvP rewards system already sucks tremendously, so the people interested in PvP often didn't care about the rewards system.. thus attacking winged or wingless made no difference to them.

But for the players getting aggroed it made a big difference. If someone thinks their build is okay and they're ready for PvP so they wing up, then they're opting in for PvP fights so can't complain too much if someone attacks them (even if they get wrecked horribly). If someone knows they don't have a PvP build or actively wishes to avoid PvP then getting forced into fights they don't want is a pure negative experience for them.

And when someone is dragged into a fight they don't want to do, where there's a very real chance that they're 100% guaranteed to lose, then their best bet is just to surrender. And if that happens frequently then well might as well quit the game really.

Yes PvP immunity is a thing but it was hilariously broken for a long time (it would insta disable the moment you did anything, thus rendering it completely useless) so it wasn't a great solution.

Oh and if you did get attacked whilst wingless and successfully won the fight then you got nothing from it. So you were arguably better off insta-surrendering than bothering to fight lol.

Also being wingless is kinda a huge disadvantage when it comes to PvP fights. Winged players can attack you at any time for any reason (trying to pick you off when you're unready or weakened). But you can't instigate fights yourself so you can't take advantage of their moments of weakness. Sure you could wing up yourself.. but that's kinda annoying and inconvenient.. especially if you don't care about PvP.

Furthermore when people don't care about the reward scheme then players could just 4v1, 3v1, 2v1 gank someone. No merit there, but who cares when the merit system is so broken?

And there's nothing wrong with liking PvP, but if you're forcing people into fights they don't want to do and don't enjoy then you're giving them a bad time. And if you're constantly giving other players a bad time for no reason (and you know you're doing it) then that's being kinda a jerk.

If you're after a good fun fight then surely it's better to choose willing opponents, which means fighting the players with wings up.

4. Guards vs outlaws ecosystem sytems was bad

Planting 100 trees you don't care about isn't fun.
Chopping 100 trees you don't care about isn't fun.
And the rewards from nation bonues were marginal as all hell.

I do think constant open world PvP fighting over resources can work. But in that scenario you want people fighting over a small number of highly valuable materials. The wakfu system of needing many hundreds of low value materials for a single craft is kinda the opposite of what you'd want from a resource focussed PvP system.


I do think non-consensual PvP can work but that requires
a) an effective opt out. That or you build the entire game around that PvP and the opt out is playing a different game. Wakfu however is not built solely around PvP.
b) systems/mechanics that enforce approximate fairness. Either through level restrictions or through heavily skill based combat, so having a better PvP character isn't an overwhelming advantage.
c) Rewards for players successfully defending themselves.

That's what make the Dark Souls invasion system work, but wakfu had none of this.

Also I think non consensual PvP is always going to be awkward in a turn based game with locked maps. In say dark souls if you get invaded by greatly superior player then even if there's no chance for you to win a direct fight, there's still scope for you to evade them and run away. That isn't beating them, but it is a victory of sorts for the attacked player. In wakfu after someone initiates combat, it's the thunderdome. 2 players enter, 1 player leaves.


I do think the new PvP system is a bit too minigame focussed and a bit too secluded away. I also think it's kinda questionable to disable the old PvP system some months BEFORE introducing the new one lol. But I also think the old PvP system was god awful so I'm not gonna miss it lol. Time restrictions on battlegrounds is a kinda good idea I think as it somewhat compensates for low player counts by concentrating PvPers in one area. And if you're after fun balanced fights you're probably more likely to get them with the battlefields system too, so main thing you miss is the ability to attack anyone anywhere for no reason... which was a kinda bad part of the game IMO.

My idea stated before was to designate particular territories as battlegrounds (on some kind of rotation) that players could fight over and everyone would be auto winged up inside them. These battlegrounds would have special XP and droprate bonuses, so new levelling players could weigh up those advantages vs the risks of getting aggroed.. whilst helping contribute points to their team from their presence. There should also be systems to encourage fair fights and I think it would lend itself to some nice strategic and political decisions (is it worth farming points as hard as you can, or protecting lowbies to deny other nations points?).

In some ways it is similar to the battlefields idea on beta now, but less minigame focussed and less secluded away and less reliant on (the honestly kinda bad) ALS system. And winged PvP could still remain outside battlegrounds, but winged vs wingless PvP would be disabled.

For me I think it's kinda fair to expect ARMY GENERAL WAR HERO to be ready to defend himself at any time at any place. The same can not be said for random lvl 50s still getting to grips with the game.

"At Remington right now (I won't say guild or nation or map) but there are government abusers that are hunting down newbies to send them to prison. How "fun" is that for the "offenders", which usually are players that took more trees than allowed or make a trade with an outlaw or simply killed one more mob than allowed? They are marked as outlaws, aggroed and sent to prison. But as much cops as there are, there are no real villains, because the rest of the server can't aggro them, making them become the very evil they seek to destroy."

The old system for this was worse.

Under the old system players could attack anyone over and over and over, for no reason. And sure you could go and kill the aggressor, but that kind of accomplishes nothing. They can go right back to killing people after you leave so the only way you can effectively protect people is sitting there yourself and doing nothing. That isn't playing hero or guardian, that's babysitting. And it's boring.

Under the new system guards can kill outlaws once, only when they're outlawed. So they can't do it nearly as much and there's more restrictions on it.

I do think the laws system is really dumb though and the only thing players can really do with it is troll. There's also a lot of scope for players to become outlaws accidentally (unless they're very cautious to avoid it), and it's EXTREMELY dumb that it's impossible for players to recover CP in foreign nations (only thing they can do is get imprisoned to reset it to 0. Note that you can turn yourself in directly at the prison itself.)


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Amazing answers dear friend, I appreciate a lot your feedback!!!

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taniaramirez|2018-02-04 13:57:08
You read correctly. Just as a token of retardness about the PvP system, some friends and me Made a Riktus Crazy Guild, and we devoted our time to aggro everything and everyone on sight on Moon (there was no Zinit at that time). There were so many complains, Sabi lectured us and 1 week ban. (We did not insuted, or humiliated players, we were actually making jokes, but killing them all.)

Yeah but repeat aggression against people who were simply grinding mobs for experience and who weren't interested in PvP at all often results in a bit of annoyance. I know I was hit multiple times from a random Riktus group as soon as my PvP protection wore off when I was leveling my trapper at Moon. While I ultimately didn't care and I didn't really say anything to my attackers, I could have easily reported them for some sort of abuse.

That's where people seem to forget, just because you can attack everyone it doesn't mean you should, as it can be misconstrued for a malicious act. In your case attacking random people and making jokes probably wasn't ideal.

I don't care much for PvP or for open world PvP, but it added some spice to the game. A simple change would involve a much longer PvP immunity system (as in, hours), the inability to attack a person without their wings up (but that's a whole different bucket of worms due to the ecosystem) or actual punishment for the select few who are abusing the system and annoying everyone else because they're 'bored'.
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Feb 6, First Battlefield, we won but....
I can't believe the amount of problems I've seen in my first Battlefield.
  1. Remi went down. Like really? we release a feature that our infrastructure is NOT ready for?
  2. Some spells did no worked at all, like Sadida Sick'em all.
  3. Riktus is being punished. Lower territories than the rest of nations, we can't have governor and we can't take down Outlaws because there is no law.
  4. Why should I have to add certain hours to French timezone in order to understand the battlefield schedule? This is not player friendly. Server time is NOT displayed anywhere, and there are no battlefield notifications.
  5. Individual points on BF are not shown, just overall score. How can I compare my results with that of my team in order to understand why some got amazing rewards and I didn't even if I made same efforts as the rest.
  6. ALS is cancer for Player builds. Joining a lower level tier with a level 200 char results on weird configuration.
  7. Battlefields are so often that it will lose it's appeal very fast; why conquer territories that may tomorrow may be taken back? power shifting is very volatile.
  8. Battlefields duration is so little (in terms of getting 5K points) that big fights are useless. If you engage in a level 200 vs 200 battle, the battlefield will be over before fight can end (and this was a 1vs1 fight), 6vs6 fights will be plain retard. This makes PvPing unappealing and will lead players to focus on the resource gathering part of the minigame
  9. [*]There is NO Kolosseum to freely gain merits against enemy players; no events, no tournaments, no real PvP. Why didn't they implemented a tournament like feature where players can compete individually or in groups?

    My conclusion is: PvP is dead and mini-games will get boring very fast. Riktus players will be forced to switch nation due to unfairness. I'll be glad if someone enjoys Battlefields, but they are NOT FOR ME and I really don't like them.
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3. I don't think this will be a long term issue. You're likely to conquer territories to catch up, and with merit back in the game you should get both a governor and the ability to change laws.
4. You can see server time by pressing /time or by enabling it in the options. I do think they could make the system a bit clearer though yeah.
5. Yeah the point system is really unclear. I think for the general escort mode it's 20 points for cashing in supplies (0 for militia fights and collecting supplies), 50 points for a player kill, 500 points for defeating an enemy militia chief. Maybe 250 for a successful militia chief defence? But as there's no counter for your personal score the only way to know how you're doing is to manually keep track of it yourself lol. Also I saw no clues for what the score thresholds were for the different reward tiers. I also think it's a bit too minigame focussed as mentioned before, and with lots of players around it feels very messy very quickly.
6. ALS autobuilds are pretty bad imo yeah. I'll probably just stick to the lvl 200 battlegrounds most of the time.
7. Yeah I think the territory shifts around too fast. I also think it's too biased against the defender. I think every battlefield I went into the attackers won, because it was always 3-4 attacking nations vs 1-2 defending nations so defenders were badly outnumbered (approx twice as many attackers). And in what seems like a purely cumulative score system having more players is a huge advantage.
8. I think this will really depend. Some of them were short, some of them were much longer.

Not mentioned by you but I have seen people complaining that the power gap within a battlefield can be too big. A lvl 171 with minor gear vs a maxed out lvl 200 is a big power difference so I've seen some people complaining about that. However I do think battlefields give gear out really easily, so it might end up being something of a catchup mechanic so long as people can tolerate eating a few losses.

Another point is, communication on the battlefield is really difficult. I saw people in chat saying "I need help". Someone asks where, then they say "here". The "show" option doesn't work on people in fights (the main scenario where people will ask for help) and checking map only works for players in your group.  The battlegrounds themselves are kinda devoid of notable landmarks so you can't describe the area.. so about the best you can do is middle,north,east,west,south or some combination thereof. Which isn't great. Especially not in a mixed language server. Maybe it's a difficult idea but I really think teamwide map pings would help players strategize and make the mode feel like less of a mess.

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PvP is Dead. Battlefields was not intended for PvP it was only created for the illusion of it being there. People just run all tanks and you get punished for attacking them, ganging them or any kind of defense. They're going to have to balance classes one day but until then there is no end game.  

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pvp revamp is a waste of time and money for ankama. Another huge flop.

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wub Battlefields, well yeah, picking flowers is fun but....

In the aftermath of the fist battlefield week, now I know that actually, battlefields are NOT for PvP. But that is not the reason they are not for me, or not the single one! Battlefields are not for me because:
  1. Timezone.... I am in Remi because is the most active server with the most diverse community. I'd never change for Nox or Elbor just because of the timezone. However, this is now a huge problem, because unless you have the "display time on chat" option enabled (which makes chat very messy), is hard to understand battlefield schedule. But even if I do, the sad problem is that battlefields are active when I'm working. So even if I actually enjoy them (which is not exactly the case) I won't be able to participate in most, and that is synonym of getting behind everyone in terms of merits.
  2. Flower Picker Wings... Wakfu wings used to be a sad synonym (in most cases, not all) a token of pvp grinder with cheap strategies, but at least they were PvP focused. Now, with battlefields, if you ignore PvP completely and just "play the game", you will be able to get nice merits. Pick flowers as crazy, gather resources, merits will come on their own and your wings will grow.
  3. But be there to get the rank.... And not only that; you need to actually BE THERE on every battlefield, use ALS, and every 30 minutes for several hours, devote 10 minutes of your time to pick flowers and open crates. If you fail to assist, bye bye ranks. Do the same repetitive thing, 7 times a day all days, nothing PvP related, and you will have the best wings.
  4. And Riktus?.... And well, Riktus has yet no laws, no form to aggro the outlaws, no way to get new government. It started with far less territories than the rest of nations. The only way now Riktus players have to PvP is to get outlaws and wait for someone to aggro them.
  5. ALS is a disease.... Because when you made a very weird build, but an effective one, like an Eniripsa with 1400 ST and very high resistance, there comes ALS and gives you 300 healing mastery to totally SCREW your build. So even if you are engaged in PvP, on ALL TIERS but the highest one, your character will become near useless.
  6. Overall, PvP is for all practical purposes, dead. There is not anymore a win/lose count, there is not anymore importance on how many consecutive wins you have, and it doesn't matter either if you get aggroed on a 1 vs 2 situation, Your merits and wings won't reflect your achievements.
  7. Where is the [email protected]$#ing Kolosseum? I don't mean to be rude or hard with Ankama Games crew and decision makers, but honesty. all the efforts and delays in the release of this "Battlefield feature" that will soon become repetitive as hell and boring to dead... All those efforts would have been spent in something more productive to give the game more appealing; things like:
  • Make official tournaments of individual and groups, reward tournament winers; let people register tournaments in categories, for both 1vs1 and 2+vs2+ matches, make it so it costs something to get into the tournament; make tournaments weekly so people can preserve their hegemony for at least a week.
  • Make an arena, where people can return to an open world micro habitat and be there for the sole purpose of aggro and be aggroed (fixing the old wing grinding is not that hard honestly).
  • Let gambles be made for tournaments and events, with an official gamble system, this kind of features will be appealing to all and will encourage people to make every time better builds and defeat the champions.
  • How awesome was to kill percs? Instead of the VERY SAD decision of divorcing guilds from nations, ENFORCE it; make nation matter guild wise. Let guilds control territories or maps, and let guilds fight each other. Or at least, make a mechanic where an individual, guild or nation is "attacked" and defenders get notified to join the defense!
  • Outlaw system now is toxic; encourages worst abuse than ever over newbies and spen 30 minutes in jail will result for any new commers on instant abandoning game.
1 -2
Score : 8971

I didn't like the PvP before (to unbalanced, PvP in a PvE focused game, etc)
But THIS is even more pathetic, like most of you guys already said.

So i am gonna stick around until i get enough Glory orbs for an Infuntry costume and them i am gonna turn my back on it again...

Also: WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH CAN AN ENEMY NATION CAPTURE YOUR OUTPOST/(village)????? Or any territory at all within a nations boundaries??? What the heck are you doing Jonk??? Islands, ok, but not the core nation, this will soon result in probably Sufokia and Brakmar loosing ALL their territories with basically NO CHANCE of ever getting them back...

It might be "funny" to see Riktus making sure that "Sufokian" ecosystems are in balance, but ... just ... why...

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Score : 1481

As a huge support of Ankama and someone who has kept tabs on wakfu every year, I was really sad to see this new version of PvP in wakfu. The one thing I like about dofus is the perceptor (GvG fights / territory control) The bounty system and mostly kolossium. I don't get why wakfu cant even have kolossium its a fun way to duke it out after a long grinding session or negative dungeon experience. 

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Score : 4357

Oi, no necroposting!

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