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Seriously Ankama, release parts of zinit for F2P permanently already.

By Chromatic2324 - MEMBER - December 23, 2017, 13:57:37

Zinit part 1 was released back in March. That was 9 months ago from now. It's a bit crazy baring in mind that previously you guys had a policy of a 1 month wait time before the new content goes F2P.

I can understand possibly Ogrest not going F2P just yet. But you could at least release P1/P2 and possibly P3 of zinit for F2P already. We've waited long enough and god knows when you guys will ACTUALLY release a new area for Wakfu or even if there is one in the works.

Baring in mind that without Zinit, the players can't do their weeklies like the boss kills because at the 140 area, some are locked behind Zinit making it impossible if you're a F2P player.

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Zinit is their biggest selling point for boosters atm.

Also not to be rude but from a business side they dont owe F2P people anything, before you couldnt even leave astrub or trade with booster players.
You get what you pay for, if you dont contribute you dont really have a right to complain.

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i felt like having heroes is, because i know many people who still havent even done it.

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I have most of the time in the year booster and my point with opening Zinit is that we have not enough players to play with on Zinit. That is mainly because this area is not open. I would pay booster more happier with an open Zinit for all as without. And probably I don't pay booster anymore, if my friends can't play with me.

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Zinit will never be f2p. Ankama has indirectly confirmed this many times.

I hate it and it's stupid, but it's what Ankama wants.

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their policy was never "1 month until content goes F2P". they said that before the whole booster thing, and then it was "when we add the next content, the previous content will go F2P" in practice.

since everything they're releasing is being attached to zinit it seems like they're making an effort to keep zinit p2p for as long as possible.

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I think Zinit should never get opened to f2p, as this game a massive issue with the high amount of people playing. So any and all opportunites to reduce the player should be taken.


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Careful Jerry you might finally reach popularity with that comment.

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