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By iiNoted - MEMBER - December 20, 2017, 13:12:56

Can we please have a Wakfu API?

Some of the people that play Wakfu are also developers and would love to make some nice web apps, or websites that can make use of a Wakfu API.

Wakfu-Elements was one of them, where you could check prices and other stuff, I have no idea how the author of that site made it but it was widely used while it lasted.

An API would open up more ways for us players to interact with some of the data, things like marketboards, user info, guild info, heck there's so much data that could be shared and let us make some really nice web-apps or apps in general. You want to make Wakfu a big thing? Give us some tools to help!

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This kind of thing is against our TOS and so it is completely forbidden.

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the creator of wakfu elements had a bot log in every 15 minutes to open the marketboard, scan all its contents and then send that information to his server before logging off again.

would love it if someone else would do the same. that's why i'm saying how he did it now, in the hopes that someone recreates that. because that would be a good thing. to do. to copy that and bring that information back.

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Wow... that is some nice work...

I was thinking something like that, although I have no clue how to make a bot like that at the momment... an API would really be way simpler/less risky.

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I would also love to have access to a public Wakfu API. Wakfu elements was an amazing resource and Method Wakfu has been invaluable since wakfu elements has disappeared, but I have wanted to make a character builder and online wakfu content lookup myself for a while now. I definitely don't want to manually input all of Wakfu's data. The Wakfu website leaves so much to be desired and if we had a public API it would be a lot easier for people to find the information they need.

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Yes please!

I programmed some tools for wakfu, but stayed away from things that could get me banned (namely interacting with the servers).
If we had access to the information, it would help a lot!

(Good) bots would have to interact with the environment anyway, and do their own thing. And they are probably doing it already.
We just want a safe way to receive some info, but not interact automatically which is required for botting.

Ankama might be a bit backwards on that, though. We had a player-made app to check the server-population, which displayed it in a graph depicting how many people were online at what time, until the devs went out of their way to remove that information from the protocols.
If we had public, easy access to marketboard-informations, and people see that some servers are literally dead, it would be a similar issue. 

(iiNoted, change your ankama-box-settings so people can send you mails, or accept the friend-request, please!)

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Do you know what else would be cool?

If Wakfu had an iOS/Android App which let us login, see markets, buy/sell stuff, feed pets, and other small things that doesnt require a proper game interface. If they want to make money from it, make it only to subscribers. It would be awesome, engaging, and a very good incentive to subscribe!

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A public API doesn't exist and we are not planning to release one at the moment. Thank you for your interest!

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I had to make an UP for this one.. @luliki3 had an excellent idea!!

Plus, I made myself some apps to store info about my chars, equipments, craftings, calculate my damage and my gathering resources to lvl up professions and build my char in an optimized way. The app is personal and made only with manual inputs and my own calculations...

BUUUT, I can't share it or improve it because it's not legal + the app couldn't be released to public.
Pleeease Ankama, share an API biggrin so we can help the community creating builders etc

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