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Do you think that collaborative quests need to be changed?

By KingAchelexus - MEMBER - December 06, 2017, 09:25:26

Environmental quests are a good way to break the monotony of the game and offer a different way of getting exp. There are also achievements for completing all of certain environmental quests of a certain tier, and a major one for completing everything(including killing one of each archmonster).

The thing is that it is almost always impossible to complete collaborative quests, there just aren't enough people on most maps to complete them. Even on maps with plenty of people, they usually won't bother doing them, as there is no guarantee that others will do the same.

And the worst part is that these are the quests that last the longest time, with hordes taking 30 minutes, so for 30 minutes you cannot complete any quest at all. While it is supposed to balance out the fact that it is easier to complete competitive/solo/race quests when there are less people on the map, it still makes it impossible to complete previously mentioned achievements.

I think that it would be better if they were changed so you get a reward(and the achievements) simply by partaking in your part of the score, and the reward would be increased(to the current reward value) if the collaborative score is met before the time is up. This way people will at least feel that it is worth their time to do their part, and it enough people are on the map, then the greater reward can be achieved.

Do you think this would work out?

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there should be an option to skip those quest, what i do is when they pop start grinding mobs until they end.

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The time part is irrelevant because if people do those they end and a new quest starts. I can even argue that they can be the fastest if there are enough participants.
I recently started to clear those achievements to reduce the list a little and every time I start doing a collaborative quest I just put a message in the chat window asking people to take part so we can all get the achievement.
Up till now in most areas someone joins in and we managed it (except Wabbit island and the area with the spore dungeon)

What I mean is that the quests are doable but if you have enough time to organize people to help you.
So a better solution should be a list so see what are the next 5-10 environmental quests going to be. That way you can plan to do them and rally people if you need (Because invasion quest happen like 2-3 times A DAY and its a pain to wait for them)

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Normal collaborative quests are kinda viable. You can solo clicky quests and you can do kill quests with as little as 3 people, though yeah it's more effort than it's really worth.

Hordes though are basically impossible to win (at level) unless you have several strong teams ready to leap into action the moment they pop up and everything goes well. Which basically never happens. Previously some horde env quests could've been rendered impossible by hordes spawning in spots where it was impossible to attack them, not sure if that still happens though. And some maps are a lot worse for horde fights than others (mainly thinking of overly cramped maps in dormor).

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I think only the quantity of whatever you have to do needs to be lowered. The player participation is very small and it's many times impossible to do them by yourself, either because of the size of the map or your lv.
I mean, i've seen people walk past Race objectives and not get them, you can expect much less from collaborative quests.

Score : 188

I absolutely think they need to be changed. I am a player who gets most of my EXP from environmental quests, and having to wait 15/30 minutes to do quests appropriate to my level solely because there is a lack of population feels bad.

If it were possible, I think it would be a viable solution to make Collaborative quests objectives either scale with the number of people in the area, or just not appear in the first place if there's only a couple people in the zone.
And upping the rewards could actually give people some incentive to do the quests as opposed to just killing monsters for EXP.

Score : 74

I think they should be changed in like if there are not enough people in the map just show the other quests, say if there are 15-20 people on the map then sure throw the quest else no, just solo and the others...

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I think they should give hordes the "colab quest" treatment, where you only have to collect 80% of the targets to complete them, in case if one group gets lost somewhere

Score : 4115

That's still way too many. It's almost impossible to mobilize enough people.

Score : 62

Isn't that 100% the source of the problems with Wakfu's development? Add a great idea into the game, but make it essentially non-functional because of a few problems, then spend over half a year without making the small tweaks necessary to make it work well.

I wonder if they will ever fix this system.

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Make collaborative quests have the same reward for a solo quest of the same level tier. And double the reward if the collaborative score is met. Easy fix.

Score : 8005

easy? yes

likely? hmm...

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