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Server to pick

By OrehRuoy#7151 - MEMBER - December 01, 2017, 13:06:13

Which English speaking server has the most people. Most English speaking preferably

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Remington is the highest population international server (by a decent margin) and most players speak English.

Nox is lower population but maybe a higher proportion of players speak english / speak english fluently. Phaeris is the deadest of the bunch I believe and most probably has a lower proportion of english speakers too.


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Remington. Then Nox. Then Phaeris.

Phaeris is completely dead, so don't even bother there.
I haven't played nox in many years, and I recently restarted from scratch on Remington and I've been having a lot more fun (mostly because there are people to play with)

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In some months, maximum a year, all 3 servers get merged, so the decision is pointless in  near future. Just decide, which one you want to play the next months, but think about that most merged low population servers get emptier, if a server merge is near. Maybe it is something else this time, but it was that way before.

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