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Make the Kelba Market safe

By Granthese - MEMBER - November 20, 2017, 05:07:51

Recently, one of the biggest issues when visitting the market in Kelba (other than the prices, hehehe) is the fact a certain guild of endgame-level players are hanging around the market area simply to "aggro" on any player that comes in, regardless the level. Almost immediatly after you step into their field of vision, they will pull you into a fight, even if you are staring at the market board, obviously browsing the items, you will be interrupted to a fight you never asked to be into. Now, the other markets are in safe areas where fights of any kind is forbidden. Would be asking too much to surround the market area with a similar "protection"? I don't want to mention any names, but the members of this guild are no better than bullies, making each visit to the market a risk.

Dealing with the constant bullying of these players is a complicated matter, but turning the Kelba Market into a no-fight zone seems a little more adequate and justifiable. (either that or get rid of this stupid "aggro" option, seems like the equivalent of a rape when you think about it). If these players want to pvp "for the heck of it" (because I really see no practical reason for pulling the first passerby into a fight aside from taking fun out of their misery) there is an entire arena dedicated to it.


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It honestly blows my mind that the kelba market isn't already a safe zone

The zaap and the path to the market can stay unsafe but there's no reason why the market shouldn't be

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Honestly, just use your guilds havenworld market. 100% safe ._. "But we don't have one!" Oh well bud. That's what friends and guilds are for, to help you out. No need to complain about the games rules/mechs. Just deal with it. I'm always getting pulled to but do you see me complaining about it? No.

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I'd rather have an important place in the game not turned into the stomping grounds of bullies with nothing better to do than walk all the way to the Haven World all by myself.

" I'm always getting pulled to but do you see me complaining about it? "
good FOR YOU, not everybody likes to be pulled when browsing for some fragments or runes, if you do, thats none of my business. It's not too much to wish for some quiet window-shopping, the game have pvp-areas, USE THEM.

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Well ure not paying taxes at the market, which kinda makes it a black market... u could call it an outlaw area... Sure let them give u protection but how about u pay this sweet tax for the item ure selling for 10 mil.

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Kelba is a taxed market though. It's only HWs which aren't, which connect to kelba.

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I just de-level to 20 using the ALS whenever I plan to go to Kelba market. I think that has been helping me stay safe from getting PK'ed, but I'm not completely sure lol.

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Why would that help? Seems like it'd just make killing you easier.

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Thank you for posting this thread. This seems to be a small, but growing problem. Many may claim this is an unavoidable part of the game, they simply lack imagination. They explained on my thread that they are going to revamp the PvP system I'm waiting to see if that will truly help the Kelba situation. I encourage anyone that feels that they could make small changes to Kelba market would really help to post more threads. The more people rally the hard it will be for the games developers to ignore us. Don't let them bully you like they tried doing to me.


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