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WOOW! cra is really $%&# now

By dracario2#3406 - MEMBER - November 02, 2017, 15:38:47
jesus c, omg i been playing cra after update and is just sick how patetic this character has become, it was the only that everyone could count on the team for any dung or fight, now is so anoying to use and now is almost like a weight for the team :T ankama you diddlydoo you are killing this game 
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Try enu if you think new Cra is bad.
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...zzz gg ankama game is on way to the grave.
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Uh chill out a bit.
I think "it was the only that everyone could count on the team for any dung or fight" is why they nerfed it, to make it weak like the rest of the classes
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So accurate answer and that negative rating XDD
Those bring me back my imba hero crybabies...
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and meanwhile sadidas still getting buffs and they are broken as f xD oh wait, thats Dy7 fav class, oopsie, no nerfs to sadida, ever biggrin
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Try Dofus Sadidas to see how dead they are, U don't see even one in game now laughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaugh​​​​​​​
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makeanimegreatagain|2017-11-02 15:48:52
Try enu if you think new Cra is bad.

Cra is still op compared to how bad enutrofs are right now.
My cra was fire/earth and looks terrible after the hate nerf  BALANCE, but it's still better than my enutrof after the rework.
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And crafting revamp is crap because we can no longer craft [Smelly Ointment]
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Yea, I had a sadida for ten years on dofus now its a masq
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yeah, i saw how they completely trashed the cra
they trashed the enu
and they trashed the sram

but what about the Sacrier?

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wakfu has gotten so bad and no fun left i think they want to do away with wakfu they must or they wouldn't keep nerfing the classes cra's have been taking out of the game it is no fun playing this game anymore i will take Tera any day over wakfu (wakfu sucks now and thats why everybody is leaving.
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yeah idk either man , ive been playing dofus and this to totally somewhere else... much lore, much wow
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Play Warframe

its a great alternative to whats happened

I just tried out the "New" Enutrof... my damage has been cut to shreds
It is easy to gain 100 prospecting though, you can break 3 mines a turn, with SoJ
+45,  pp per turn, so it takes 3 turns to reach that 100

But even at lv110 i can barely do half as much damage as i used to
i could hit in the 1000+ before as drhellzerker
now its about 200-500 per hit, on gobballs sleep
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RIP sad
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This is my last subbed account and I will be moving on after. QQ Most of friends quit already coz all of these changes. Im home alone in my guild.
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Mox-Jackal|2017-11-07 11:36:08
Play Warframe

Ahaha, Warframe is what I play when I take breaks from Wakfu, too!
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If Ankama were Warframe devs, they'd ban the use Titania/Loki on Mastery trial 11. Just make everything uncreative and schitty
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