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My Opinions of the State of Wakfu, what's happened and what's to come.

By NewHook - MEMBER - October 27, 2017, 20:47:38

Let me preface this by saying, the sky is not falling, the game is not dying by Ankama's hand to shut it down. I'm going to be writing my opinions of: what's happening lately in the state of the game, the reasons why they're happening, and what we should reasonably expect going forward.

Way back in the middle of 2016, Ankama decided it was a good idea to start focusing entirely on new players instead of the rest of the community. They occasionally threw a bone to the end game community to keep them entertained, but largely the focus was on the new and lower level community. Not only that, but enough people are joining the game that Ankama has made the decision that they're willing to sacrifice the entire end game community for these newcombers.

I'll qualify that claim later down the post, but it'll become clearer as I go on, promise.

First and foremost, all the changes of the game done by Ankama has been made to improve the quality and the balance of the game. Hear me out:

Old Incarnam and Astrub was terrible. Flat out terrible. The revamp of Astrub and Incarnum happened in June 2016, and was when Ankama went down this route. The Incarnum patch was decent for new players, but did nothing for the new players besides give them access to the second half of Moon when they weren't with Booster.
The Astrub Patch was a massive overhaul of Astrub that I love. It's by far the most health improving upgrade to Wakfu that I've seen in a long time. It had so much content, so many dungeons, and finally a hub from 6-36, at the very least. What did end game players get? Sham Moon, that's it.

The next major update was the ALS system. What does this do for end game players? Nothing. New/Mid players get the ability to revisit dungeons and still get XP from them, and gather gear to redo these dungeons. As a bonus, the mentor system was introduced, which has gone largely untouched except for a very few number of people.

After that update, end game players got Nogord! You know, that unkillable monstrocity that lived for several months on other servers. This was December 2016 from roughly June 2016 that End Game players were given actual, meaty content that they were free to die to repeatedly. Along this update came the Stasis dungeons, which benefit ALL the players. This marks one of the only, if not the only, update that end game players didn't get shafted.

The next update was the secure crafting and the reintroduction of dungeon tokens. Overall a decent update for everyone, but a harbinger for things to come.

The next update brought Zinit P1, the Sac Revamp, and the dungeon leaderboards. Besides the Sacs, the endgame community was meh while the newer paying players got to see some Zinit stuff. You could say that end game players could do the Zinit quest too, but the majority did not bother.

Zinit P2 update... Oh God.

The crafting revamp was met with great and thunderous opposition from the community. We liked that nobody had to go into professions to be end game geared. We also liked that monsters dropped end game gear on par with ultimate bosses and dungeon bosses. It was very very easy to gear up as certain classes and with legendary gear in all the slots ever, the average player's bad play was remedied by good gear.

So when that was taken away and we now have to work and earn our gear through killing dungeon monsters, gathering resources, and crafting them all together to get some good gear. You would think this would be a net loss for everyone, but in fact, it's only the end game players who were largely screwed over this. New players and intermediate players could, in fact, go into dungeons, gear themselves up from 20-35, and then save that gear later for ALSing assuming they don't trash their gear set, and still have many level brackets to enjoy.

So for Zinit P2, even with the new Badger and Magma monsters, it was largly deemed as a bad update for end game players and an amazing one for newer players.

The Zinit P3 Update was a blessing for the end game players. It was just more monsters to kill, more equipment to get, and just more tokens to grind. Overall, a great update to end game players and the newer players got more variety in their recipes.

The update before this last one was the Ogrest update. It gave only the end game players a new "UB", and gave the entire community the Ogrest mechanics and the tears/upgrading relics and epics mechanic. Shiny new interface for professions, the 3 weapon professions merged into one, and a redesign for 3 families of lower level monsters...

Have you noticed that every single update is a net postive for New Players and either nuetral or negative for end game players yet except for like, two?

In this new update, Cras got their legs cut off and Enus have been nuetered. It's not an unpopular opinion that the Willpower system is terrible and we should all hate Ankama over it. The new update brought with it the absolute end to Penning monsters in the Haven Worlds. This update is terrible.

But have you tried looking at this update through a new/mid players eyes? Healing just got quadrupled. Some classes got minor nerfs that look unimportant on paper, sure, but have you seen the new Dog class though? How about the Elite Riktus, they look cool. This new willpower stat looks usable, I'll try that out.

These problems that we're all experiencing are trivial to them, while it's borderline catastrophic to us. Ankama saw fit to ostracized our end/late game community, the ones who have been with them for years, for newer players and for the sake of game balance. They would never have dreamed of making these changes months ago, when there was virtually no new players coming in, but have you seen the ads lately? I'm seeing ads for Wakfu in more and more of the gaming websites I visit, probably double or triple what I would see months before. It's undeniable that when you run around in the nations and various islands, I'm actually seeing people now, instead of the barren wasteland that I saw not even a month or two ago.

Furthermore, I'm inclined to believe that this replacement for AP/MP steal is for the upcoming PVP revamp that Ankama has been hyping up since earlier this year. If that is followed closely by the merge they promised us, the English Speaking community will have a good number of players in the servers, they just won't all be in the higher levels.

The conclusion I've come up with reading these patch notes is that the end game and late game players currently playing are largely going to become a sacrifice for the sake of the new and for balancing reasons. The die hard players will remain, the ones who leave will be replaced with tons of newbies, and after a while, it will go back to being normal.

Ankama clearly doesn't have any plans to shut down Wakfu, because if it did, it wouldn't be making decisions to drive off players for the sake of balance, it'd just shut down. We would see a drought of content while leeching off of our subs, and when enough people quit, they would pull the plug. Many hours of manpower were put in for these new changes, new class, and the selection of new moderators, way too much effort put in just for the servers to be shut down in half a year.

I don't like it, and many of my peers don't like it either, but I'm going to continue playing because at this rate, Wakfu will largely be a game worth playing, even if I liked how it was before better. I don't like that most of the end game players were put on the sacrificial alter, but let's face it, it's been practically that for the last year and a half.

As a PS, to all the people on the fence to quit Wakfu or are just feeling hopeless or otherwise with the new changes: Take a Breakfu. Put it off your mind for a while and come back when you're ready, the game'll always be here, and I'm sure it'll only get better mechanically. The ones who quit who will not come back will be replaced eventually.
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Just throwing it out there, the crafting revamp was terrible for any new players level 35-185, which you get to very fast even if you're just playing casually from scratch.

You're basically stuck with Astrub gear until you can get someone to carry you through UBs, since you have no money for crafted stuff, nation dungeon gear is weaker than astrub sets now, no epics from token machines, and leveling crafting is still hellish without a haven world with a fully stocked seed bank. And the dropped UB sets are weaker than before too, so you're basically stuck with subpar gear for a long time. Oh, and I forgot to mention that crafting is still heavily locked behind zinit.

Since starting in March the only epics I've seen drop are a pair of Woboots, Golden belt, and indestructible boots, and all 3 of them were pouched by my friend's Enu. And I can't say I liked any patch that has come out yet.

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When it came out, yes, the crafting revamp was still new and, oddly enough, the level ranges was bad which has been largely fixed now.

Before, it was that the crafting revamp was ranged 1-35, then 156-200, with few level ranges adopting the "Astrub Model" between then that wasn't "Zinit Only". For the most part, there was too many disconnects that would be revisited with later updates.

As for Epics, I'm still on the fence on if those should be tokenable or not. I'm still leaning towards "yes".

Edit: Turn your Blue Whisper Chat on. I'm trying to message you, ffs.

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Wait there are ads of this game? Really? I thought it is a myth, please share me a link or a picture. I can't belief it until I see it. And yeah, I think you are right, but the problem in this tactic is that the players end in endgame after some time. It would be better to give endgame players a healthy haven to getting old. A lot of games managed this. And a lot of new players are getting scared of the veterans and their knowledge of the game instead of inspired by them. The nations revamps seem slike a big part in such a plan. And after you said it, I remember that I saw a lot more new players in Astrub. Especially in the last days. They don't get angry because of a cra nerf or a strange enu or some xelor nerfs, because they don't know it before. It is the same like if they nerfed cra and feca at the start of moon meta, the people wouldn't be to adicted to an easy playstyle and hadn't cried that much.

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These two, to be specific.

Yeah, the number 1 award winning plan would be to do the Nations Revamp. This game desperately needs to not have 4 nations encompass the majority of the level 36-65 content.
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They exist, thank you very much.

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The biggest problem with the crafting revamp is that we asked them to make crafting stuff MORE RELEVANT and not MANDATORY..... *sigh*
And forcing the Environmental quests onto us is rather bad style as well.

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When both systems are really rewarding, why wouldn't you? Theoretically, you can ignore crafting entirely, but you'll be stuck in whites and greens and maybe the odd orange. Or encourage you to buy them from the marketboard. 

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"The new update brought with it the absolute end to Penning monsters in the Haven Worlds. This update is terrible."

Pretty sure this is the only reason you're actually mad hooks. I know for a fact you didn't care about enu or cra before or after their massive nerfs.

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I'm not mad about the changes. I don't really care about the Willpower, Class nerfs, or Penning in Haven Worlds. These things don't really affect me. It affects all the other people though, and they're mad. Mad to the point of major guilds collapsing and several people quitting. This is what I care about. The point of this thread is to tell them what I see happening in Wakfu, potentially giving them a light in the end of the tunnel since all these changes aren't as bad as what we think they are. If my post makes at least one person keep playing Wakfu when they were on the fence, then I'm happy.

The whole gloom and doom atmosphere isn't really good for nurturing a game.

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game is too hardcore for me now; its not fun atm.
i cant get myself to sit down and grind 500 badger claws. (new craft revamp)
cant get myself to level to 200 a 9th time for doggos. (pin nerfs)
theres no reward at the end of the tunnel either. ( no pvp or pve that excites me)
pvp end game is not fun. (this will never be balanced and even if they pulled of some form of balance most ppl cant grind enough to get there)

pve endgame of higher stasis of the same crap isnt fun. (ogrest quest, ogrest, nogord)
Even the costume endgame is getting annoying. (mystryboxes full of crap +1 decent costume)

games not terrible they just keep stacking annoying stuff on top of everything till you find yourself not having fun. even these 'holiday scratch cards' are like really ankama? so i only get a chance to enjoy the event and if im not lucky i just get more spam for my giftbox.

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Well, most of the new content is in service of veteran players but yeah a lot of the system changes are in service of newer players. Some of this is a casual vs hardcore divide though. And some of it is a case of them implementing a broken system then gradually working to improve it, and after a long enough time it might be a net improvement. Eternal tier dungeons and items and Ogrest are some pretty hefty additions that they obviously put a lot of effort into so I think it's inaccurate to say veteran/high level players get nothing, maybe truer to say they're trying to please both and failing in the attempt. They do love implementing ideas in a broken state and waiting to see exactly how broken they are though, which matters more in more serious content than casual content. Also their new ideas always mean rejecting everything about the previous system rather than trying to retain whatever good aspects could be salvaged from it. This post is a bit of a mess btw, but that's entirely in keeping with the spirit of this update.

Looking at it now the crafting level revamp seems like it greatly benefits newer players. If you're a new player coming in then the XP requirement per level got reduced, most mid tier crafts got reduced in craft level requirement, craft xp got boosted up, booster gives a bonus to profession xp too and you get greatly boosted gathering xp from harvesting rares. If you're a veteran player then not only do you have to accept new upstarts progressing with 3x-4x efficiency than you did, but you yourself have to relevel professions from 115 in order to craft the SAME items you already crafted before because they got changed to lvl 120 crafts and you kinda need to get to 130 anyway for those professions to have any meaning to you. So for a new player much less grind and faster payoff, for a veteran player additional grind added on (it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be due to the XP changes though) and actually much less payoff IMO. And players existing exotic powerful items getting nerfed down was horrible considering the amount of effort they put into getting them. Oh but they had to stay linked. Sorry but that's plain unfair. Veteran players could put great expense and effort in getting a rare exotic powerful item... that then loses it's power and newer players can get it with 1/5th as much effort. And the newer item has the advantage of being unlinked.

At the time of first being implemented though, the crafting revamp was HORRIBLE for new players. They didn't have the changed XP scaling or increased XP per craft and there were huge gaps in crafting professions when only some level ranges had been converted to the new system. It was only after they fixed things that it became better for players who want to raise professions (if you want to just buy things or drop things then it kinda sucks for you though yeah). A lot of level ranges being premium locked by zinit access is also pretty unfair though.

Also I know blueprints weren't the most popular mechanic but if you had a bunch of rare valuable craft blueprints then seeing them become 100x more common and becoming worthless sucks. I have no idea what the point even is in moon blueprints anymore.

Combining weapon master profs is again a change that makes it 3x easier for a player who hasn't raised those profs but will do so, but for someone who did already raise all 3 then it retroactively wastes their time. Oh sure they combined the xp (at 1/2 rate for second and I think 1/3rd rate for third) which mean I went from I think 148+147+136 to... 150. When there are 0 recipes above lvl 130 for that to even be relevant and no advantages to being overlevelled on crafts. Also the time to do this change was when they adjusted craft lvls and xp requirements. Nobody would have complained if it happened then, but doing it afterwards meant people just wasted their time relevelling to 130. And at the VERY VERY least they could have announced that this was an upcoming change so players didn't have their time distintegrated within what.. a month? I also think they could've given a title or something to players with maxed weapon craft profs, so at least they had SOMETHING to show for it and some indication that the devs had listened. How much effort is a title?

New item upgrade system is I think a lot more friendly for casual players than hardcore players. If you're a casual player you can get some rares and mythicals easily enough then maybe run some s1 dungeons and it should go fine (depends how casual is casual though). If you're a hardcore player you need to grind for a stupid huge number of materials to get legendary items. Which you kinda need to replace your existing legendary items, so every item change is a massive investment. And I do think it's dumb how players drop 20 junk items for every one they want, in which case them dropping direcly as runes instead would've actually been more convenient. I didn't do the HW pen thing and I'm okay with that disappearing, I mean I would've used it if I had different classes or caught onto it earlier but it does kinda break the game a bit and it's a bit unfair but on the other hand I do think some of these upgrade requirements are unreasonable too. And though I think gearing can be more friendly to casual players than before, I'm not entirely sure what there is for these players to do. Log on, do dailies, log off. So they can get more powerful, at a game they don't greatly care about getting more powerful on?

Also souvenir item system seems like an endgame player focussed change, though maybe low levels benefit from it a bit too if there's higher demand for their items. But that was sorta the state we were in BEFORE the craft revamp, and it's not entirely satisfactory to make the only nuanced and interesting part of crafting localized completely on lvl 200 items.

Willpower change is atrociously balanced but basic dungeon runs are still doable, just more annoying (some exceptions when it interacts badly with boss mechanics though). s1-21s are still doable, though hyperimmunity is pretty bs. UBS are screwed hard by it though. Ogrest stealing 10 ap lol (in addition to being super buggy). Sham Moon needing +70 force of will to get out of p1 lol. Nogord, just nogord lol (though that's more the range DD changes I suppose). s31 ALS is going to be BS as hell too since auto ALS forces you onto 0 willpower and mobs in general have some base willpower and get a further +10 will at s31. So enjoy losing obscene amounts of AP/MP to every steal, yet your steals being completely ineffective. And the stasis mechanics and boss escalation really doesn't seem compatible with bosses getting hyper immunity. On s21 bosses get 15% FD and 20 res every turn starting at turn 7 (s31 also adds +1mp and +1 range every 10 turns starting at turn 3) and many bosses have mechanics that boost their FD as the fight goes on or reduce your res. This means there's something of a damage race, you have to win fast or you're certain to lose. Hyperimmunity however creates a scenario where you can't really control a boss, so he's liable to break free and muderstomp your entire team unless you manage to hide from him. Note that these things are basically "it's important to do as much damage as possible every turn or you get stuck in an unwinnable fight" and "turn where you're forced to do nothing and run away or you instalose" which is not a fun combination IMO. And when bosses need 3 mp chip to be kept locked down what exactly are you supposed to do? Win the whole s30 fight on turn 5 lol? So I think willpower is kinda ignorable if you're a casual player (even at high levels), but it's profoundly annoying if you're a hardcore player and this patch kills/cripples all the content you actually cared about.

I do think you're doing a bit of revisionist history here though. I wouldn't describe Nogord as good meaty content to sink your teeth into, more a brick wall to smash your face into. It's a BS and anti-fun fight and I really don't think it serves as engaging content supposed to last months. Limited try per week fights can't carry people's interest on their own IMO. Unless you spend the rest of the week leveling/gearing characters for it I suppose, but I do think learning the mechanics was the biggest stumbling block and making chars solely for nogord doesn't seem worth it. I do think the game should have challenging content to overcome but I don't think Nogord was fun and I think the rewards from it were pretty questionable after they added eternal tier gears (some exceptions). That said I am annoyed that this update kinda crippled our nogord strats, when I think it actually had a much smaller impact on the balance of regular normal dungeon runs. And I'm kinda okay with a nogord redesign but that seems unlikely and if that is something they want to do then I kinda think they should rebalance it at the same time as nerfing Nogord classes rather than doing 2 things separately (and if it does happen I think players who beat him pre-revamp should get an exclusive title or something).

Stasis dungeons primarily benefited casual players IMO. s1 is really efficient and rewarding, especially with the transition to primarily daily/weekly tokens rather than primarily dungeon run tokens and s1 is an especially good deal if the alternative option you had was to die horribly in s11 and get nothing. High stasis only rewards anything if you win but as you get to very high stasis there are no guarantees of a given stasis difficulty even being possible, and considering the extra difficulty and time taken it's questionably worth it. And the main boosts to rewards are transmutations (lol) and boss drops... which you can just token now so aren't as valuable as they were before. And then you read in patch notes "increased drop rate of boss drop in dreggon and ethernal dungeons according to stasis level" and you wonder what the hell you wasted your time on instead of spamming s1. Dungeon leaderboards are only worth it for the boxes which are only end of month and were kinda meh until the addition of epic/relic runes, but they're super rare. And also kinda dumb that low level boxes have the same chances of them as high level boxes. And I really think you should be able to drop higher rarity items directly on higher stasis, that would make high stasis uniquely rewarding and provide an alternative to needing professions. Which is sorta what we had with the old HC mode exclusive drops, and I kinda think the game was fairer in Xel Past and Blackspore when players could opt out from the HC mechanics. So yeah stasis dungeons are more flexible and more broadly implemented than the old easy/normal/HC system, but I really think they could've incorporated the good parts of that old system into stasis dungeons.

ALS system was a decent idea but handicapped by ankama trying to milk as much money as possible from it. Autobuilds are a nice idea for casual players who can just walk into a dungeon and have something to run it with, FORCED autobuilds are a horrible decision for more hardcore players since they're stuck on builds they have little to no control over and autostats often make obviously suboptimal or outright bad decisions. When designing builds is a pretty major part of your understanding of the game. Oh look my tank has a major point spent on damage inflicted instead of resistance. Amazing. Oh but you can fix this if you buy gear and stat pages! Wow thanks. Also without a gear page, I have 0 reason to care about drops in ALS dungeons. And as a lvl 200 I have 0 reason to care about xp in ALS dungeons. Which means I'm absolutely incentivized to find the fastest easiest modulox dungeons and run them in one minute flat, because the only reward I care about is the modulox token. So they spent all this effort making this interesting nice system to bring the community together... and then people are encouraged to spend as little time as possible actually using it. Epic/relic runes do shift this balance a bit in that low level dungeon leaderboards can reward items valuable in high level builds but they're very rare and you want the best scores in order to get them, which kinda encourages you to go with decked out pro twink teams rather than helping people LFG. And if you did like hanging out and running with lower level friends then you could've levelled alts to run with them and that would've been faster and better than waiting for the ALS system lol. Mentor system is pretty flawed too, in that it's very restrictive about what gives mentor tokens and the venn diagram of "things people want help with" vs "things that give mentor tokens" might as well be 2 completely separate circles. And you need a huge number of mentor tokens in order to get any rewards

Oh think about stasis affixes too. There's an idea that nobody wanted that was absolutely broken when it was first implemented and has since been toned down a bit so people sorta tolerate it but still nobody likes it.

It really seems like trying to balance a mechanic/feature properly is an alien concept to ankama, they just implement something in an absolutely broken state then wait for the problems to roll in.

That's what they did with stasis affixes.
That's what they did with willpower and hyperimmunity.
That's what they did with collisions becoming AP chip.
That's what they did with rare spawn surges (this was too strong/free so instead of rebalancing it they just deleted it completely lol).

Even things that are functional are implemented in a way where there's VAST room for improvement, even improvements that should have been obvious within 5 minutes of first explaining the idea. ALS system could be improved greatly, dungeon leaderboards could be improved greatly, stasis dungeons could be improved greatly, crafting system could be improved greatly.

Balancing games can be hard, sure. But for many of these things we have little to no indication that they even tried and the potential problems should have been painfully obvious. This particular update I dunno what happened. It's like they all went on holiday for a month and left everything in the hands of one guy who only works weekends. Whilst drunk.

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I guess they decided to focus on the new recruitments because of the eternal problem of the "there is nothing else to do now".

Once you reach level 200 and have full equipment, it's like the final goal reached (until a new revamp makes you chase new items). Unless you find entertaining in secondary stuff (playing the market, getting achievements, profession leveling, character/bag/haven customization, help other contacts, training sidekicks...), you'll likely create a new char and start over again. Until you run out of character slots, then it is deciding between getting a secondary account, or deleting an old char and lose all the time and effort invested on it.

The problem is the lack of stuff to do once you can't advance any more. The game needs some "fresh" or random stuff to keep the replaying value alive at that point.

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Hummm, gonna update and test it just to see the new class and check if there is a free restat in any of my characters, been more than a year since i last logged

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I agree: A lot of things that become onerous for the veterans has actually been a massive gain for newbies. And I've been optimistic with everything since the spell revamp, because it's felt like the imperfections were things that could be fixed.

But this last update broke my faith in it. The willpower mechanics & the Enutrof update are terrible at lower levels (new enutrof is borderline unplayable without the active specialty spells unlocked as they get closer to level 100... which is where the new willpower mechanics become brutal, with monsters chipping 6+ AP easily).

The crafting revamp was... it was bad overall. I accepted it at the time because it looked like it was building a framework for better changes to come. Sure, monsters stopped dropping max quality gear, but the overall accessibility of good quality gear went up. And sure, the resources required to upgrade gear were daunting, but we had tools to minimize that, and at lower levels it wasn't as bad.

This update though... it broke so many things at once. It broke a huge chunk of mid-to-high level content. It broke the mechanisms we used to ease the burden the crafting update put on end-game players. And it did nothing to address the longstanding issues it broke the workarounds for. Even the Cra nerfs, which were aimed at bringing the class down to everybody's level, mostly just exposed how lopsided the power already was between Cra's elements without doing anything to help other debuffing classes measure up to Cra (in fact, Xelor & Enutrof were hit harder by this patch than Cra was).

At this point I worry about what's going to happen with the new players coming in. The Astrub area has a much better approach to tiers of gear than the rest of the game, and there's no tutorial to warn you "after about level 50, you need a crafter to turn 90%  of the garbage you drop into something useful." It's easy for people to reach levels where the game's content undergoes a giant difficulty spike without the slightest clue why they're feeling so weak. And the veteran playerbase that might have been somewhat helpful before.. well,  we're basically being told not to stick around.

If Ankama wants any of us to actually stay, or come back, they're going to need to take a closer look at what acceptable drop rates look like. Important social tools like the Group Finder, the markets, nations, secure crafting and the like all need improvements to help us find each other. Discord groups and web apps should supplement the game, not be mandatory. If Crafting's going to be mandatory, then we need more meaningful decisions involved in it, not just mountains of resources to gather for gear upgrades.

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What they did to enu  is puzzling me too but the head scratcher for me is what they did to cra, nerfing the roll by removing mp but still costs 2wp? if they lowered the cost or change it to something worth the 2wp i might stomach it but no you roll for only 2 tiles for an expensive 2wp.

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I see alot of veterans conplaining. Those as NewHook said ankama sacrificed.

I joined last year november and as a relatively new player i want to say there where alot of good patches.
Maybe for all you veterans low lvl people are casuals who don't care about the game. But those things are not the same. Dungeons Stasis was a huuuge patch which enabled small groups to do dungeons. Since it's hard to find groups this was a big plus. Also removing dungeon keys made it alot easier for us to progress in the game.
I can understand that lvling all harvesting profs to 100 in 1,2 weeks makes veterans angry because it was way harder back then?(at least i was told so)
Making the game more casual and easier to progress for new players, that's a reason for veterans to complain.

I think this thread just was supposed to show that not everything is going bad, since most people come to the forums to complain. I agree. With the collision change many bosses and gimmics change but we can adapt. Maybe things get more difficult, but most things don't require alot of change. I don't like the willpower change but it's not the end of the world.

well sorry for all cra,xel (enu?) mains. you got raped hard. But everyone else can lick their wounds and continue.

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You only say that because you're new. There's only so many times you can lick your wounds before you realize it's not worth it getting hurt anymore.

I don't see a reason why anyone should stick around playing a game they don't find fun simply because "it's not as bad as it seems".

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Ninja edits to herp derp.

Thank you Enceladon. xD

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I don't understand what you actually mean, all profession ends on level 120,125 or 130.

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SSBKewkky|2017-10-30 08:01:38
You only say that because you're new. There's only so many times you can lick your wounds before you realize it's not worth it getting hurt anymore.

I don't see a reason why anyone should stick around playing a game they don't find fun simply because "it's not as bad as it seems".

Fun is subjective. I'm still having fun, which is why I'm still here. If this patch made the game unfun, then I'd be gone too. Nobody wants to play a game that isn't fun, that's the point of a game. However, this patch hasn't taken away PVP and it's kept my ability to do dungeons, so I'm still around.

Some people might not find the game too fun anymore because their class got 'butchered'. I haven't tested Enu extensively, and I might just take Bibble's word on it, but the Cra changes hasn't butchered it completely. It's not as bad as everyone's making it out to be in the long term.
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I was already struggling to find grinding the same dungeons for months on end to upgrade my character fun, but now lots of my closest friends seem to have either deleted their characters, or abandoned them and gone to Dofus or elsewhere.

Also, and this is my personal opinion, but even though Sram is stronger, I feel more limited. It's something I can adjust to, but it's depressing that it turned into such a cookie-cutter class.

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Well The OP is wrong about almost everything.  Especially that first statement.

Oh, and monster penning in haven worlds totally need to die for obvious reasons.

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While reading all the comments here I can't help but think of the saying "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush".

Imho, Wakfu's problem wasn't attracting new players, it was their retention.

Sure the recent updates are helping with keeping new players. But only upto a certain level. I've literally lost count of the number of low level players I've invited to my guild that have not continued playing. About 80% quit by level 70 and 100% by level 100's. That's right, 100 freaking percent! Hey, maybe that's just my experience or luck, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one that has noticed this trend.

I'll let you run the scenario here and let you decide for yourself, do you really see light at the end of this long tunnel? Kudos to you if you do, I for one don't. I'm sticking around because I have a couple of friends who are still playing and when (not if) they quit, I'm done too. Regardless of the changes ankama makes, good or bad.

I would also like to point out that this thread assumes that Ankama has a greater plan. Maybe they do, or maybe it's just more of the same dumb rush jobs. Either way, an official acknowledgement of the complaints would be nice.

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I'm curious; is there some way that Wakfu could change that would convince you to stick around and keep playing even if your friends stopped logging in?

Can we identify what Wakfu is missing?

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I think that the problem with crafting is that it's just padding, it doesn't actually add much to the game. Each area adds a new ore, a new tree, a new fish type, etc, yet none of them are any different than the previous one. 

If the gathering professions were removed period, and all the unnecessary fish/ore/wood/etc were removed from crafting recipes, the game would probably be feel less grindy. It also sucks now that professions are basically a must, even if you can just use the "secure crafting" system, you'll still need to gather the materials(which is a huge grind).

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I hope, when the population increases, Ankama will revamp the politics system/ecosystem/etc and make them important to the game again. They used to be really good social elements, back when the game was new.

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I have a lot of faith that the merge will help breathe some life back into the game. It might be a long way off but if ankamas smart they’ll find a way to make it happen.

As a returning person who missed out on a lot of the changes my immediate reaction is positive. Some of the class changes aren’t the best but in terms of quality of life stuff I’m not only extremely surprised by half of it but also impressed.

I dip out of this game here and there due to frustrations with bugs the community or balance issues but I always come back for its charm

I really want to see this game continue like dofus has and I wish I had the answers but I do believe hooks is right retention is a big problem, however the few positive things I’ve seen that have happened so far are giving me hope that Ankama is at least trying or making an attempt even if it’s a bit to late

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You will be back in a week denouncing everything you just said.

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