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Returning to the world of the Twelve

By MysticChronicle - MEMBER - October 11, 2017, 23:25:49

Hi everyone, 

Jason (MysticChronicle) here just getting back and running after being away from the fray for over 6 years and decided to come back after finally having my life settle down and able to focus on the greatness that is wakfu; I am glad the game is still around and heard about the NOX/REM merger and while I may have made some posts on the board already I haven't taken the time to introduce myself I play Wakfu and Dofus and also play KROSMAGNA as well and enjoy the Ankama trio as a whole.  I have yet to play dofus touch or pets but I am certainly looking to get into Wakfu on a more permanent basis and I play an ecaflip (hope they are still viable) named "MysticalDreamer" and while I am still roaming the skies in Incarnam I am really hoping to make a lot of friend on Remington and  I am US based (EST timezone) and play daily...  I work from home for a living representing HSN and take calls and play casually throughout the day...  I hope that this community can fill me in on some of the new changes and perhaps  join a guild down the line...  

I haven't been too involved in the community but I hope that to change the more I spend time here.   

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Eca is very good and lots of fun. Very versatile and thus good for a solo player.

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