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Someone explain this? Ankama Logic at its finest.

By Jenarall - MEMBER - October 11, 2017, 19:46:25
  • When a summon is resurrected thanks to Phoenix Spirit, it no longer plays its turn immediately after the resurrection but correctly waits for its original turn in the timeline.''

So, we see that Osa's are getting nerf with the way in which their summons ''Cling'' or get resurrected. Fine, fair enough. But, what I would really love to know is if Sacs are getting this nerf too? I mean we all know if  A sac dies on his turn (Via external mean; Poison etc) he gets resurrected on that immediate turn and plus he still has an extra turn to play when his actual turn comes around, we already know how broken sacs are, so why give osas yet another nerf and sacs get off scotch free?? heck when last did sadi's even get a nerf? what's going on Ankama, can you please explain these unfair balances, while other classes are in God tier and you leave them to gloat? 

Looking forward to an official reply.
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No, wait. If a Sacrier dies by lets say their own flame return, they get the ap bonus and continue their turn without their ap being resetted. The sac does not actually play two turns entirely dead. If he dies by start-of-turn damage, well then that's unlucky, but the mechanic is a different one and it's a rather nieche scenario that is rather unintended. The expected case is that somebody else is killing the sacrier, which then leads to him playing his undead turn the next time he's actually supposed to have his turn. This case is working perfectly fine as is.  However, what you misunderstood was that the sacrier, in your case, seemingly gets two turns for free and additionally that their resurecction mechanic grants them their turn exactly after their death. Reality on the other hand is that the sacrier's turn, in case he dies in his own turn, does not end, but simply  continues as undead, rendering that turn half-undead and not the turn that the passive was meant to give.

Do I have to mention that the sacrier never "dies" in the first place while the osamodas mob clearly leaves combat and reenters it with a set amount of hp ? From a programming standpoint the two resurrections are two entirely different slices of pizza.

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This is a pickle, but pink. I call it pinkle.

What were you talking about?
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He's basically upset that Sacriers can play two turns undead , one directly after dying, while his pet has to wait for his turn to come. He's equalizing the two passives, even though they're different. Not only does the sacrier "resurrection" not actually resurrect, but rather prevent dying in the first place,  OP also entirely ignored the fact that the sacrier is not revived in the old fashioned sense with him gaining the anti-rez debuff and with him simply living on until killed again. While his Osa mob has no pressure behind its rez, the sacrier actually has to avenge his death to remain alive.

Well, but hey, it's always easier to just compare two hardly compareable things by ignoring obvious differences that make a comparison rather meaningless.

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To be honest i think it was a fair nerf, i wholeheartedly agree with the change, osa is still extremely strong and flexible.

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thats why by removing resurrecting passive i have 4 non osa passives on my char.... yah... of course, osa so good...

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What about eni ressurecting allies immediately and making their turn right after eni's?

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Totally agree man. Eniraser got stronger and stronger with every change! If you ask me, it should require LoS with a range of 1 and no reach scale. And oh boy, 20% max health on revive, that is wayy to much. Holy bazongas. Not to mention that it needs at least a five turn cooldown. It should also force transcendence onto the target, to drain all their ap,wait no, even better, both ap and mp! People need to sit down and rest! /s

On a serious note, with strong rezzes like the mask rezz combined with the overall flexibility of the class and the sadida rezz with it not being a line-cast nor a LoS cast (but a one-turn stun for the resurrected), Eniraser is really not the gamebreaking resurrect. The original idea behind a rezzed person instantly having its turn after getting resurrected was, that the target had a chance to reposition, in order to not die once more right off the bat. Remember that early on in the game's development, resurrects pretty much demolished you for one turn ap/mp/dmg dealt - wise. You were practically like a person woken out of a deep slumber, incapable of doing anything but breathing at that point. Positioning on the Eniripsa is already quite the task as of now when you're not playing with your own six stack hero team, eniraser being a line cast does not help that ( switching unnatural remedies costing mp does not help either). I mean sure, we could nerf Eniraser and make it function like the Osamodas resurrect turn order wise, the only difference being that you as a team will lose a player because he'll possibly get wiped once more while the osa simply loses a mob and throws out another one, possibly losing a bit of damage dealt with his dead summon.

Not to mention that with the increasing number of capable resurrecters in the class pool, eniraser finds less and less use in parties with sadi/mask/elio/eca or xelor for example.

Another thing to add: The initial nerf reason was that the resurrected summon got a turn-reposition and was able to deal damage earlier than intended in the turn rotation. This whole resurrection debate focusses on the osamodas as a class and their damage. Eniraser on the other hand can hardly be compared to that, nor can any other supporter's target rezz, because for them to work, you actually need a second player, while the osamodas mechanic is class-intern. What you're asking for while pointing at eniraser is a balance change to an interactive spell between a support and his team, reasoned by a change to a classes intern summon mechanic caused by a passive, thus costing neither ap nor wp, nor any ressource but a passive slot. I'm not sure if you should want to witchhunt a supporter because a damage dealer got an indirect possible damage nerf by receiving a change to his summon's mechanic.

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Lmao. This is funny because he's comparing Clinging to Life which has VERY HIGH stakes to a pokemon being revived.

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I'm confused by this post: You ARE aware that Sacriers used to work just like pets -they resurrected and played right after their target-, rather than wait for their turn to come, right?

They already nerfed that. They realized Osamodas is pulling the same shenanigan and are nerfing it accordingly.

Maybe i didn't get what the OP tried to say? 

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Alright fair enough, I'm actually supporting the nerf, however you said that Osamodas are pulling the shame shenanigan. My question to you then is since they're nerfing the summon cling similar to the sac before the current ones we have now, do you think that after the update, If a summon dies on its turn via poison etc, that it will get that extra turn like sacs do when they are killed on their turn?

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Again, the sacriers turn does not end. Your mob literally dies, despawns, and is replaced by a new one. You really should stop the compareance between cling to life and your summon Revive.

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