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Quest zenit and...

By 9Nectum9 - MEMBER - October 08, 2017, 16:11:11

1. I made a quest and got this artifact. Does this mean that it is easier to win ogrist?

2. Why ankama does not add new areas for swimming?
3.  Artifacts of the gods can open new chests with kamas?
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It's a Lore item: Basically, it avoids you going throught the Incarnam -> Externam cycle every life goes throught, allowing you, as yourself, to keep your identity even after Ogrest beats you to the ground, so you can try it again, and again, and again.

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1. Yeah, since ogrest is so powerfull, him killing you would make you reincarnate (go to lvl 1), but Otomai invented this invention that captures your soul before it excarnates so you can try fighting him 3 times  week.
2. They are busy, they will add more areas when they are revamping the nations (soon)
3. see 2.

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