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The Occullege problem

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - September 30, 2017, 13:50:54

Hello Twelvians,

Today I helped one of my guildie finish his huppermage quest-chain. This place is kinda nice, goodlookin, simple mechanics, but very few people come there. Why? This is quite easy to explain:
1. Not able to skip that cut scene... that is pain in the ass and and make every run longer then it should be
2. Nothing drops there, rly... haven gems fragments are worthless, random relic frag worthless, low lvl runes or dust nah, recall potion from boss? ... The only one item that is usefull is emblem, but noone want to spam that dun and waste time for cut scene to get 0,5% drop from boss, bc on 150 lvl u can equip Shushu Emblem and is better then Dark Forggoten Emblem kappa. Imagine yourself how much interesting and much worthy will be that dun if they will add other slots items to drop pool?
3. And the worst part. Ppl lazyness, I don't know many ppl that actually done huppermage school quests. This quest arent hard or something but ppl don't wanna grind mats/crafts when they are on low lvl to get access to other parts.

It's a shame that works of Ankama team is underestimated, but we as a player never had any reason to go to Occullege.

Edit. And Dragonturky near dun will be nice thing too xD

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Mostly lurk on the forums these days but I agree with all your points. A real pity because the dungeon is actually pretty fun and thematic. 

I would say that the biggest problems are point 2 and 3 - The lacks of desirable drops and quick transportation really limit the dungeon's appeal.  The emblem as you say is too low a chance of dropping when a better alternative exists which drops from a dungeon most of the playerbase do daily for XP.

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Isn't it required to get one of the school skills? Other than that, yeah, not a favourite place to visit. So, expect it for the next Boss Smasher? laugh

And another thing I dislike about it, it's the "clones". Man, 2 cloned Iops there? They should have taken some extra time to create more AI classes enemies. Not repeating the same enemies all the time. Same goes for the previous Hoodlums dungeon.

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Unfortunately Blackspore was 126lvl Boss Smasher ;p

Yea, other dopplers will be nice, but first of all that dun should drop anything what would attract attention of players.

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Yeah this dungeon hasn't weathered various changes well.

I mean the dungeon was never tremendously rewarding, but changes to make haven gem fragments much more common and changes to make random relic frags much more attainable (from Fragmented Mimics) means random pouches of haven gems and a random frag are much much less valuable. It still has Dark Forgotten Emblem, but that's kinda not really worth the effort when you're so close to the longer lasting Shushu emblems.

Even at it's prime I remember it being only worth doing for the Hupper questline, and nothing else.

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