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Remington and Elbor population

By Cloath - MEMBER - September 25, 2017, 23:08:45

Suup people. I was wondering which server has the higher population, Remington or Elbor. I really want to play this game but since the playerbase is so low, I want to choose the right one.


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Sadly its impossible to give exact amounts as to which has the most population, however if we are to loo at the requirement for ogrest storms
Aerafal: 25,000,000
Dathura: 25,000,000
Elbor: 25,000,000
Remington: 20,000,000
Nox: 15,000,000
Efrim: 15,000,000
Phaeris: 10,000,000

This is probably the closest you will get to measurements of who has the most population, it is likely Elbor has a higher population than Remi

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i do personally communicate  a lot with a friend of mine from elbor,according to him,elbor is onz of the lowest communauties in term of playes,but heavily compensated by nearly every single player in there is a 6char1man player

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I see. Thanks a lot smile

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Elbor is also almost entirely populated by spanish players. Just a heads up. 

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