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MonoAccount server possible?

By Kikuihimonji - MEMBER - September 24, 2017, 10:55:38

Ankama is creating a new server for Dofus where you will be able to use only 1 account at a time!
I always thought this was something Wakfu should have in the first place, but since it didn't people started to multi account and by doing so the population of the servers started to lose social aspect of an mmo and slowly began to encourage people to play alone by introducing sidekicks and futhermore hero system.

Now i am aware that such mono account server should not have heroes and sidekick system, but question is would it work out without global chat and proper party search?

I would definetly love to try to play on such server, even if it means starting from scratch with no way to transfer items, especially if on that server they would return to the good old system with kamas being man-made only and not dropped by monsters. You know, like in good ol' days of open beta in 2012! Back then people still managed to play togather, even with randoms.

Maybe i am just hit by nostalgia, but what are your thoughts?
Should they create such server for wakfu? Would you join it?

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I think, it wouldn't work, because the grind in Wakfu is insane for mediocre equipe and a hell for good equipe, with such a server, you wouldn't have a market which closed the gaps of gathering equipement, because there are obviously not enough players, who play on that server. If there are on lifeserver not enough people, why would they be there. They have to totally revamp crafting, drop, storing, leveling and much more systems again to let it work, it would be a totally new game. This is the same like an "one death =new start" server, wouldn't work with the actual pvp system (aggroing of everybody).
Heroes and multiboxing are used, because they close a gap, which is created by some design fails in the past. If there would be a bigger community and you don't need a group of exactly 6 people for all content and we have a real downscaling system instead of adjustable level system and real reward (for your downscaled character) for that, it wouldn't be needed.

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Somehow it did work for the first year or so... people were working together, most people didnt multiaccount, it was easy to find party, even though there was much less content

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I'm a very social player, but the battle system is just too tedious to play with another 5 people.

The problem is the [amount of time I'm doing things]/[total amount of play time].

With more than 3 friends, it gets way too boring, because I'm spending too much time doing nothing. But with 1 or 2 friends it's great, but for that and harder dungeons/places, you have to multibox.

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It would be a lot of fun for sure but I dont think we have enough players for it to work.

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Omg, yes! I didnt know they are doing it for Dofus, it may make me come back! Would love one for Wakfu

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It would be nice as the community feel of this game has died down a lot in recent times but I feel Wakfu pushes the Heroes system too much... They would need to offer something like maybe increased exp to attract players also.
and also Wakfu has a bad record with keeping newer servers open for more than a year.

A dream would be to see a solo and or wayback server in the future though.

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Because they make too many servers in the first place. Its not a huge game, do we really need like 7 servers? 2, max 3 would be enough

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It's a step in the right direction. Multi Accounts, discourage people from buying things that expand, like their character slots. Let people b**** about not being able to compose a whole team, it shouldn't be that way.  It also stops the abuse from signing in with multiple accounts to grab special offer items like that 5 year costume.
  Population is small, but if you dump them all on a server and outlaw multi accounts? i think there are enough players to adequately populate 2 servers. Heroes should only have ever allowed 2 active heroes and a side kick. Having 3 heroes with the coordination of a single player already makes things that should be hard pretty trivial. 
 They could probably just add in NPC vendors. We're so far and away from the "Political and environmental" game wakfu was originally. 

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"Somehow it did work for the first year or so..."

The reason it worked then was because the game had a population. Back then the drop rates were also stupidly low for most stuff. So, a few people start multiboxing so they can actually drop gear. Population starts dwindling because Ankama isn't properly advertising their game and isn't making enough content to keep existing players around. So, people who normally wouldn't multibox are now starting to so they can actually run content. Vicious cycle which culminates in it being normalized with heroes/sidekicks. This server wouldn't work. There just aren't enough players. Full stop.

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i seriously hope the wakfu devs take this into consideration i love the idea so bad im playing dofus again

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This is a bad idea for whiners who can not afford heroes. Hero system is the best invention in waqf

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mono account which means heroes would still work i guess

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i dont agree that what you say it is selfish. i m here from start wakfu yes i lost my beta tester account. but is not immportant. immportant ting is i lost a friends a lots of dead guild and disappointed in the changes of the game . in remi i lost for limitation in bigining and later in asia server for huge ping. last loss was after craft system change becouse is not real to have intems with 180 level and damage on that intem is only 20. that is bigg mistake and me   loss more friends i have also lot multichar friends hero system on remi or asia but reason is a same lonlyness like alone char you cant go eny dungeon on your level on stasis 1 and now game more force you to loss time on crafting also lonely  time. once social game become solo. with every remavp chars only become weaker. example my friend who leave she use a hero system of 3 chars scarier ,xelor and feca compare scarier with new dog class in bearseak damage is noting to comare new class is a way overpowered then scarier, and i hear from her also there is a changes in feca and xeor to make them weaker. i was with her brother and later with her from start of this game and last what i hear from her "stupid game i will never back" . why akama didnt leave legendary drop and also give a chanse to craft- crafting is alone boring part of game and hunting intems you need a group of people team to play.where epic missing from mashine. and also one more thing for those who didnt know in biggining game was cost 5 USD per mounth for premium and tell me now how much cost.

worst of all  it was : always helping newbies to level or get intems to play till they learn they classs and can kill linly mobs of ther level or find a group for party for ther dungeons now whan ask me what intems are good for me to play (to have a chance to kill 1 or 3 mobs on his level) my heart go broken i don't know how to tell him there is no good intems what can drop on your level or there is no group or singe person multichar who can help you. for me is maybe late i m addicted to this game but is sad to see free to play or pay to play players  dont stey on this game becouse there  become to hard or complex to play. i dont like but looks like game is dying.

on a memory to Amy  and her brother Mat

sorry for english is not perfect i learn russian tongue

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Well from America to Mother Russia   " Privyet"  I hope all is well and I certainly agree the game has lost some of its social aspects but to be honest I am sure eventually it will get better.   The game is still 5.00 for premium but if you want to do the new side kick system you will want to dish out 11.00 which isn't too bad to be honest but yea as Dofus is getting its facelift soon in some ways I am sure wakfu will follow hang in there 


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I want to see that idea in action , i would play on that server and i would subscribe.

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The last thing Wakfu needs is MORE servers.

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I would highly welcome Monoaccount servers personally would give people the element that lacks in many aspects of gaming which is "Honesty".  How many times have gamers multi-boxed accounts so they didn't have to "deal" with the community because of reasons such as 

- Camping 
- Griefing others 
- Isolative behaviors (eliteism, cliques) 
- Lack of involvement  ( high demands for the best gear) 

and so much more ... 

However the point is Ankama in some way has tried to address these concerns ( yes I haven't played in over 6 years due to my own health and mental state through the years) and they seem to keep fine tuning it.   I think if we are all have one server  it may make things easier... and I would easily subscribe to all Ankama games with that service. 

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Would be more like a real MMORPG if we had only 1 account and your main toon could change classes without much headache. sidekicks shouldn't cost so much to level and gear. that would help restore the social aspect of the game. players would have an identity that they could own up to. would help filter the trolls and foster a guild/group play style like normal. bring it on! lets keep Wakfu alive. 

Lets make grinding for levels/crafting reward you with honors, badges, titles, privileges etc...
Your specific playstyle should shape the base look of your toon/mount. crafting,dungeons,pvp,guilding,economist,politician etc..

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Ankama can't even get their SMS service right and just leave 5% people bite the dust
I can only watching people I know playing on monoaccount server  but I can't join them
(I would even PAY sms fee for them but you know it's not an option)
I bet support will just reply you some canned response
"Oh sorry, we are working hard to cover it ASAP"

I don't want to deal with monoaccount drama again

btw, tons of people just use some free onilne sms
 What's even the point of this "technical constraint"

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I would love that! do that and shrink the dungeon metagame overall in a controled way.

Dungeons are for 3~4 players,
Mobs with less life
increase loot rate

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Oi, no necroposting!

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