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Question about a linked item

By niemurr - MEMBER - August 21, 2017, 18:13:24

Hi, I wanted one of my characters to wear Otomai's Pilgrim shoes, but since I had already completed most of the quest to get them with my main, I decided to continue it on this other character. Recently, a friend told me they're linked... What I wanted to ask is, are they linked to your account or to the character that gets them? I'm hoping it's not the latter... 

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Im pretty sure its account, never had a problem with switching linked items between my characters

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The quest reward shows them as Linked, rather than having the "Cannot be exchanged" symbol thus Otomai Pilgrim Shoes should be transferrable between characters. If someone wants to dump 20 cataplasms, 20 koko essence, 20 black monkey hair on me then I'll explicitly test it though lol.

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Ok, my friend showed me a vid and it's sure that they're linked to the account.

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