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AUG 07 Patch

By Zansky#3741 - MEMBER - August 05, 2017, 21:55:14
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Question for Amakana: why don't sell the game to another company that can spend time and money on it, insted of kill it in every single new update? I guess there are a lot of small or medium company who will be Interested to buy it.

I have a degree in economics with the specialisation in MKT and in my opinion they guy who is responsible for the MKT of amakana has get their degree in a lottery.
He/she is doing all the worst basic MKT practices you can learn in the first degree year .

Please sell the game to another company... YOU will get the money and we will get a better company who care us and the game, at least more than you.

I have quitted the game because yesterday was too much! But I am going to keep following the forum.


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Nah, it's very unlikely that they'll sell this game, like, ever :') Ankama has several movies and a whole tv show (with class-representing characters) that's connected to this game, a lot of merch and comics, not to mention Dofus/Krosmaga game is being connected to it (lore, charas, events etc) and all of the above share the very same universe. It's impossible to sell Wakfu, due to all copyright and trademark issues. Not to mention the show and the game are coexist and kind of co-advertise each other (ik many ppl who came to Wakfu after watching the tv series).
But if one can still dream... I'd love to see what SqareEnix can do with this game XD

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your feedback, we gathered them all and we suggested some modifications to the team according to the several arguments you voiced in this topic.

This morning, several internal discussion took place and some decisions were made for the pop-ups to be less invasive and aggressive with the team as they can actually appear once every 1 hour.

  • A player with a booster won’t receive any pop-up (except for the one indicating that he acquired a booster).
  • When logging in, you won’t receive any pop-up for a duration of 15 minutes.
  • A 30 minutes cooldown will be applied between each pop-up.
  • A new player discovering Incarnam won’t receive any pop-up. The Booster interface on the top right corner won’t display either until the player leaves Incarnam.

We removed the following pop-ups :

  • When using any type of transport.
  • When opening the characteristic page.

The different pop-up you can receive are the following:

All the time:

  • A pop-up on the character selection screen.
  • A pop-up when you try to access a Booster only area (as Zinit).

Only once:

  • When logging in for the first time in game, a pop-up to notify the player that he received a 3 days booster as a welcoming offer. And another pop-up to inform the player that his booster ended.
  • When logging in, a pop up to notify the player that he received a booster. He will receive this pop-up after buying a booster. And another pop-up to inform the player that his booster ended.

Once every 12 hours:

  • A pop-up after finishing a fight.
  • A pop-up when opening the hero/sidekick interface.
  • A pop-up when opening the account chest.

Special conditions:

  • A pop-up when a pet dies (when he passes from 1 HP to 0 HP), can only appear once every 12 hours.
  • A pop-up when a player puts the tenth item to sell to the market board, can appear once every 12 hours.

We would like to apply these modifications this week on the game servers. Due to some lack of time, we won’t probably be able to apply all the modifications listed above at once. We will try to pass as many modifications as possible this week and the rest later.

Thank you for your attention.
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19 "pop-up" in this statement

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Im a bit late tot his, but the game has the equivalent of malware as a feature now?
At this point I have to ask if the devs (or marketing team, or whoever) are diddlydoo.
Your game is suffering from lack of players, you don't fix that by annoying them. Paying players won't keep playing if there's nobody to play with, this is an MMO. If you want to treat the non payers as some sort of nuisance and do your best so they stop playing (like some of the current limitations weren't bad enough), you're on a good track, enjoy your dead game.

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Looking it as a new player if I saw all of those popups I'd think this is a money grab instead of a game. Just saying, either you port the game to the appstore or you remove the ads.

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pop ups after fights too ...ankama wtf.... you guys going broke??? this is just too much is stupid, just make the game full p2p and GET IT OVER WITH!!! the north you guys are taking this company is not the right one i have been playing years and have my share of buying boosters but this is too far, 


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Remove the spam entirely not just try to solve it by limiting the problem. #NOMOREBOOSTERSPAM

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This type of update makes me not want to play anymore. Advertisement works because it lets people know of possible deals they may not know of. If there's players in Wakfu playing the game, I GUARANTEE you they know what boosters are. Pop-ups will not generate more revenue when your audience is the players themselves. Next time, aim for non-players (if there's even a next time).

I'm getting tired of saying how much Ankama has disappointed me everytime they do another terrible decision. I highly question the common sense of whoever's in charge of things like this.

If only it were possible to talk with their bosses, community vs Ankama management, without it devolving into a one-sided cursefest.

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Can Ankama at least fire the person who came up with the pop-up idea if your booster sales doesn't grow by the end of this quarter?

How about let f2p watch a 30 second youtube ad before they can start a dungeon?

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dont give them ideas, they probably think you are suggesting a feature, their team is that smart...

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This thread has almost 100 post in here and 2000+ views rly, we don't wanna see your anoying and unnecessary ads. Make a good decision and abandon that self destructive marketing tech.

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In french forums 139 posts and 3500 views for the same topic now. They should know, that this isn't good for a "little" patch.

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I can understand a little pop-up for a brand new character or something. something that informs the player that they exist. but doing this over and over is abusive. You are turning your customers away.

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I don't know who they're trying to advertise to. Since anyone playing the game is already playing.

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These ads make it seem like was Ankama knew that people were playing but took issue with them not paying. Because apparently they have no idea how their own business model works.

The whole point of a F2P model is to draw in lots of users, to then make the advantages of spending money more meaningful. Because you then have a populated world and a community to flaunt things over. And sure I don't know how much money Wakfu does or doesn't make, nor do I know what would earn them the most money and clearly Wakfu hasn't exactly maintaned a huge player population. But I can absolutely say that aggressively marketing a premium version to already-well-informed players who have knowingly and deliberately chosen the F2P option is a waste of time.

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The pop-up addition seems purely to annoy f2p, otherwise you'd just put a comparison chart website homepage.

The only reason boosted player enjoy wakfu is the profitability of selling new items to f2p and PVP f2p players with inferior gears make them feel superior.

If you think f2p players offers nothing to the in-game community and market.
Go ahead, create your purebred utopia world of only subbed players and save some money on your cdn bill.

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I think there was a misunderstanding going down in their chain of command, probably a typing error, somthing like this :

'Goal this year : Increase revenue by decreasing playerbase.'  (what happened)

'Goal this year : Increase revenue by increasing playerbase.'  (what it should have been)

So just man up, say 'we made a mistake'  and revert the changes and take the developing costs as a bad expense, before the effects of your decision really make themselves notable in your playerbase .

Just pump out advertisment on other media (e.g.  youtube) and maybe give them some free stuff to make them interested in the game.

Companies should listen to their costumer feedback and should take their opinions into consideration, because the core idea of a company shouldn't be to make profit but to fullfill peoples wants and needs , being unable to do so will wipe you from the market, sooner or later.


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The guy who invented pop ups regrets it... the people who used pop ups regret it... PLEASE REMOVE THEM ALL TOGETHER!!!

seriously.. pop ups work just as well as the spam bots. I still like ankama's logic, the game is infested with bots spamming enormous walls of text, and ankama is like "but what if we give them even more annoying walls which they got to close to be able to play".. WHO THE LIVING HELL PITCHED THIS HORRIBLE (MISTAKE) IDEA

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Again... this system is borked entirely.  This is not a matter of compromise.

Ankama please use your brains.  If you had a single pop up for every player without a booster when they logged in, that is all it would take for them to know about the booster pack and all the benefits.

Having it pop up after that point at ANY rate is only going to annoy people.  It isn't about informing them at that point.  It is about forcing them to buy a booster if they don't want to see any more pop ups.  WHICH IS HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL.

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even in your game rules are against spaming in forum and ingame so wtf.
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Hello folks,

We are fully aware of your feedback about the popups. We welcome them with open arms but please make it constructive and objective. If you have a suggestion to improve the way we advertise Booster Packs, please do not hesitate to post them in this thread.

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something you said:

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

You are on point! We share the community's sentiments (constructive or not) to the team for discussion.
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The goal is to make f2p players aware of the booster perks and not annoy them. This never helps with the sales.

 Please remove the pop-up and take Jousimie's interface suggestion. Those icons at the top made the perks clear as day.

 Add idle game features that allow boosted players to summon a clone of online or offline guildies to participate in battles.
-reward the offline guildie with loot from the dungeon and fixed exp scroll i.e. "mystical exp scroll" when the run is successful. Pop-up can inform players that their character has gone on an 
adventure while they're offline.
-boosted player's party will look something like this 1main + 2hero + 3 guild member clones.

Don't annoy existing players with pop-ups. Go buy youtube ads and pop-up at other websites to annoy potential players! XD
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If Ankama declared Wakfu as a dead game already and if that's the reason why they are not advertising outside their own content, i'm very sad, because i like this game.
I just hope Ankama is not in the phase where they just want to squeeze out every little cent they can get out of wakfu and prepare to shut it down.

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Over the past 3-4 weeks I can say proudly that my time in-game has decreased considerably, the game has nothing to offer. Like I told someone just the other day on the forums, you asked Ankama for milk and they give you kool-aid diluted with water so it doesn't really make any sense whatsoever.

Sad to admit but my Love for wakfu has died, I follow forums now just to see all that's happening and since I've stopped playing, things looks like it has only gotten worst.
Ankama's staff are proud people who does not like to be told what to do, even though it betters the game. we should really start a petition to have this company removed from the face of the earth.

I'm a gamer and never have I witnessed such neglect on any level with any of the other games I play/played. This is a crying shame and Ankama still chooses not to listen to a dying crying community, it makes me sad that a game I once loved dearly has boiled down to this, damn Ankama.. What happened?

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You right, Ankama members never listen properly what we said to them.
They are too proud and they will never said they are made a mistake.
They make bad decision most of time but they will not change them bc they thinks they know what game needed, but sad true is they don't know what to do at all.
And the worst part, we as a community of Wakfu suggest tons of things, point out what should be repaired or added, we making tons of feedback but all of this is just pointless bc Ankama studio just ignore them all.

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