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By SilBlaze - MEMBER - August 01, 2017, 19:14:05

So, I came back into wakfu not so long ago and immidiately starrted working through dofus pets when I first saw it being advertised, I went through the whole 20 days, getting my pet to stage 4 and paid £1 for 100 gems so that I could transfer my pet onto Wakfu, when I performed the transfer and I logged into wakfu I had realized that My pet was not on wakfu, leading me to go back to dofus pets and check.

Turns out I had transfered the pet into Dofus accidentally, this made me ask support if it would be possible to just delete my pet from Dofus, a game I never touched and put it on Wakfu and the outcome left me sad or well... rather disappointed, as I was basically told that they couldn't help me but if I had any problem with payments for me to report it... in a way it felt as if I was told to pay for the thing again... I know £1 is nothing really but it did take me quite a bit to get the pet to the point where it was ( and around 14 days or more to gather 150 gems), anyhow, I proceeded to let go of it and just pay the thing again, got 300 gems with £5 and managed to get my pet into wakfu, it wasn't instantly but I just found out that I was probably led into false advertisement?

Both of my sources for checking pet stats were the encyclopedia + Wakfu Method, giving me the information that my pet was going to have 60 distance damage, this was actually what I wanted and I was happy I was working towards it but in the end I get a pet that is supposed to have 60 Single target damage.

Please refer to the screen shots below.

I do apologize as I was being unable to put previews in the thread.

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I agree they should've updated the stats on the website. But recently they wrote a devblog on it and it shows the right status:

I did grow a brak tofu for it too, but saw the change before transfer, I feel sorry for you ):

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actually you need to pay 250 gems only one time for one pet on all the four games(dofus,dofus touch,wakfu,krosmaga).sorry for the bad english but i'm not english.

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I paid 250 gems, the thing was, I gathered 150 by myself and paid £1 as I explained to get the remaining 100 gems. I didn't know though that it would allow me to put the pet on all 4 games, support didn't tell me this, I thought I was going to have to pay it all over again and so I did.

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I had the same problem it was too late when I realised that it is  a was single target pet. 

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