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Kabrok's Shop -- Missed Potential

By 1vent - MEMBER - July 15, 2017, 17:18:45

Today's random thought. You know...this is a nicely designed location. It might be a nice touch to move the Kelba market to the inside of the shop. It's an interesting walk-through but,  Ankama could do so much more with it by making it interactive, with all the nooks and crannies. Plus, it would be a tie-in for fans of the anime'.

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There is a lot of interesting and unused location in the game. It's a shame how that well designed and prosper location are just forgotten.
Mb so kind of daily/weekly quests will remind players about that kind of places. Doing that quests give players exlusive tokens for deco, mimic sets, costumes and other.
For example inside of Carbok and Miranda shop they are a lot of trophy on the wall. Mb that kind of stuff will be prize for daily/weekly quest. Something like CARBOK ADVENTURE HUNT - once a week/month special monster will be in one of the area (pleyers will be forced to moving around low lvl, old content and looking for special mob, and they will be admire amazing work of graphic designers biggrin) , lvl of monster will be adjust to highest lvl in group. If u killed them all party get his head trophy and 1 token. Tokens can be trade in machine for idk, Karbok's shop clothes parts for mimicable or smt like that.
The option is infinitely many! 

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There's something slightly similar being worked on. They want mobs, bosses, hordes and archmonsters to drop decos which will give an incentive for the deco hunters to revisit older stuff.

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Back in the days of Golden Beta, Kabrok's shop was a more interesting place filled with easter eggs, which included Miranda yelling at the player, and Kabrok's own desk being the entrace to his dungeon. 

While the God Artifact quest is nice, the place overall (nevermind the entire game) has a lot of untapped potential. 

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There's a lot of old locations thaat don't have much use ingame, besides RP
Inglasse's cellar (where we first fought the chaos plants)
Sisterhood of Dathura secret base (under Astrub)
The Aprophetic attic (in Alamanax) - Formerly "Those who walk"
Karbok's shop (Kelba)
Alibert's tavern (Emelka) - Though since Amakna revamp is soon, probably will change
Forfut (the whole thing could be much expanded)
Wakfu and stasis sources (besides not much reason to go there, they get reset every update so noone even builds the bridges)
Trool fair (Gaga island) - Half the stuff doesn't work anymore
The Kanojedo (Astrub) - Used to be in Incarnam, such a classic location
Sadida "kingdom" - Currently planned for revamp

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Taverns and their game hall
Mobile arena

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Sadida Kingdon got boring after a while. My own sadida just ran around killing things to pass time until lunch. Not the best of gaming experiences. Wonder what the revamp will entail?

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Most of the time when Ankama add new content they crate new islands. This is not worst idea, but they can also add new dungeons to old location to attract players there? (They do this with Vineyards but that was to low lvl cap to attrackt more players at once). Ankama give us much more islands and conflicts on them, but is our homelands are safe for sure? In my opinion they should locate some new duns on older islands.

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They have plan to rework nations Islands and Sadida Island, this is good oportunity to implement something new for high lvl content to this places, don't u think?

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