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Breath of Life: where to drop it?

By niemurr - MEMBER - July 09, 2017, 15:37:47

I've been looking around the encyclopedia but it only leads to a 404 page. 

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You get it from Xelorium past dungeon

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pro player biggrin

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In the URL, change "weapons-shields" to "weapons", then you don't get a 404:
Instead of (-> 404)
change to

Looks like from an archboss, because "Roonaldo the Returner" is not from the dungeon.
Those archboss-groups spawn once (or a couple of times, not sure) per day in the area.

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As above: Many of the formerly Hardcore exclusive items from Xelorium are now drops from the archbosses.

Roonaldo the Returner drops Pheno-Stem and Breath of Life, and the Bird of Time drops The Eternal and New Ancients' Dagger. The archmonsters are tweaked versions of the dungeon bosses and are easily recognized in the field!

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Well, or you sure not mention this Breath of Life ?

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