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This deck concept tho....

By Colombiano27 - MEMBER - July 02, 2017, 02:08:54

I haven't been on in ages and wanted to get back into Wakfu! Never got to a super high level but I do remember spending hours in-game just playing around, enjoying the concept of the characters and their classes. But something new to me is this deck system, where you can only use a certain number of spells in battle? I find this severly limiting. What if you wanted to make a Tri-Mask for example? Idk, I liked the fact that I could select an element to be my main focus, but also occasionally use the other spells if I felt like it. Not only that, being able to sometimes do duo element or the occasional tri-element was always unique. It's what made it different than Dofus. Hell, what made it unique as an MMO in terms of specs. The deck concept brings strategy, yes, but there is always a strategy when you do hybrid builds, so that point is kinda moot. Anyone else not feeling the deck thing too much? I understand change will always occur, and I get that this adds a different dimension to the game, but I'm not a huge fan of this change in particular. 

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Yes, it is limiting, even more so if you depended on many support-spells.

But you don't have to level your spells anymore, with this change.
You are able to switch them out easily, instead of having a set build and having to go through the hassle of farming spell-xp.
It made it possible to test different skills in different fights.

What was it, if you were mono, you could have ~4 fully leveled skills, dual ~5, tri 6? I think they went by those numbers, and assumed you would primarily use the fully leveled spells.

I was bothered by this change too. But eventually got used to it.
It's more interesting now if you play multiple characters with each their role, instead of one single multitasker.

They streamlined the passives too, having unlocks to a better version at a certain level. Dumbed it down.
I would still prefer the previous version of the passive-upgrades where we had full control.
Maybe they did it so it's easier to control the power of classes at certain level-ranges, but that would be more useful if they continued tweaking the classes regulary, because some spells or passives are still underperforming while others are in every single deck.

Maybe play around with the new system for a while, and see how it goes. It's alright after a while.

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This has already been discussed several times before. The main reason why this deck is limited is because many support classes have too many utility spells which makes it too hard to balance classes, since they fulfill all their roles at the same time. And basically, everyone had the same build before according to class. What we have now is less space but more focused builds. Lots of passives and spells have been boosted to fit the new spell deck system. Many players have returned to dual-element builds to cope with these changes, since dual-elemental gear usually provides more mastery.

Ankama is currently working on another revamp to fit classes into this "new" spell deck system. Only the sacrier has been revamped so far. 

I think that the new spell deck is alright. It was hard to get used to at first, but having the option to change into what is needed in a group is very nice for classes with multiple roles.

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I personally love the spell deck system. It is limiting because I really have to think hard about which spells I should include, but I never really liked opening up the spellbook to manually cast a spell not on my toolbar anyway. Also, not having to get spell exp to use a certain spell is a very big benefit. 

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It's not that limiting. You can still use tri builds, just not all the spells of every element. It's for balancing purposes. You can always switch out before different fights?

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i dont really switch between decks and shit because i didnt buy an extra character page or whatever so having a second deck would be pointless since id just be switching to either: 
A) the element of the gear im not wearing, which i could get around if i grinded another set
coolswitching to an AoE deck with a single target build 

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You have 3 characteristics-pages for free.

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