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Grand Orrok

By LegendaryMadara#1656 - MEMBER - May 20, 2017, 21:05:32
I am kind of confused as to what triggers the bosses move "surpreme explosion." He usually lays down two totems before-hand, do both totems need to be defeated or something before hand?
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I just did a bit of testing. Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue what might trigger it. I will say it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the totems. Grand Orrok can simply activate the red one if you're on the glyphs to deal some good damage. I'm not sure what the green one does, as I didn't see him activate it or make any use of it. I have half a mind to say Grand Orrok just uses Supreme Explosion when he's in the mood for it. My advice is to just stay away from the totems that he summons, if you can, and focus your damage on him instead. 
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I ran it about 5 times recently for the black crow harness. I think I figured it out. You can't be in-line with the barrels he spawns. I avoided them even with 4 on the field and managed to get both achievements.
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Its your poison stacks. Reach too high and he basically disintegrates you. 
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Yups, this!

His totems are actually irrelevant, its all about trying not to get 5 (I believe) stacks of poison, which is actually very hard to prevent when running the dungeon at any level in which you can not kill Orrok himself 'very fast'.
All the mobs apply poison, the sidetiles apply poison and Orrok himself applies poison to everyone once in a while.

Really can't wait for them to update this dungeon, its really poor-taste in design. Doesn't help that their resistances are also rediculously high and allround.
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The spell which does an insane amount of damage requires a straight line.
When I had to run the dungeon multiple times, I focused on MP removal and ranged attacks (summons or obstacles that limit its movement also helps)
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