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Heal resist, -mp resist, -ap resist

By Shiracharm - MEMBER - April 20, 2017, 20:15:37

These 3 things need to go away every turn.
It's what makes healing and debuffing classes really unfun.

The reason it was added is so that 2  or 3 xelors can't 0AP a boss.
But the solution is simple. Resist to it builds up that same turn, but it should go away the next turn. So if you remove 6Ap/15AP every turn you're still being effective and debuffing every turn. But since the resist to -AP builds up that turn you can't 0AP an enemy.

It's just really sad how debuffing classes and healing classes have to basically not do what they were meant to do because ankama can't be creative/understand the classes and have a big disconnect between who makes the dungeons/monsters and who designs/balances the classes.

Ankama you need to put pride away and listen for once.

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It's more of an balancing issue. 
Tanks and healers aren't needed to tank a boss if you can take away the MP every turn.
DDs aren't needed if you have endless time to finish it (heal res gone).
Stealing AP every turn means that many xelors will be absolutely needed for various bosses. 

There was a time when 2 enis was normal for a dungeon run. 

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I've actually agreed with this notion for a while. IMO, the logical solution is to make it state-based like Iops and set hard caps to how much AP/MP/Resist can be taken from a single unit. AP steal is one of the thorns that prevents Xelor from being an optimized class, because if RNGesus favors you, you can end up taking 6-7AP from a single target while gaining 8AP in a single turn. That's hilariously ridiculous by anyone's standards. If you're required to use a reliable state to steal AP, you can limit the amount of AP a single entity can take, and if you set hard caps on AP loss, you can balance the amount of AP an entire team can take. You take the RNG out of the equation and it allows you to better balance the classes individually and in a team environment.

The hyper states have always been bad, they probably should have been abandoned years ago.

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Heal resist is not a problem. I mean I really don't understand what possible problem you have with heal resist. "I healed 4500 hp instead of 5000 hp, this game sucks!" ?

Under the current system you can heal a lot of damage very quickly (10,000+ hp a turn to a single target) but that builds heal resist so you can't continually maintain that kind of output. I think this is mostly fine -  huge heals can help you recover from mistakes, but if you ignore mechanics and take massive damage all the time it becomes harder and harder to recover. And well if you're building up heal resist in a fight then that means the healer has already proven their worth multiple times over.

There is maybe an argument that the current endgame dungeons prioritize damage avoidance over healing, so in some cases bringing a healer can be kind of optional if you're confident with the mechanics. But these kinda seem like fringe scenarios rather than the norm and still this scenario seems better than the alternative of letting players ignore all the mechanics if they bring enough heal power.

Heal resist also discourages people from using super-defensive stall strategies which would be really boring to play.

Pure healer can be kind of unfun to play, but I don't think that's because of heal resist I think it's more a product of a) one-dimensional playstyles, b) little to do if things are going smoothly, c) healers are encouraged to play as safely and conservatively as possible rather than doing anything exciting.

Complaints about Hyperaction and Hypermovement are are more understandable, and I can see why specialized AP chip builds might feel restricted in a prolonged fight (especially if they need to manage the enemy's hyperaction buildup so they can remove AP on the most important turns, and considering how much AP bosses have). MP chip is really important and valuable now that leather plating got changed, so I don't think MP drain abilities are underpowered but maybe they can be frustrating if MP chip procs when you don't need it and doesn't proc when you need it.

I think hyperaction/hypermovement/heal resist systems are basically mandatory for PvP though (or some similar systems would be needed to replace them). Yeah the game isn't really balanced for PvP, but some fights would be 100% eternal stalemates without heal resist and AP/MP chip would be extremely broken without resistance lasting multiple turns.

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pvp doesn't matter
They need to do a separate pvp revamp for all that stuff.

I agree with the healing though, it's really boring. They should try to find a way to not make it boring (it's their job as designers).

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PvP on this game is bad and it's clearly not ankama's balancing priority, but so long as players can get forced into PvP fights they have no interest in I think it's relevant to mention when something would be broken in PvP.

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I agree with you Neneko that healing can be a bit tedious and boring sometimes. I'm a Tri Eni Lvl 180 and try to do interesting things with all three branches, even pain flask for shenanigans. But more often than not, it is very dry.

I think some of the ideas ankama should try to implement is not making heals so passive restrictive, so that you dont have to take +heal passives in order to maximize the amount of heals you dish each turn. I think i we had more unique ways of providing heals, it would work out better for everyone.

One example would be that of the fire branch in eni. It is very passive related, kill the monster get a heal, kill the monster trigger some wp, or trigger +2ap. That is a very passive way to provide utility to the team, I'd rather do those types of things on my turn. Why not allow me to give a "vampirism" type buff my allies, similar to Unnatural Remedies + Invigorating word. They dish out dmg to a mob, receiving an amount of healing. While it is still a passive in the form of a buff, I'm actively applying it and not at the mercy of chance and RNG. 

The 3 Ap water spell is a great buffer , it gives +1 range for each cast which I use more often than I used to. But you know whats missing? The other side of the spell under The Unnatural Remedies effect that reduces range. Now you have an active debuff in the water branch. It's little things like this that can go a long way to make the class feel more Active when healing may not be necessary on their turn.

I mean that is the very bottom of the barrel of some of the ideas I have to make Eni a more dynamic class. ankama if you want to hear more hit me up =P

PS: I'm fine with Heal resist, I don't really feel its effects tooo much in most of the content I run with my guild. There are just times when I take my heal build, and noone needs to be healed, and everything is sadist marked or refunded, and im just spamming Unnatural remedies + Revitlalizing word to give %Final Dmg wishing I had taken my damage deck instead and thrown out some coney heals . = /

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