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Help with DPT class

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - April 13, 2017, 07:28:13

Hello, I need a good DPT class for my team. I am open to all suggestions but I was thinking between Cra,fogger, and Elio. I'm not sure which to choose based on damage and how enjoyable the play time of the class is. Any advice is welcome.
Thank you

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A VERY well played Elio will out damage Cra.
Cra will mechiancally out play an Elio due to being more useful in majority of situations.
Fogger will outdamage em both. while being less mechicanally viable than both. Also far less mobile

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What do you mean my mechanically viable

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Cra is a very dependible class, and I find them fun. They have tools for every situation.

Elio is strong, and fun, but can be a bit more complicated because all their strongest effects require more set up. As good as their damage can be, in my experience it's the utility of portals people want to see them for.

Foggernaut is fun becasue you're a robot shooting LASER BEAMS! But the fire and earth branches can feel a little unrewarding, and you're often stuck with Stasis's linear restrictions, or setting up and maintaining rail networks.

Other classes I'd recommend trying:
Ecaflip is a fun and flexible damage dealer (especially in melee), and they can even work as a healer.

Sacrier's become a very effective and fun melee damage dealer, and they have tools to perform well in all sorts of situations. I personally find Sacrier really fun at all levels.

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