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A suggestion for a change because quest of nations 5 is kind of WTF

By Rakakiki - MEMBER - March 23, 2017, 13:15:21

This is not a message to complain, but more a suggestion. I have just done the Quest of Nations 5 (Oktopodas & Friends) and even if quests of nations are sometimes a drag to go hunt resources, I know I'll be alright as long as I understand what to do.

Now... The Emoje thingy in Oktopodas is a buzz kill like non I've seen before in Wakfu quests. Any new player who does not know where to look (solutions on forums or website) is probably going to say 'Fuck this sh**t' and walk away! It is not explained where you need to get the emojes from. Even worst, the first room tells you to salute the tentacle. Everyone has the 'say hi' emoje, so it made sense to me to use this one. Kept doing it like an idiot to find nothing happened.

Point being, for such an important quest in the game (dragon mount & Mount Zinit access) it would make sense to make it clear. I should know I need to get them in Incarnam and look around Astrub. And I should know how many I need and which one they need to be.

If now the new players have quests that guide them to these emojes, I didn't know and then this post is useless. If not, I would really suggest making explanations like 'go back to Incarnam and get the 4 emojes from there' and 'Look around Astrub houses to find 4 other emojes'.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Now that I'm done I'm happy. I have a dragon and Mount Zinit is pretty cool. Thanks smile

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Yep the emote thing was a bit of a buzz kill. I postponed it for 1-2 weeks
The bigger problem for me is the squid fight on top of the submarine... seems easy but i cant attack the tenticles soo i just F-ed it and left the quest unfinished

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yea it was a bit annoying. But when I found out you could shoot from 2 cells away rather then going against the barrier, it became easy. But overall, it really frustrates!

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