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Can't obtain Bow Emote -> Can't finish Main Story Quest?

By The-Vel - MEMBER - February 24, 2017, 20:36:34

I have encountered a huge problem. I am at the Octo-something Temple quest, where you need to do specific emotes on specific places to proceed. The first one needed is Bow emote.

To get it, you are supposed to do Hands of Justice quest (I guess). But I can not start this quest by any way!

When I was ordered to speak with my Sergeant (Bonta) or the prisoner, I spoke accidentally with the second one and ended up in Riktus Clan. I collected 25 000 to get back to Bonta Nation and returned to Sergeant. He gave me the title of Bonta guard and all, but now he doesn't give me the Hands of Justice quest - I can only endlessly repeat the "becoming the guard" process/quest. Is this a bug? What do I do to get the necessary emote? 

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Oh, ok, I just found THIS thread
Will try that. wink

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Hey I have the same problem did it work to you? 

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isnt bow from incarmn? there should be chest somewhere in there (the tutorial area if you skipped it you can still zap in there)

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