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Why I can't wait for Dofus 3

By Toastman7 - MEMBER - February 18, 2017, 00:19:43

Reason why I can't wait for Dofus 3?

Ankama has 2 MMO games.
Dofus, the oldest one
Wakfu, the "newer" and updated with more beautful and smooth artwork.

but as a Wakfu player, I kind of hate seeing how much love (most love) Dofus is still getting.
eSports Dofus? New Class for Dofus? Those backstage videos of the Dofus team?
Those guys are really dedicated to Dofus, and it really is a good game.

What if you combine the Wakfu team and the Dofus team?
I believe you will get a really good game with lots of ideas and many updates.

Quality will go up.

But money is a thing I guess...

I hope Dofus 3 will be the new Ankama's favorite child and will get all the updates and cool ideas instead of splitting it between two similar MMO games.

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Well Dofus 3 is going to have a bad time just because Ankama is trying to manage yet another MMO.

There's a reason why not even Blizzard tries to manage more then 1 MMO. Trying to manage two along with extra games such as Krosmaga and Krosmaster is the reason why Wakfu is a walking failure of a game.

Regardless though, my hopes with the birth of Dofus 3 is the death of Wakfu.

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Couldn't agree more. They are spreading out their audience too thin. If they focused all their energy into one MMO instead of 3 MMOs plus a bunch of other little games then they would probably outdo all their current games and their audience would be amassed into one big group instead of sprinkled across so many titles. I think the reason behind all this is because they have incredibly high ambitions. They want Ankama to be like as large as a company as Square Enix or something. I mean that is a great thing to aim for but if you want that you absolutely need to have a game that is really attracting attention. Something huge like the Final Fantasy brand or the Diablo brand. I mean I guess they could turn into something like a mobile game company that just spits out a ton of really 'eh' titles but in the end make them bank.... idk I am rambling at this point but I think Ankama needs to focus in on this next title and really wow everyone so they have some crazy cash flow or else I fear for the world of twelve. 

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I too hope the best for Dofus 3 and will eargly be awaiting its arrival ^.^ plus new servers from an ankama game to play on after many years will be a thrill in itself =D

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Dofus 3 looks like it's going to be instanced mobile diddlydoo.

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Yeah I was also disappointed about that 1 point, I was 100% ready to leave wakfu when I thought it was open world like wakfu and be able to play it on mobile.. Oh well

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I think they should scrap Dofus 3. It looks like a pice of craps for mobile gamers with pay2winfast functions and the only thing superier will be that its casual af and everyone can play it without using their brains.

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I would be extremely wary about hedging all your bets on Dofus 3. If you enjoy Wakfu for its environmental features, Dofus 3 seems to do away with that in favour of instanced areas with minimal detail. They even plan to give players bots for harvesting - That in itself raises many red flags and we know where they got that idea from

Also bear in mind that simply because it is going to be the newest addition to Ankama's MMO brood doesn't mean it will be better than Dofus and Wakfu. Yes, we all like to think the devs will learn from their mistakes but many people had the same expectations about Wakfu and look how that ended up - People like the OP making threads like this years later. wink

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I didn't know they had ideas like that.
Looks really promising.... but then again, it's from 2014...


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A lot of things can go wrong but what's already better than wakfu is this

  • No 200 levels
  • New spells every from every new dungeon or from points you get (the focus will be spells and not levels)
  • Can switch to any role
  • Everyone can play all the content together since there's no levels
  • They will focus more on character looks than wakfu

Even if the areas/world is smaller at least ALL the areas will matter unlike wakfu. What's the point of having 4 nations and like 20 islands if 99% of those areas don't matter right now. Besides moon island and maybe xelorium, really does any other areas really matter outside of the story? A story we do once and never again?

Dofus 3 looks more charming than wakfu already 
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If they manage to make this game engaging then I am down to dive in. I am wary just like everyone else about this game being some sort of mobile pay2win garbage or something. Instances I can handle just fine. Bots for harvesting.... hmmm.... don't know how I feel about it but honestly I never liked how professions worked in either wakfu or dofus so to me less is more for this particular issue.

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I think it's wayyyy to early to make assumptions about how "Dofus 3" is going to turn out. I'd say wait until there's at least a beta build of the game before getting too excited.

Ankama has a bit in common with Peter Molyneux: They tend to hype up the grand concepts before they're (by necessity) whittled down into a more practical design. In Wakfu's case, the scope of the original design is exactly why the game still feels like it's working itself out of beta 5 years after release.

I can already see concepts in the 'Dofus 3' feature list that could either be amazing or complete disasters depending on how they're implemented. Remember that one of Wakfu's core features in its conceptual phase was that the world would be completely shaped by the players, without NPCs in the picture. Contrast that with how the game actually developed (and how the lack of NPCs in the game actually played out).

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