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Spell animations suck in this game

By Pandinade - MEMBER - February 05, 2017, 03:57:30
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Niddhoggy|2017-02-07 01:56:08
You know the funniest thing, they spend time creating things like that. THIS WOULD BE a great active support Enu spell, not an emote, digging a hole and moving to another square. Or just digging a hole and hiding... This could even be an earth spell, digs a hole and attacks from the underground ;o

We need animations like this!

Wow... That's a good idea actually.
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I miss the old osa crackler punch animation in wakfu! A huge fist would come down to punch the ground. It was similar to the dofus 1.29 animation.

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Xillor-The-Shadow|2017-02-07 01:42:17
Here is Playful Claw in Dofus 1.29. The gif has low frame rate but ignore that. In wakfu this is basically the spell "three cards" except it takes resist in wakfu.

This might be my favorite spell animation from Dofus 1.29

Here's Claw of Ceangal

Ecaflip's spells had juicy sound effects too
Remember the air tree of Ecaflips? The Eca bite had a sweet animation, but now only ghostofs use it.
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I agree that spell animation could be better. Most of it is fine, if all animation would be flashy then it would be too much, but at least the more expensive and powerful spells should feel more special. Like resurrecting a character should be a big deal, or summoning a monster or some other spells that we don't use every turn.

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