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Any major changes?

By Sauceman2 January 05, 2017, 03:39:17

Just looking for a very general idea about the current state of the game. I have played on and off for a long time and have currently not played for about 6 months. Basically only need to know if anything major is broke or has been fixed that was not about that long ago. Class mechanics and major/popular dungeons for the top tier gear at any given level would be the biggest concern. From what I have read up on it does not seem so but it's been so long I want to make sure.

To help anyone who decides to provide some info, here are some details about me. I will be on Nox and most likely making new characters for the fun of it. I have a lot of characters around 150-165 so I know most content up to there pretty well. I probably won't be too interested in anything past Srambad and Xelor Past/Present for a long while unless I meet up with some people to play with at that level. I usually run 2 clients with heroes on each as a means to be able to play the game exclusively on my own if needed, or simply as a way to avoid any frustration from playing with undesirables.


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They added stasis to dungeon to either make them easier or harder (reflects on drop/exp as well) and removed the need for dungeon keys, that's probably one of the more impactful changes I think.

Nox is rather underpopulated, otherwise I can't say much.

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