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By HealingHotness#1519 - MEMBER - December 02, 2016, 06:56:02

And just when I thought Ankama might behave, they make you have to level new characters against bullcrap enemies like this Bellaphone ripoff that's 1000x more BS than a Bellaphone, and just uses the old Scythescraper sprite, that makes copies of you that do like 5 your own toons' damages and take almost no damages. Also, YOU CANT EVEN KILL THE SUMMONER UNTIL YOUVE DIED TO MISERABLY KILLED THE "COPIES". How unoriginal. Way to once again make new players not want to play due to low level content being punishing, mid-level content continuing to be boring and grueling, and high level content being unrewarding.

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Those scythes are probably the toughest out of all the environmental quest mobs. I just ignore them and focus on regular mobs or do environmental quests into one of the other areas until the sycthes vanish.

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I think those are fantastic =D ..tried to get a feca friend to go fight one ...sadly he thought I meant it was a group event to go see ...Tho that was fun too ..we was 4 ppl and just waited for it to spawn one of us each .. careful to not kill of one of the summons too early.

But yes ..I can see the problem ...I've had my double almost kill me ..and my alt got lucky that the double wasn't so smart or it could have killed her when she soloed one.

I'm pretty sure they do exactly the same dmg as you do tho... minus some passives... didn't notice any surprise shot on mine.

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If the clone cant attack it dies automatically. You literally just have to hide or walk away from it.

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