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The trial that is the bug reporting process

By Kynaran - MEMBER - October 15, 2016, 06:04:56

Before I took a break from Wakfu one of my key gripes was the bug reporting process; it was tedious, a test of patience and felt like Ankama Support wanted to actively discourage bug reporting. Not much has changed since then.

It seems like Ryssa and the other staff have a list of boxes to tick before they send a report to the team and insist on ticking those boxes regardless of how irrelevant those boxes are to the bug report in question. Come hell or high water, they want those boxes ticked and will mark a bug report as dismissed if you don't comply.

Case in point: I recently reported a major bug regarding a particular class spell which, when used in combination with another particular class's spells, resulted in ridiculous levels of damage. No doubt many others know about it already but I won't describe it in detail so as to avoid more bug abusers.

In my report I included a game log and described exactly how the bug is reproduced. Ie: Classes + spells which are needed and how to use them. It isn't complicated and easily reproduced. The result? I get a polite reply from Ryssa thanking me and asking that I update my report by including a screenshot so that they can find out the exact issue.

Why? All a screenshot will show is high levels of damage being done. All the info that describes how that damage is achieved can already be found in the bug report. At this point asking for a screenshot contributes nothing. If my description isn't comprehensible, why not just say? Although having re-read it twice, I don't think that is the case.

So now I am going to have to find a guild mate to help me reproduce the bug again, all so that Rysse can tick a box that is completely unnecessary and won't add any new information to the report.

In short: bug reporting should be as painless as possible - anything less discourages players from reporting bugs in the first place. I shouldn't dread an email from Ankama Support yet I do; I know it will inevitably contain yet another inane loop I must jump through before the devs will take my report seriously. Surely it is time the bug reporting process received an overhaul?

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First, let me thank you, that you are one oft he still dedicated players who actually CARE to report bugs, i know about all the tedious "work" that entangles.....

I totally agree with you that the process of bug reporting is very faulty here. Though i am not sure, that the problem lies there.... Ankama seems to be very bad at communicating with their players OVERALL, no idea why though...
If you check one of bug report forums you usually see not even HALF the threads with a dev-respond..... nothing, not even a "Aha, seen".

Also, most of the dev posts are completely unpersonal:
"This report has been noted and will be forwarded to the developers for checking.",
no matter the ridiculousity or absurdity of the bug. So MAYBE those "boxes to tick" are forced upon them as well, maybe something legal....

So with all those problems in mind i have simple adapted to the "fire-and-forget" policy: post a bug report in the forum with as much information as i got about a by-chance encountered bug and from then on try to avoid it as much as possible...

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Those "boxes to tick" are forced on them. It's part of the workflow process, a set of processes used in every field of the IT and Customer Service spheres. You can bet your lilly Ryssa and everyone else who uses them loathes them as much as we do, but if they want to keep their jobs they have to do them precisely as instructed by their superiours (who might also not like them, but are instructed by their superiours and so on).

So it's not like they sit around all day thinking of ways to mess with you and probably agree with you that a screenshot in that case is not needed, but if they don't ask for the screenshot they will be scolded by their managers and the bug report will not be valid for submission to the QA or devs (depending what system they use).

I understand how frustrating it is - I collect bugs in a list, in the remote case I might actually bother to report them, just because of how annoying the process is. But have a little consideration. smile The guys we talk to from the support are suffering, too.

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