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Lvl 111-112 loooking for help

By Aaron789#6492 - MEMBER - August 16, 2016, 10:21:13
Could someone help me get to lvl 120 in less then a day or atleast help me lvl up got noone to help me.
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First, you should tell people on which server you play.

Moreover, it is really strange to ask something like that in the forum. You can ask people ingame and this isn't a topic for "general discussion", I think. If you really need to ask something like that in the forum, please ask in the sections from your server.

Good luck to find someone.
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This kind of thing really bothers me, even in game.

Don't you realize that if you join a guild that is active but also needs new members, you're likely to get help there? Maybe not on the very first day. No, most people don't want to power-level someone they've just met. But if you're friendly and help a guild get guild points, and contribute resources and simple things like osamodas powder, then your guildies will probably be happy to help you.

It's true that the grind is slow from 100 to 140, but helping other people is how you make friends that last after this urge to get power-levelled.
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