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Which is more interesting to play: Fogg or Rogue?

By Aelorr February 14, 2016, 20:29:52
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fogger and xelor together? meh... put a rogue it will be better

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Fluffenstein|2016-02-15 08:51:41
HateSpawn, if you can't contribute to the discussion with something more than Grammar Nazi "elitiest" comments, just don't "contribute". You are the greatest ever, we know, also we don't care

let me specify

The only reason I don't write Pulsar's damage off is because it has a theoretically infinite base, since there is no real hard cap on the AP that it can consume.

In fact that reason alone is the only reason I can't say rogue is complete trash as a damage dealer, because it technically has the highest DPT possible. I think you can pull +30 some AP or some stupid fuckery and have a 42 AP pulsar which pretty much blows it's competitors (Punishment, Execution, Super Iop Punch) out of the fucking water.

However if you're considering a lone rogue, it's own buffs aren't really that great. It relies on three gimmicks to deal substantial damage. Elemental Disciple, Bomber Fan, and, you guessed it, Pulsar.

Remove any of those 3 things and suddenly your class is hugely lackluster. Srams, Sacriers, and Iops can all ST nuke regardless of what the opponent is or does, with Srams being maybe an exception if not for the fact that you can trigger your own traps for Ambush and Weak Points, provided an enemy is injured in the process.


back to our friend's post:

"As for Burst, Rogues have currently the highest one in form of Pulse, their last Earth Ability."

well I can literally sit here and show you the math proving that it's pretty much on par with SIP (due to the rest of Iop's amazing high DPA spells), decked by Punishment (on cling due to something like +600 from Zerker at the end game), and completely made irrelevant when Execution is maxed out (literally you cannot touch Sram's self-buffs)

Or you can have a look and see what I'm talking about



Make a Feca.
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Ended up with a rogue.... And then everyone posted fogger is more fun, damn? tongue

I'll stick with rogue for a while, eventually I'll perform a class change!

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I have a 12ap 6mp level 117 rogue.
I was loving it putting 8 bombs down then hitting 4400
on a boss ,seeing all my spells crit even the 2 ap spells
can reach about 300-440 crit depending on what im fighting.

Anyways after level 100 everything ignores your bomb wall
teleports next to you leaving you critless and fair shit damage.
from Jellies to cactus ,the sram like assasins on chillberg that hit 1000
oh and at chillberg the bombs dont reduce the ice armour so
im thinking gtf rogue unless someone knows of wtf i should fight.

When i have 8 bombs down all next to each other they dont all go off i end up with 22
ap max when solo with the 2 ap boost from choice of spell.
If the bombs are all lined correctly timer should not matter so i think theres an ap cap.
Also you lose 2 mp to cast so try lining that linear attack up.
I end up using earth air attacks on hard res enemy most the time.

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Anyways after level 100 everything ignores your bomb wall teleports next to you leaving you critless and fair shit damage.

There is definitely a level range at which a lot of enemies have jump style teleport attacks that allow them to get to you without crossing your firewall. However, things improve a lot after that because many of the enemies switch back to dash style attacks which close the distance by actually crossing the tiles, and in that case they hit the firewall and are actually stopped dead in their tracks.

Additionally I highly recommend the Runaway passive. When positioned correctly this will cause any enemy who teleports directly in front of you to be pushed back onto your firewall at the start of your turn, giving you a Bomber Fan proc.

You can also make use of Barbed Fire + Flaming Claw, and/or Boombot to trigger Bomber Fan procs on enemies that use a lot of teleports.
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Fogger can be really fun too, depends how you build it biggrin 

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If we are talking about fun I say Rogue

If we are talking about being statisfied by the feel of being superior to that of the mobs I say Fogger

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